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  1. All, I remember seeing a thread on restoring of the wiring harness with new plugs and connectors. My search items havent been successful in finding it or the company that does this kind of work. Any leads? Thks Groundhog
  2. Yes. Still have some. Send me a message with your address and donation acknowledgement. GH
  3. Mike I don't make them. I had the ones for the 2+2 remade by a sign company. The VIN plate only fits the Australian delivered 2+2 or GRS 30. If you do get a repro plate, look closely at the details. Details to look out for are Chassis No. vs Car No. , VIN No. spacing of characters, type and size of font, rounded corners vs square corners, screw hole size and placement, plate size overall, Model No. and Vehicle size being correct. There are other 240 owners who have had plates made. Cheers Groundhog
  4. Chasing a 3.9 ratio for a R200 Long Nose LSD. Gears only, not the whole diff. I have a 4.4 ratio that I want to change to 3.9. Prefer a crown wheel out of a LSD, as the bolt holes are bigger, however beggars can;t be chosers and I can adapt an open diff 3.9 if I have too. PM me if you can help.
  5. I made my door seals and quarter vent seals from Kia Sportage 2000 door seals. Has to be 2000 model.
  6. I have rears if you need them. Two types to choose from .pm me.
  7. Does anyone know if these are still available locally in Australia or via Nissan? I know i can get them ex USA. Replacing rear wheel bearings on 260z.
  8. Did you get your seat mounts? I have a pair that need a bit of lube, cheap. $10 per side.
    I'm at Bald Hills 0448 775 084

  9. I have some for sale. Machined them up myself. PM me an offer if you want them or details. EDIT My bad. Can't find them. BUMP If you can help out please reply.
  10. I have some for sale. Machined them up myself. PM me an offer if you want them or details.
  11. Chasing some sections of seat cover in ivory basket weave that i can use to patch mine. Mine has a cigarette burn and worn basket weave. Trying to keep my original seats as passenger seat is good. Backrest cover would be perfect to get some pieces if intact. Don't need the seats, just the old covers. PM me pls.
  12. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02d/50-1451
  13. I looked at buying some vented hatch lids from the US, but didnt like the fact that they were aluminium lids only and the freight cost. I couldn't find anyone here in Oz interested in venting the spare lids that I had. So I thought I'd try it for myself. Bought a vented sheet from RodLouvers.com Then made up steel former top and bottom that fitted over the louvers and shaped them myself. Took the hinge and clip from the old lids bottom of photo and brazed them onto the new lids. The louvre sheet was a bit short so I had to add a piece on top, but overall it turned out ok.
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