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  1. @K-MAC Re: Design breakthrough - are these different to the version you have been selling for some time? What is the price? How does one go about buying such a thing? Is there a link to more information?
  2. Specifics are particularly relevant for a values discussion. There have been dozens of sales in the US of well restored oem spec cars over $100k USD. There have been more than a few RHD cars sold for over $100k AUD, a mix of oem and oem+ and highly modified. Every car is different, and will be worth a different amount of money to different people.
  3. Sorry, yes, poorly explained opinion on my part - the speedholes are a bit icky but the chrome section on yours stands out more than the speedholes, imo. I would spin it the other way and say... you have spent so much money on other elements of your car, why not spend a little extra to put mirrors there that look the business AND match the car? There is no performance gain by using knock offs in the same way you save weight with carbon seats or gain power with an RB. It's also your car so as long as you are happy that is all that matters! And if you let people like me talk you into changing things they'd all look the same
  4. Thanks for the review Michael - surely helpful for others! Why didn't you consider the cheaper repro versions that look closer to original? FOR Nissan Datsun 240Z S30 Z432R 1970-1973 Black Fender Mount Side Mirrors PAIR | eBay FOR DATSUN Z 240Z 260Z 280Z NEW JDM Style Black Fender Mount Side Mirrors PAIR | eBay (For what it's worth I woudn't buy any of them, ha.. oem, accurate repro, or bust!)
  5. The first batch was sold out months ago I think - have they offered another allocation?
  6. I like that you pretended to consider the neighbours
  7. I have heard before "opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one" - and especially for the sake of values.. it's easier to simply ignore everyone unless you know for a fact that they are a buyer and going to contribute to the hard stats that one craves when assessing values. It's equally silly to isolate one sale of a car that you (perhaps) haven't seen in person and don't know the true condition of. Was it solid? Or quite the opposite? Did the owner understand market value or did they under-sell it? Data should be looked at collectively, otherwise it can tell you anything you want it to.
  8. I might be able to find another one in my barn if you ask nicely
  9. I guess the seller is know to you both, or similar? To have insight on the reserve I mean. Interesting re lead use locations - I did not know that - thanks.
  10. Isn't the lead only used at top of C pillar? There are cracks similar at many different spots - unsure how concerning they are. The little shortcuts taken all over the car don't really inspire confidence as to any unseen workmanship that you might like to rely on - but equally none of the obvious annoyances are game changing. It's all about what the buyer can tolerate at the price. It's currently an excellent buy in my opinion, but that might change...
  11. I would think of it like this: Will somebody who currently wants a 1970s sports car with timeless design, simple and effective mechanics, big noises (including some rattles), no creature comforts and something that turns heads and stirs up nostalgia - also be considering the new Nissan Z? My bet is no.
  12. The upcoming Shannons auction will be revealing - there are some nice cars up for grabs that might give an overall vibe of the strength of the market. My 2c - Some of the zeds that have dropped in price are not particularly nice examples from a value standpoint - non-original motors, heaps of non factory mods and hard to find parts missing or race prepped or similar (ie not where the value lies). It's very easy for an owner of a zed who has no appreciation of why cars are worth XXX to expect theirs to be worth the same and attempt a cash grab that was never realistic.
  13. Assuming stock suspension, they'll fit, but they'll stick out your guards and therefore be illegal. 15 x 8 0 offset is commonly accepted as a nice flush fitment, so -14 is 14mm further towards the outside of the car (and probably about 10-12mm outside the guards) so will look silly as well as not being legal.
  14. Did anyone see what this one went for? https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=31775&lid=3530935&pgn=2&pgs=100
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