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  1. hi all, have an a stamp cam and a c stamp cam to use in a freshen up for my l26 with 240 carbs. anyone know the better cam to use?
  2. Hi, was wondering how the dgr coilovers are going? have just purchased a set for my 2+2. loving the recaro by the way.
  3. First car run tomorrow can’t wait.
  4. First z car drive for me and first for the z in 12 yrs IMG_0727.MOV
  5. Sa power brakes on north east road are ace for rebuilds, mick marrot did a vid on the booster/master upgrade to his blur 260z was super easy
  6. After 12yrs fresh fuel, new battery and vroom IMG_0712.MOV
  7. done, accidently requested funds from you Gav lol sorry ignore that
  8. It has its fair share of tin worm but only two bad patches everywhere else is minor
  9. Found a great 260 and picked it up today. Factory manual and aircon car. Can be on the road in months not years like the yellow one.
  10. That makes my l26 a 76 and my l28 a 76 too, means the l28 came out of a skyline or similar i suppose.
  11. Me too, will be deleting the back seat though.
  12. Picked this up today l26 p30 block e88 head with British su carbs. Period correct for my z.
  13. Hi guys, looks like you have nice trails. we are spoilt for choice in SA too. pic of my new whip
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