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  1. Sorry forgot to put sarcastic emoji at the end of my post. I agree it does look like a lot of work and cost to get sorted. On initial glance it doesn't look too bad, but in a search for panels over a couple of years for my own car I realised. how hard and costly panels can be. So getting all those panels would be some effort and cost, which makes a car that looks cheap, not so when it all get added up..
  2. Gees you guys are picky. You don't have to repair a lot of that rust. A bonnet, hatch, two guards, doors a couple of sills and bumpers and you'd be ready to make a start on the body resto.
  3. Hi, I'd be interested in the chrome trims that go in the middle of the front and rear window screens if it's for sale. Regards, Greg
  4. TopStage in Vic. I think it was about $270.
  5. Peter A helped me out. I'll try the VZ commodore motor and see how that goes.
  6. Do you know what model pulsar? I'm ok with the fabrication and wiring, just need which motor is best to start the conversion with.
  7. Does anyone know where I might be able to sources a 90s Honda wiper motor from? Done a bit of searching but haven't yet found one in Aus My wipers are quite sad when operating. Is there a later model motor from something that might be easier to source?
  8. Restoring and racing old cars in Japan. Some nice zs and early skylines in it.
  9. Think I'm sorted. Just waiting for my ebay purchase to turn up
  10. Thanks Gavin. They did have a very good website. Looks like it's being updated. My car is getting a bit floaty at higher speed. Hopefully one of theirs fixes it.
  11. I believe there was a company is Aus called Top Stage that sold a rrange of FRP and carbon spoilers, but my link no longer works. Are they still about?
  12. Still chasing one. Must have a key.
  13. I'm chasing an R180 Long nose 4.1 diff. Hoping to find one in tassie, but I would be ok with one from interstate if the seller is ok with packing up to freight. Greg
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