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  1. Thanks for the help! Looks like it may indeed be a r160 longnose diff from a 1600
  2. Hey guys im wondering if anyone can tell me what diff this is based on pictures. Thanks in advance! 213 70 8 25 T14 i think are the numbers on it. (Diff is not in my possession)
  3. Located adelaide looking for car rotisserie for my build if you have one please message me thanks Dan
  4. Hey guys im wondering if anyone on here is who bought the gold colour z from adelaide recently from a guy called mark? Im interested to have a chat about a few things! Pm me if your on here please and thank you! Dan
  5. Interesting point i cant imagine that an inspector would even think to check that aspect of it but i guess every state is different with their own roadworthy rules. Im glad i live in SA for that reason, its very laid back lol
  6. I have been looking into doing this as well. Install looks fairly straight forward. The power steering kits are vehicle specific and replace half of the steering shaft. A few bolts, some wires and a bit of wiggling and you now have power steering haha just so damn expensive!
  7. That seems very reasonable all round!
  8. Dash looks great mate. Do you mind me asking what they charge for the redo of it? Guessing its all done with vacuum forming? also who did you use for the dash transporting? Thanks Dan
  9. Hey guys i just thought i would share my recent experience on my journey for a centre console for my 260z 2+2. i have the original from the car but it was warped, cracked and had speaker holes drilled into it from previous owner. I had searched gumtree, marketplace, ebay and forums for a good secondhand one with no luck or very expensive for something that was probably going to break after a few months when installed. i tried looking into sites like amayama to try and find out how much a new one was and if they were available. $570 but no availability. Found a lhd console part number and gave it to my local nissan dealer. Had to wait 12 weeks from japan but just over $400 and its here and looks great. Only difference i can see is that the console lid flips open from opposite side. Part number is in the second photo if others want to shortcut the journey haha hope this can help someone out! Dan
  10. Ahhh FIRETRUCK ! You may be onto something there. I just trusted the listing as it said s30 and s130 with nothing about the 510. Time will tell and i will still post pics when they arrive wether they are right or wrong… this mirror journey is going to be a long and expensive one…
  11. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c1059325669 this is item link. You need to buy through a third party so i used jesse streeter as i have used him before for my marugen shoukai flare kit.
  12. Just spoke to Eyecandy and he is saying he should have first batch done in less than 2 months! Who would be keen on one? Ill propose a group buy after i find out what the exact pricing is! Dan
  13. Will put up a bunch of pictures for you when they arrive!
  14. i have just bought some repro ones from yahoo japan. All up shipped to my door is $380AUD which is pretty good considering other places are wanting $500USD plus postage
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