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  1. 240ZR

    260z 2 seater panels

    Just ordered mine too. How long did it take to arrive?
  2. 240ZR

    260z 2 seater panels

    I'm pretty sure Andy makes these. https://www.facebook.com/Auto-Panel-Solutions-418351785395614/
  3. Supply & demand! Ever heard of it?? (probably not) But you did say "A vehicle is only worth what someone is willing to pay at the time" so if it's more than you can afford, you're best off looking for a KE70 Corolla or Gemini before prices sky rocket mate & leave the Z's to those with deeper pockets & not tight arses !
  4. A set of 4 Rota RB-X 17 x 9 mag wheels with brand new 245/45/17 tyres & -13 offset. $1650 ono.
  5. 240ZR

    WTB: 240z/260z

    Lol! Pot calling the kettle black... the only “owner operator” here is, u guessed it... Hayden!
  6. Bump! Need 2 more orders for a complete set of 5 pcs to get this through, $1295 is an excellent deal for all the glass except front windscreen.
  7. I wouldn't be cutting that out Dave. Get the car on a Caroliner (chassis straightener) & pull it out straight with the chassis rail as it looks like it's gone over as well.
  8. Lol, have fun aligning the bonnet!
  9. Yep, same as one of the Alfa's, I think it was the Alfasud or the GTV, pretty close but not as nice.
  10. I reckon it would look 100% nicer with the 240Z tail lights instead of the Ford escort look alike type they originally came out with. The newer Nagari 300 uses Honda Integra lights which don't suit either IMO. ttps://www.autoviva.com/nagari/version/3733
  11. How much nicer does one reckon the Nagari rear end would look with a set of 240Z rear tail lights??
  12. There's a reason as to why they've done it to the race car Gav but I'd like to know the reasoning behind the white one.
  13. Which latch does it have, same as the 240Z or the later 260Z?
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