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  1. Surprised you did not contact Rob at the Z Factory (Seaford, Melbourne) for the carpets as he probably has what you are after. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seaford/other-parts-accessories/datsun-260z-carpet-2-seater/1268981270
  2. Yes, I expect a group buy will be the best option to minimise freight costs.
  3. Good to see you here and back into it - looks like you had a good starting point.
  4. Rare as hen's teeth and then they are usually aftermarket reproductions (BlackDragon). I may have an aftermarket one available soon.
  5. Since you did not specify the model : https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seven-hills/cars-vans-utes/1977-260z-2-2-auto-rolling-shell/1283689026
  6. Probably best to be conservative, in the past parts seemed freely available for a reasonable cost. Now days parts are much harder to find and if you are forced to get them from overseas are expensive when you take into account postage/freight.
  7. Yep, all depends on the amount of rust - this person has had no bids on his for a couple of months : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324926537515?hash=item4ba7217f2b:g:Og4AAOSwkK1g1aJ-
  8. And good luck getting a roadworthy without one as most states specify it is required.
  9. Foose draws what he thinks the new Z should have looked like :
  10. If you are considering installing a front air dam/spoiler on your Zed but concerned about the fragility of fiberglass etc. then maybe this is for you. I have an unused one that is still in its box. It is urethane so will not crack/split if you bump the gutter etc. Here are the details : https://shop.teamxenon.com/products/3125 As it was designed for the USA/Euro 260/280z models with the front indicators mounted above the bumper it will require you to cut the holes to insert/mount the front parker/indicator lights on your 240/260z. Selling for $300
  11. Used once so virtually as new : $125 Can deliver to eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  12. Yep, it certainly looks like they had sunk some cash into it - interested to see they may have retrofitted the factory aircon panel/evaporator but deleted the vacuum aircon controls - I am looking to go down the same route. Or maybe just the control panel which then operates a VintageAir system behind the dash.
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