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  1. Thought you might like them! Lachlan thought the build quality looked great in person too - he has 3 sets on order now.
  2. Some more zeds from the weekend: NDN21 - Auszcar (viczcar.com) *not my photography - see links in album for credit and more non-zed photos*
  3. cracker


    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2021 Images taken from photographer sites: See You Next Time Photography | Facebook Marcus Hintz | Facebook
  4. Ian - I'll message you. You probably saw my suggestion to get along to the nissan Datsun nationals this weekend (on your other post) but I'll pass on my details in case you don't make it. I'm in Adelaide and can probably help you out.
  5. Come along to the Nissan Datsun Nationals - at various venues this coming weekend. There will be a great zed contingent and in particular a lot of locals happy to help. I'll be at the show'n'shine Saturday plus the track day Sunday. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2021 (ndn21.com)
  6. Jeepers. $70k for an unrestored car full of rust with cut guards, knock off fender mirrors and 40mm carbs. *keeps mouth shut*
  7. It's not my cup of tea and I would worry about a few things done/not done and question the "70k thrown at it" line, but the biggest warning sign is that it's been for sale for ages (over a year??) and not sold. You've got to wonder why nobody else has decided it's worth paying for.
  8. Hi Dan, keen and I'm in SA. I'll msg you.
  9. These look great Alan, thanks for the tip. Did you source from Japan or a local supplier?
  10. Not easy! Very few tyres in a decent compound available for less than drug money. I went with Falken RT615K+ in 195/60 which are not quite as tall as I'd like but because the car sits low I'm reasonably happy with the look. Fronts are an R32 caliper on Lindsay's (zshop) custom disc, rears are R31 disc conversion.
  11. Hi Jeff, No replacement wheel studs were needed for these wheels. The offset is -16 from memory so they sit out in the guard nicely as they come, and the hub face is no thicker than a normal alloy wheel. If you did want longer studs for whatever reason (spacers etc) you could go for rear studs from a 240z/260z which I think add around 10mm... or there are a few other options around if you wanted even more. Cheers, James
  12. Hayden why are you posting on a zed forum ripping into zed prices? Think you may have to pick your crowd better. As a somewhat relevant aside, someone is not a wanker simply because they want a lot of money for their car. Documented sale prices have proven values are higher than what they were so to deny that is just burying your head in the sand. Prices changes and time moves on. A cheap zed used to be $1000.. then it was $5k. Now a cheap zed is $30k. Sale prices are not made up, they are a result of people making informed decisions with their cold hard earned cash. I'd suggest you
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