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  1. If you have a spare 90-100k: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t585646448?fbclid=IwAR3atehBuEor7nFuWhq6NKOTWKeLE0LLvKIOO7Z__5pAAjg7OP4dp3AaXC8 Auto translate: "It is extremely rare. It was secured as a spare at the time of the latter half of 1950, and was stored indoors in the garage as an object for spare O / H. It is the head K4. It will be the price of the main body 1..2.3 It will be an image. NC. After confirming with NR, we will ship by our shipping service. Consumption tax is also a bargain at our expense. Since it is a very rare item, it will be shipped after co
  2. Yes I always thought this about the 350z and 370z! Looks great dropped, looks even more European
  3. Long time no see! I have actually been stalking the forums lately, planning how I am going to finish off my 260z that's been in my dad's shed for the last 15 years. Anyway, tuned in to the reveal last night and I hated it at first. But with a few small tweaks and removing that horrible yellow I think I am starting to fall in love with it. Here is my edit, shaping the grill, round headlight inserts, coloured roof, darkened katana and more traditional door handle
  4. Vacuum Hoses My brake vacuum hoses are really starting to fray and it seems pretty much impossible to source moulded hoses that fit RHD vehicles. I read a post about a guy who used an internal wire to give the hose its shape. I have also been using a plastic braiding called FlexoPet to do the electrical wiring on a arcade game console I was making and figured I could use this on the car too. It doesn't look original but I think it looks pretty tidy. Here was my mockup, the wire I had on hand was too thick (first 2 pictures). I ended up using a coat hanger wire which see
  5. sexual_sushi


    Hey fufu, just wondering how much the arm rests set you back? Do you happen to know if Eiji has a supplier or just went off of auction sites etc?
  6. I just donated some money again, the goal is to donate $10 monthly or bimonthly and I'll post here when I do so hopefully people will see it and think about donating again. Cheers Shaun
  7. that doesn't look like fun. How are you going to tackle it? We get a pre bent panel up from one of the z shops down south but I think it was the wrong size so Dad ended up bending a whole new panel
  8. sexual_sushi


  9. 1st annual Classic Japanese Show and Shine held on 1/20/2006.
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