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  1. If not sold within a week will list separately.
  2. Various Datsun 240z repair panels Have been in storage for 2 years and have developed slight surface rust - will wire-wheel off easy. Zedd Findings - Left and Right floor pans - Left and Right chassis rails Bad Dog - Left and Right seat brackets/mounts - Jack reinforcement plates Right hand outer sill Left and Right Dog Legs Indigo Slam Panel Over $2000 spent Make a reasonable offer and you'll probably end up with the lot.
  3. PWR offer a pretty good discount (23%) if you purchase five or more products. Therefore wondering if anyone else is working on an RB conversion and interested in a group buy? Regards
  4. kamarchi

    HS30 101207

    That is my baby :-)
  5. What did you do for the RB sump and engine & transmission mounts?
  6. Thanks for the info Have a friend heading over to japan next year so might look at importing one
  7. If you do not mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?
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