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  1. Ahhh FIRETRUCK ! You may be onto something there. I just trusted the listing as it said s30 and s130 with nothing about the 510. Time will tell and i will still post pics when they arrive wether they are right or wrong… this mirror journey is going to be a long and expensive one…
  2. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c1059325669 this is item link. You need to buy through a third party so i used jesse streeter as i have used him before for my marugen shoukai flare kit.
  3. Just spoke to Eyecandy and he is saying he should have first batch done in less than 2 months! Who would be keen on one? Ill propose a group buy after i find out what the exact pricing is! Dan
  4. Will put up a bunch of pictures for you when they arrive!
  5. i have just bought some repro ones from yahoo japan. All up shipped to my door is $380AUD which is pretty good considering other places are wanting $500USD plus postage
  6. I bought a pair if electric fender mirrors that i thought i might be able introduce to my zed. I mocked them up but i didn't like the angle that they are on. They are supposably a genuine toyota item from japan and both have electric adjustment. i paid $300 for them shipped to my door. Id like to get my money back but we know how that works haha make me an offer and we can discuss further! Here is some photos of the mirrors and what they look like on a toyota. hoping somebody likes them for their datsun Dan (located SA)
  7. What do you mean by bag? Did i previously write some where that i didnt like them haha thanks for the links i will have a look now
  8. Hey guys anyone know of any z fender mirrors floating around Aus for sale? Happy for repro or genuine. I can only find stuff from the states at the moment!
  9. Millerman


    Has anyone got coilovers that have been made up for their zed but have gone a different route and now don't need said coilovers? Will be very interested in buying! Will consider unwelded ones but would prefer already done and ready to go on car! Thanks Dan
  10. Where was this one hiding? Looks like under ground by the amount of dirt on it haha
  11. There is one in Adelaide that has been going down and down in price. The shell and interior looks too far gone but if you only need it for the thing above he has listed it as complete. Maybe have a chat to him and see what you can come up with. Myself and a few others from the forums have spoken to him and tried negotiating but his wife at the time was the problem (i think its sentimental). heres the link anyway: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/peterborough/cars-vans-utes/1976-datsun-260z/1286887476?
  12. Yeah plus there are many mixed reviews about them too! Regarding castlemaine rod shop, they do engine and trans mounts if you need them still
  13. Tested on an rb25 so unable to confirm fitment on rb30 but would imagine that they would be similar! The sump just needs to be shortened for ground clearance. I basically had the lower section removed and welded to the second drop down section. Ill grab some photos tonight when im home to show you.
  14. https://s30.world/fuel-tanks These are the tanks peter is talking about that Team 24oz reviewed. I never realised how many different tanks there are!
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