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  1. Like trying to put your pants on after taking a little blue pill .
  2. Hi Ryan, Mine was posted on the 8th I think and arrived on the 18th. With Christmas getting closer now postage is probably starting to back up. Don’t stress. You will be happy when you see the quality. merry Christmas David
  3. Hi Sean, Mine arrived today and I am impressed with the quality and quick delivery from France. Have a safe Christmas and New Year. Regards David. (Enzo)
  4. Hello Sean, I would like to take one. Regards David
  5. From the USA with the Beru Blue coil.
  6. I used the Crane XR700 for years but fried it when I stuffed up some other wiring. Great unit. I now have the Hot Spark ignition module (as in the first post) with the Beru Blue coil. No resistor is required for this setup ( Full 12V). A coil with more than 3.0 ohms of primary resistance is also required. You have to be careful with voltage polarity with the Hot Spark unit or you can fry it as well. I am currently using the above with the FiTech 30003 4 barrel EFI on a Arizona Z dual plane manifold. The standard 260z Tacho works with this setup. The crane XR700 requires the exis
  7. Hi Rob, I have a 1976 260z . The distributor black wire goes to the distributor neg (-) side. The black/white wire goes to the Coil pos (+) side. There should be a second B/W and G/W that went to the resistor but if you have bypassed that they should be joined together. 260z RHD wiring..docx
  8. Congratulations Gavin and Maria from WA. Hope that you are all safe and well in these trying times. Life changes for the better now for you. (I just had a flashback to Brian in Fast and Furious taking the kid to school in the people mover). Regards David.
  9. Welcome to the Forum. 6K is a great price for a 2 seater. I also have the 1976 RS30 model. The carbs are the desired 240z Hitachi/SU models as opposed to the flat top original 260z carbs. I noticed that the rear carb has the top fitted 90 degrees clockwise. The little bump should face the air cleaners like the front carb. When realigning make sure the piston moves up and down freely. Good luck with the build and have fun. ( opps! Sorry guys, I thought that they looked like the Hitachi/SU carbs of the 240z. I stand corrected). David.
  10. 1: Yes, 2:Yes, 3: Yes, 4: Brake Booster, 5: Not sure. 6 and 7, flow through water to warm carbs,9Noone ever uses these). 8: usually to distributor vacuum cannister (Vacuum advance). Block spare off. 9: Vent to air cleaner back plate. There will be another one on the second carb fuel bowl. 10: PCV (Positive crankcase ventilation) connected to the front of the block below the headers. David
  11. Hello Craig, If you have the 2nd one available could I please have that one. Cheers David.
  12. Hi Guys, Just finished watching this video of "Iconic engines", Datsun "L" series. Thoroughly enjoyable and a bit of humour. I'm not sure if it has been posted before. David.
  13. Hi Guys, Having put up with a dicky starter motor for a while it was time to look for a new one. I have 3x 40 plus year old starters with issues and I was quoted an amount to fix them which was more than buying a new one. I ordered a gear reduction starter from one company but he cancelled the Ebay order saying that couriers would not pick up from his address because of the Covid-19 situation. I then ordered for another company which supplied me a nice starter which was smaller and lighter than the original. $140.00 plus $22.50 standard delivery from Thomastown in Victoria. I think it spins th
  14. I had a day off work today so the front panels and bonnet went back on the car and I hit the road to the office for cheesecake and coffee. The new ignition system ( MSD6AL and Hot Spark)is great and the engine is crisp. The brakes need work. From sitting so long, I may have a seized caliper piston or two. Scared myself at the first traffic lights. Over the weekend I will have to look at them. I'm pretty stoked though since I haven't had the car on the street for about 3 years. With the Covid-19 lockdowns and cutting back hours at work, I am enjoying working on the car again. Ok guys, Stay safe
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