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  1. Hi all, Held on to these in case I bought another Z but the way prices are going I can't see that happening unless I win Powerball.....sooooo not likely. At this stage it is an EOI as I really don't want to sell thejm but if someone wants them and is willing to offer the right money I'd let them go as I have a number of other projects that could use the funds, otherwise will make a great piece of garage wall art. Best contact is 0403783392 as I'm not here all that often. Thanks
  2. Yes Paul, still for sale at this stage, 0403783392
  3. Yes it does, so they're ready to drop straight in and bolt up, that alone should make them worth at least oooohhh a million I rekn............sorry haven't been here for a while
  4. Even though I sold both my Zeds some time ago I still have some parts that are left over and therefore surplus to my needs at this stage. I'm open to offers, yes I have a figure in mind but would like to see what people might think they're worth as I have been out of the scene for a while and prices do fluctuate. The seats as far as I know, and as I was told when I bought them, are genuine Bride fixed back race f/g seats, I just barely get in them so would suit someone with a small to medium build frame if comfort is important.
  5. XRQTR

    240Z (SOLD)

    Romeo I don't really have many pics. Brabham I'm looking to sell with extras at this sateg, if it sells without I'll put them up separately. Thanks
  6. http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/05/old-meets-new-rocky-autos-rb30-powered-fairlady-z/
  7. Looks like it still currently is http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/71-Datsun-240z-great-restorer-all-rust-exposed-/190673688082?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item2c65099612
  8. I know it's been on their for some time and I have no issue with selling something you have available for sale, it's actually illegal to advertise a product that you do not have or mislead with your description, also it's against ebay advertising guidelines to advertise a product falsely. I'ts basically the same as a phishing email where you get people to deal with you under false pretences. The other thing that I found fishy was how he was debating whether or not to buy back the wreck of a car that he had advertised for $35K for a mere $4K when he had another body that he could have easily transferred all the parts. Like I said initially he was trying to sell it without actively selling it, it's like letting you think it's your idea "Oh wo is me, what shall I do?? Such a dilemma"................."Hey I'll take it off your hands". I had an accident in my Typhoon last year and the insurance company deemed it a financial write off, first thing I asked was can I buy it back, they said yes and I didn't even pause. Besides it's now been pulled by the look of things, when I checked earlier it wasn't their anymore.
  9. unless he's a friend of yours then I think you're thinking too much, besides the guy only joined to 'tell' us about it, kind of rude I rekn, not to mention dodgey
  10. No I'm not going to buy it, does that mean I can't comment or post on the subject?? :'(
  11. In all honesty between 15-20 would be a realistic price, closer to the 15 though. This all depends on how quickly you need to move it, so the quicker the cheaper. I think people need to realise that the crazy silly money that was going around 4-5 years ago has disappeared, these cars were getting 20 then so to ask 20 now might be a bit much. That's not to say you might not get it so if you want give it a go but remember it might be sitting around for a while. One of the guys here has a pretty shmick 260 that's been going for a while and he's dropped his price a couple of times. Wothout having seen full exterior and interior pics I can only guess that it's a daily or regular driven car from your description which means stone chips and maybe some faded paint. You did mention that the tailgate has some cracks in the paint, probably more due to the previous paint work thatn anything else but this means that there could well be more waiting to show its head. By no means am I suggesting that there's anything wrong with the car but in a daily/regular driven condition 14-15 might be closer to what you would get. I recall a white 240 a few months ago around Werribee going for around 17, it sold but even at that price it was their for a while, also I just had a quick look on carsales and all the 40'z on their are around 18-19 so if you need to move it then putting it in for 16 would certainly get you some attention. Oten it's easier advertising at close to your bottom dollar so that prospective buyers can feel like there still getting to haggle you down and feeling like they won, very important quicker sale. So if you'd be happy with 15-16 then put it in for around 18, oh and if they want to go further then start removing things like rego or any add ons like wheels, they soon come around. At the end of the day though if people are coming up to you then ask them what they'd be willing to offer, if it works then go for it.
  12. Also here is a link to the current ad, all I did was follow the one in the 'ebay thread', they haven't changed the description since before the car even got here but there is definitely no mention of any damage, pretty clear it's the same car http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1973-Datsun-240Z-Blue-M-Coupe-/280763192731?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item415eca559b&clk_rvr_id=286973060052
  13. Etiher way it's false and misleading advertising and I'm pretty sure that fishing ads are illegal in Oz, could be wrong.
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