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  1. Might need to spray some rust preventative in through the hole before filling? https://thumbs.gfycat.com/BriefWarmheartedAzurevase-mobile.mp4 Or maybe it can be reached from inside?
  2. 1977 Datsun 2seater 2.6L 260z : $100,000 neg Gorokan, NSW https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gorokan/cars-vans-utes/1977-datsun-2seater-2-6l-260z/1282964540 1977 Datsun 260z Was immaculated restored 18yrs ago and has been garaged ever since motor was rebuilt 15yds ago and has been going on a once a year drive since. Has minor rust in floor
  3. I doubt "his friend" will even end up in Brisbane as the 280zx was auctioned in Melbourne. At least this whole debacle showed Reearooni what the "market" prices are vs those on Gumtree/Carsales listings.
  4. With the demise of Famous Insurance as a issuer of classic car insurance (they are now just brokers) I am in the process of getting insurance quotes. As Gav says, read the policy carefully as the default policy from Enthusiast does not include salvage rights or glass replacement cover - they are options but at least Shannons include these as standard.
  5. Another DATSUN 280ZX. 1982 in Liverpool, Sydney : $29,500 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/liverpool/cars-vans-utes/datsun-280zx-1982/1282200708
  6. As mentioned, auctions give the only transparent pricing information as cars listed as for sale usually sell for a discount to the asking/listed price. Given a much nicer (?close to concourse - but with a leaky diff?) 280zx was recently sold at a Shannons auction for $28,500 then I expect the less desirable red on red / white 280zx may be worth around $21,500. https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2021-shannons-summer-timed-online-auction/U9GB2EH5748BP634/
  7. OK, you will find on this site that members make donations to keep the site running when they use the forum to successfully sell items. I hope you will offer to do this? The donation link is on the home page of the site should you sell through the forum.
  8. What commission will you be donating to this site to help you flip your purchase? I suggest 10% of whatever profit you make.
  9. 1982 Datsun 280zx : https://youtu.be/d0BrfiBaK1U?t=8782 : Sold $17,500 Nissans :
  10. Definitely! He says in the advert : "I am not a mechanic so don't ask me about the engine (i just drive it) never checked water or oil - Never over heated and ran out of oil"
  11. DATSUN 240Z RADIATOR SUPPORT KIT (4 ITEMS) https://kfvintagejdm.com/shop/datsun/radiator-support-kit/
  12. Yep, goes back to my comment in another thread about paying six figure sums for 70's cars that are bound to be rusting from the inside out (unless it has been unpicked and restored as in this topic).
  13. From memory the connection onto the motor could only be placed in two positions, each 180 degrees apart. So this would not result in an issue of the wiper arm parking being 90 degrees out.
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