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  1. AndBir

    Dash Badge Fix Up

    Old thread but I have recently seen that there are some "Liquid Chrome" pens available from art/model shops to touch up your interior finishes if required. https://www.molotow.com/anwendungen/marker-anwendungen/liquid-chrometm
  2. You could also try this seal "tape" similar to that used to attach the plastic sheet behind the door cards.
  3. I think you are probably referring to a type of non-hardening butyl mastic sealant.
  4. When looking at mine there seemed to be some degraded rubber type material on the top edge of the horizontal spar where it meets the door skin. Maybe a bead of seam sealer or a strip of closed cell foam would be a suitable replacement?
  5. Lovely work and good thinking using the clips. Car Builders have some good products. I also used their peel and stick insulating closed cell foam on the inside of the door skins and rear quarter panels.
  6. AFAIK both sides are the same.
  7. More pics : https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/rosebud/cars-vans-utes/datsun-260-z-2-seater/1248080830
  8. Welcome to the forum, you have done well to have this as a starting point
  9. If you know the packed (in a box or maybe 2 boxes) dimensions and the weight then try : https://au.interparcel.com/quote/parcel
  10. Have you snapped up the last remaining turquoise blue set ?
  11. Nope, a 260z has a simple "slide type" single pole double throw (center off) switch while the 240z has a complicated toggle/rocker type "switch" that I read could be described as a modified double pole double throw (center off) switch. Not sure about the light stalk/switch wiring.
  12. Ross Dunkerton and Graham Alexander discuss Datsun 240/260Z's with James Nixon at Rally Retro 2020.
  13. No Idea what these numbers mean, mine has # 2_10_15
  14. I was lucky to get the one I pictured from a forum member here, just need to work out how to either modify the vacuum controls or add something similar to the original vacuum system.
  15. AndBir

    Bare Metal Strip

    An interesting video covering a bare metal (underbody) strip and various methods that can be used :
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