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  1. Bump! Need 2 more orders for a complete set of 5 pcs to get this through, $1295 is an excellent deal for all the glass except front windscreen.
  2. I wouldn't be cutting that out Dave. Get the car on a Caroliner (chassis straightener) & pull it out straight with the chassis rail as it looks like it's gone over as well.
  3. Yep, same as one of the Alfa's, I think it was the Alfasud or the GTV, pretty close but not as nice.
  4. I reckon it would look 100% nicer with the 240Z tail lights instead of the Ford escort look alike type they originally came out with. The newer Nagari 300 uses Honda Integra lights which don't suit either IMO. ttps://www.autoviva.com/nagari/version/3733
  5. How much nicer does one reckon the Nagari rear end would look with a set of 240Z rear tail lights??
  6. There's a reason as to why they've done it to the race car Gav but I'd like to know the reasoning behind the white one.
  7. Which latch does it have, same as the 240Z or the later 260Z?
  8. I have 2 billet alloy ones left with stainless bolts for $45 posted.
  9. Is it the CSR electric pump? I'm keen so plz send me a pic. Thanx
  10. I know which I'd rather have in my Zed! The Ferrari engine wud sound better & look better in it let alone blow a stinking hot L6 away.
  11. BUMP!! Need another 2-3 orders to make this a good buy.
  12. LOL! I really don't know what to make of this even after it was edited. It's a WTB add for a 260Z G/box with a pic of a Z box, S15 6 spd box, yellow vacuum cleaner, tail shaft, grinding disc & electrical chord... is it in the right section??
  13. Original post edited with new pricing!! Hi guys, need the numbers for anyone wanting a brand new rear hatch glass in clear. This price is pretty cheap compared to $725 from Auto Glass Warehouse in Brissy Price is $492.45 each if we get a minimum order of 5 units or $422.10 if we order 10 units. These off course are plus freight from Melb. Please contact me to get the ball rolling. P.S. can also get door glass for $235.20 each & 1/4 glass for $165.38 each for a minimum of 5 pairs... even cheaper for 10 pairs. So, a complete 5 piece glass set in clear for your car will cost you $1293.65 + freight if we get 5 orders, or $1108.8 + freight for 10 orders. (That's quite cheap compared to AGW on eBay for $1785)
  14. OK, so far we have CBR Jeff & KatoKid for a rear glass... anyone else?
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