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  1. Thanks for the info Have a friend heading over to japan next year so might look at importing one
  2. If you do not mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?
  3. Hi Gav Any update on when this is happening?
  4. Mine is costing $1400 given that the under-seal and sound-deadening had already been removed, $2800 if it had not It is being treated with "paint grip 253" which, according to the broacher, is a "corrosion-resisting, paint-bonding coating on steel. The Paint Grip coating, when dry, protects the surface from fingerprints, rust, etc., during temporary indoor storage (usually for six months or more.)" the MCM boys used the same process for the Mira floor conversion. I started media blasting it myself but the soon realised it was going to be cheaper, easier, faster and a lot less messy to just get someone else to do it.
  5. Off to RediStrip for a decent bath. In retrospect should have done this first up :-)
  6. New best friend :-) seriously, would any of the following be available? 1. Battery Tray and Inner Guard (only need the section between the firewall and shock tower) 2. Left and Right Windscreen A-Pillars 3. Any section of an Inner Sill (rust repair) 4. Windscreen section between A-Pillars 5 Couple of cuts from boot floor Thanks Tom
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