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  1. The weekend just gone involved a bunch of riding, with about 3.5 hours on Saturday and about 2.5 hours on Sunday (mostly volunteering with a school mountain biking clinic). But, there was some Datto action too! Firstly, I seam-sealed in the engine bay (where I had primed) and in the cowl area. I used a "gun" style applicator which came out soooo much neater than the stuff from a tin. Then, while the front was drying I thought I would tackle the back RHS panel, with a goal to weld on the new KV Panel. So, I enthusiastically drilled out the necessary spot welds, and used the angle
  2. Hi Agno, Sorry to hear about your mum. That's terrible that someone chose not to smoke but died from it anyway. I agree with your sentiment on the above comment - I think so many people cling to words from that 0.01% who seem impervious to the negative impacts of smoking, without actually considering the facts/statistics without bias. And thanks for the feedback on the journal so far! I am hoping to have a solid weekend on it, although a bunch of work seems to be at loggerheads next week so I'll probably have to spend some time this week getting ahead of that. Cheers, Mike
  3. Ahhh - the million dollar question. I think I have formulated a plan where I can get it into primer, and maybe even high build, and do all of the sanding and prep without needing a spray booth nor causing danger to myself, my family or my neighbours. Then, once prep work is complete, its time to send it back down to Canberra where my brother has a mate who knows someone, then my people can speak to their people and we can hire a spray booth. I basically don't want to spend all this time repairing panels, skimming, sanding, prepping etc only to have a rubbish paint job due to dust and flie
  4. Chapter 12 - Glacial Movement is still Movement Its been pretty slow progress on Z of late. I've been heading to and from Canberra every second weekend to visit my mother in hospital (yes, smoking causes strokes), race mountain bikes, help my brother with his house, and even found some time to visit CBR Jeff. With all of those km's being racked up on the car and the bikes, I have managed to move forward with Zee. I figure its better to do bits and pieces than do nothing at all. I welded the bonnet latch bracket back into place: I put RivNuts in place for the Battery T
  5. Ahh - I found this on another forum (see below). It looks like a Zinc Chromate Primer. I think the guy in the last comment (Gerson) might be the owner or at least works there. He recommends "taking it off and respraying with the primer of your choice". https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=495987 Given that Zinc Chromate is meant to be a rust inhibitor, I wonder if its still necessary to repaint the inside of the panels...
  6. For anyone that has used this supplier before, what did you do with the green paint? Did you remove it before putting an epoxy primer over it, or keep it or what? Does anyone know what the paint is?
  7. You did well to get a bike! There seems to be a crazy shortage at the moment - too much demand coupled with supply chain problems == people selling second hand bikes for more than brand new!!
  8. In my infinite wisdom, I used a texta. Which has now completely disappeared. But, I do have 4 spot weld holes! But, those holes seem to "mate" nicely with one another, so I think I'm sorted Also, is it just me or does everyone think this bracket is a beautifully sculpted piece of art? Ok, its just me then.
  9. Chapter 11 - Easter Eggsistentialism I enjoy working on my car - I really do - but sometimes I catch myself chasing my own tail. And sometimes, as a result, things can start to get a bit overwhelming. At those times I like to stop and take stock - I ask myself the important and deep questions like; Why am I feeling this way? What am I concerned about? Is this a problem of my own making, and if so, what is it? How much time is this project taking? Is that the right amount of time? Does time really exist anyway? What is 'reality', and d
  10. Battery tray part II Remember when you were in school and you thought "I'm never going to use this! I'm quitting!". Yeah, that was me in Kindergarten. And yet, look at this... I'm using my skills! Thank you Mr's Kindergarten Teacher! This is filling in a "relief cut", because I don't have an english wheel to make nice neat hollows in metal. As a reminder, this is the piece fitting pretty neatly under the battery tray. Once I had the relief cuts welded in, I next had to make the flange, which I did by putting a large piece of metal up against the firewall (held o
  11. Chapter 10 - All caught up Last chapter we patched the roof skin, and while I was in denial about the need to remove the entire roof skin, I decided it was a good time to tackle that small piece of rust on the firewall. First step was to get the engine and gearbox out. In order to achieve this there were 3 things that I needed; an Engine Mount, an Engine Hoist, and a Son. So, I went upstairs into one of the rooms that I have up there, scrounged around in all of the mess and managed to find a Son. Tick! We then went to Total Tools and
  12. Looked like a great weekend, Jeff. I, on the other hand, was down your way over the weekend enjoying East Kowen and helping my brother render his house.
  13. ...and it was a spectacular day down there in Canberra on Sunday! It would have been great to catch up, but I would have been too wrecked at the end to have a decent conversation anyway!
  14. The other mistake I made was not getting the gear stick out. That made it 100 times harder than it should have been.
  15. Its a bit hard to tell, but that last picture ("Side View") has a slightly different hew on the pillar and up the side. I was being super careful when I welded near there not to get that hot enough to melt, because I didn't want to have to do any lead work. Unfortunately, I think I am now committed to taking the roof skin off so I will be doing the lead-work anyway. I guess the next question is: does it need to be lead? Are there "flexible bondo" options that would achieve the same (or better) results??
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