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  1. I have some for sale. Machined them up myself. PM me an offer if you want them or details. EDIT My bad. Can't find them. BUMP If you can help out please reply.
  2. I have some for sale. Machined them up myself. PM me an offer if you want them or details.
  3. Chasing some sections of seat cover in ivory basket weave that i can use to patch mine. Mine has a cigarette burn and worn basket weave. Trying to keep my original seats as passenger seat is good. Backrest cover would be perfect to get some pieces if intact. Don't need the seats, just the old covers. PM me pls.
  4. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02d/50-1451
  5. I looked at buying some vented hatch lids from the US, but didnt like the fact that they were aluminium lids only and the freight cost. I couldn't find anyone here in Oz interested in venting the spare lids that I had. So I thought I'd try it for myself. Bought a vented sheet from RodLouvers.com Then made up steel former top and bottom that fitted over the louvers and shaped them myself. Took the hinge and clip from the old lids bottom of photo and brazed them onto the new lids. The louvre sheet was a bit short so I had to add a piece on top, but overall it turned out ok.
  6. There's always someone out there with the obsession.
  7. THe cream interior had black armrests on the 74 model so you have the right ones for your model. Mine is a 77' and the armrests are colour matched. The front fender mirrors are interesting for being a Japanese style. Do you have an ADR plate fitted in the engine bay? Cars that came into Australia by other routes like returning servicemen, NZ, PNG etc didnt get the ADR plate. (I can see the VIN plate) Gilltech has a 260Z similar to yours from NZ. Being an early 260 his has lots of 240Z features including the shorter radiator/higher cross member. A good guy to chat about features on your early 260.
  8. David. Still for sale. In NZ atm home 17 Feb. Will contact then if thats ok.
  9. I would not recommend buying a car with a sunroof unless it's cheap!
  10. The last job was rebuilding the choke switch. I had to remake the bottom contact plate as the tang had broken off. Pretty simple really, just fiddly work. Then it was a case of take it for its first test drive. Running a bit rich but I'll get it sorted.
  11. I have a set of cam towers with oiler bar and C-grind cam. They come as a package as the cam is not center drilled and needs an oiler bar set up. $100 plus postage.
  12. Groundhog

    Bonnet hinges

    Mine were zinc passivated painted over with yellow primer colour like the rest of the car, then flat black. Where the scissor action overlapped it was just yellow primer.
  13. Under plastic sheet atm. Not mint finish but good enough for me. Hardest part was getting the Spray Chrome which I got off eBay.
  14. I decided to repair mine in place due to the difficulty in getting them on and off. I used spray chrome for the plastic edges properly masked up to spray can it.
  15. Sorry. Colour match off petrol filler lid (inside).
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