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  1. Looks much better and in lieu of using HCl acid to dissolve any remaining rust, liberal application(s) of rust converter should complete the prep for cutting out the badly rusted areas and welding in new patch panels. I have seen videos of other 240z restos filling rust through holes by welding but I presume you would need to be sure you would not just enlarge the holes due to the metal being so thin. I'm sure others can provide better advice.
  2. Unless they have had the C.A.F. restoration treatment :-)
  3. And how many of our cars have this insidious rust "infection" quietly eating away from the inside out? - the answer is all of them - it just varies as to how extensive it is :-( And sellers on Carsales want you to pay ~$100k when you have no idea as to what is happening under the shell of the car - crazy!
  4. Zcardepot have some : https://www.ebay.com.au/str/zcardepot?_bkw=280zx+lens Usual killer freight charge considering the price of the item.
  5. Seems every episode gets worse - it will end up being the equivalent of a welded steel jigsaw puzzle !
  6. Yep, should be restricted to vehicles that are classified as "passenger vehicles"
  7. The google translated text may indicate this could be the post restoration price?? Or maybe on top of the purchase price?? The period is 4 to 5 months, and there is no need to wait for up to half a year. It is a system that you pay according to the progress of the work in multiple times instead of lump-sum payment. Body color is free to choose, so please let us know after it makes a successful bid.
  8. Car sounds like an very old pet dog : "..does not run, but does turn itself over.."
  9. Very old topic but Victoria is reviewing the CH scheme : https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/days-of-cheap-rego-loophole-for-classic-cars-could-be-numbered-20210714-p589o2.html#comments But likely to just change the vehicle age requirement to +30 years so Zed owners are OK.
  10. Looks good, I need to do mine so, thanks to your work, I can confidently purchase these (and at a cheaper price via ebay)
  11. Have you seen the ones available here : https://kfvintagejdm.com/product-category/datsun/
  12. If the production and use of petrol vehicles falls dramatically I wonder what the impact on petrol prices will be. Will less demand result in higher overall cost of production per litre and/or refineries closing?
  13. Datsun 240z Item location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia HS30-00379 Rolling shell. What you see is what you get. L28 with automatic gearbox. Inspections are welcome and encouraged. Happy to help with shipping at the buyers expense. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324710381540?hash=item4b9a3f37e4:g:LY4AAOSwrJlg6lmP
  14. I spent 7 years doing FiFo work Aus<->Sthn Africa and did once happen across a truck hijack in progress when driving to Johannesburg from the Free State. The guys got out of a small Datsun ute with their 9mm pistols drawn just as I drove past the truck in my "non-amoured" Hilux - needless to say I stamped on the accelerator and never looked back! Too many guns in South Africa - probably similar to the USA?
  15. Probably out gunned by the crooks so safer to stay in the armored Landcruiser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EEIXFr1bBg
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