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  1. i think he has enough rust to chew on with the 240 lol
  2. The one I’m getting only has yellow stitching across the top only, much more subdued than that one lol
  3. YELLOW STITCHING DASH DASHBOARD LEATHER COVER FITS DATSUN 260Z 2+2 just purchased this from the uk through eBay, seems nice we will see.
  4. The Rota's look great. Love the bronze and good to know 225 clear everything.
  5. from the prices ive seen id be repairing the front guards, ps the lifter looks great
  6. Mines 1/77 so at least i know what they are now (-:
  7. I have no idea but have to piece together the dash so will figure it out, is yours the same?
  8. After a busy weekend of sorting parts i documented the rust {dont know why lol} this is a selection of what i found, luchky ive got a shell to take cuts from. The entire rear roof frame needs to be replaced along with both quarters. Oh well its all fixable!
  9. not realy fussed about originality. most of my driving will be under 100 so will be installing a 3.5 diff for better low down take off and maybe turboing the l28 later. Nedd to concentrate on getting the body right and deal with mechanicals later.
  10. Just had a good look this is fantastic as a reference, thanks heaps
  11. Great colour interior! Nice it’s original too. How far are you planning to strip it down?
  12. spent yesterday sifting through all the parts and most is there yay! Today is documenting all the rust issues {might need a large sd card lol}
  13. Hi I head to melbourne fairly regularly as long as neither state is locked down so if AndBir needs large items i could take them over when we are allowed to travel.
  14. Hi guys thanks for the reply’s. It’s early days in my build and after some more input from experienced guys I’m keeping mine auto for now.
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