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  1. No didn't drive before brakes. The car was built up from a body shell. Done for track. Probably a bit too much work for road use. My car is a runner, but still tweaking. More photos in my profile. Quite a bit of work to get an RB in. Engine and gearbox mounts. Tailshaft. Custom sump. EFI pump and surge tank. All the wiring. If you can't do it yourself, then quite a bit cost to it all. Only for those that are committed and not on a limited budget. Yep I'm in Tas.
  2. RB25DET in mine and Skyline brakes to go with it. GTR 325 mm rotors. Some machining work to fit them i.e. convert the five bolt rotor to four bolt. Fabrication of caliper mounts too. So if you can't do the work it could be expensive to get it done. There is a build thread on here done by KatoKid. I did it the same way, but went with the larger rotors.
  3. You can get viynl or leather sets from here, but they are in US. I'm assuming the late 260Z is the same as the 240Z I haven't bought them, but bought a set of their seat covers and was very impressed with the quality. https://interior-innovations.com/product/1970-1973-datsun-240z260z-tunnel-covers/
  4. Definitively no bingo there. You could be right on the cut and shut. Might be why that rear vinyl has been sat back in place for the photo.
  5. Thanks. I'll reduce it a bit and see how it goes.
  6. Thanks. So I'm doing it home and I can't measure degrees, but measured track in mm and then converted with a bit of trig. I end up with 0.6 degrees total. So sounds like I need a bit more. Now this surprised me because when I measured the track at the front and rear of the wheels the difference in track is 5mm. This looked like it was way too much. I was thinking perhaps 2-3mm total toe in. So just confirming I need to put more toe in on it?
  7. How much rear toe in are people running at the track? I'm assuming a bit of toe in works best.
  8. Sorted. Got from Maserati Compound in the US.
  9. I put RB box in my car and by putting the larger subaru diff flange on my datsun R180 diff I was able to use the complete skyline shaft. These larger skyline unis seem to be able to handle plenty of power. I saw your car at a Japanese car show in Melbourne a couple of years ago. I like the wheels on it so much I bought the same.
  10. I reckon he pulled his old gearbox out, which is why the gbox and tailshaft are there. Vacuumed out all the clutch dust. Then went to put his nice new clean box in, and went WTF! So took a photo to show people the situation he's got himself into and how badly he needs a new box.
  11. Hi, I'm chasing the two saddles that are use to bolt the rear lower control arm up to the hangers. Greg
  12. Unless I missed something it looks like new. Just a bit of rust converter on those spots and a bit of paint over it and your're sorted. You're a lucky man. Important bit is underneath. Make sure underneath it is well sealed along the length of the chassis rail between rail and floor. They were just spot welded together and so water can get in here between rail and floor and rust out from inside the rail.
  13. Too much work for a road car, but shell looks good enough for a racer and price is now more reasonable.
  14. How so? Obviously need best tyres on for suspension set up, but if sorting out other things like engine tune I see no point wearing out good tyres.
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