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  1. I can also confirm it looks great in blue! Saw it at Times Square and the New York Auto Show. I would pick the Rosewood Metallic though. I like that the roof is the same colour in the Rosewood as well
  2. I have also used https://zenmarket.jp a bunch
  3. I ended up ordering a handful of rough old original ones and 1 set of reproductions and a set of the new hardware out of japan, but haven't seen any of it yet as it all got sent to Australia and I'm still in the US. Looking forward to comparing them in hand maybe early next year
  4. Hey mate, long time no talk. I'm sure you/those guys would have checked with Nissan but maybe double check if you haven't. The fact they seem readily available over here in the US means they might still be available direct. I'm sure it's not good to you but I am hoping to come back later this year, can bring back some small parts like this then.
  5. Taken from https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/20805-z-head/
  6. Not sure, found 2 contradicting posts, one saying and this one: Not sure what this site is or how old it is but one for $400 here: https://weekend-rides.myshopify.com/products/datsun-260z-n33-cylinder-head
  7. HKS Surge Tank https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j1002069959 200 000 yen (2494 aud)
  8. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w1001170573 Rare n33 head too! 310,000 yen (3866 AUD)
  9. Yeah been in NYC/LA since 2016. I didn't go to the event, annoying becuase I probably could have with the magzine I've been working for. When the auto show was cancelled I figured they were just going full virtual so didn't pursue it. Glad I managed to catch them in Times Square though. Yes Larry Chen on the left!
  10. Got to see the new Z in Times Square tonight, looks very nice in person! Even the grill didn't bother me. Would still love to get my hand son one and start customising though
  11. I have been in the states for the past 5+ years and the customer service on average is atrocious everywhere. People genuinely seem annoyed that they have to deal with you and they generally don't know what they are doing, particularly if anything out of the ordinary happens. I swing between being annoyed and then realizing the minimum wage in some places is half of that in Australia
  12. Just thought I'd do a 2021 update on importing Watanabe's. A lot of threads here direct to Otomoto and another wheel/tire company that are no longer around? I saw a sale direct from RS saving 30-40% off RS Watanabe R Type wheels and that they included lug nuts (see translated screenshot attached) so I got in contact directly with RS Watanabe to see about whether they would ship direct to Australia. The forwarded me to Rasel Rahman at https://buynowjapan.com/ who said the campaign was for domestic customers only who would photograph the wheels on their cars for their gallery. But he quoted me the following prices which seem to be the marked discounted prices (plus local tax, minus the lugnuts): 2 x 16-90 -13 114.3-4H 2 x 16-95 -19 114.3-4H Wheels Price 153,120 Center Caps 8,800 Lug Nuts 16,720 Shipping 48000 JPY by UPS air 3-5 days shipping. Total 226,640 yen (around $2760 AUD today). There will also be import tax once they get to Australia as well. Side note, they also had a limited number the Falcon Steering Wheel's with horn buttons available as part of campaign a few months ago and when I reached out then they recommended Sudo at Number 7 Racing Products to export them from Japan. He was very helpful and had that sent to me in the US with some other smaller parts at a very good price. I am currently talking to him now about the cost to get some Marugen Shoukai flares, G-nose and rear spoiler sent out to Australia as well. When I asked him about the wheels he said: "There is an agency in Australia so you can contact - Solid Engineering & Mechanical http://solidmechanical.com.au/about-us/ " I was going to give them a call but Rasel at buynow got back to me in the meantime so I went with him.
  13. The timing of this has me thinking you’re a plant by Apex Engineered Apex Engineered Instagram
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