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  1. I work in property in Adelaide and saw this hit the market - my office is down the road and there are 3 or 4 great little warehouses on that street (which has just been renovated) - unfortunately I'm not flush enough to buy, but could easily have been a local heavy hitter with a car collection. I'll keep an eye on it!
  2. Per title Reconditioned brake booster to suit late 240z/260z/280zx. Paid $440 for recon. Brand new in box 15/16 master. Paid about $160 shipped a while back Sell booster for $350 shipped to any Aus mainland capital MC $120 shipped per above Sell both together for $400 shipped. (or pick from Mile End SA) James
  3. Hey Matt, I have one spare - I'll pm you. James
  4. Lovely! Should keep you entertained for a while
  5. It does present beautifully, but with some glaring incorrect features, badge placement etc you have to wonder what else it hides. It's ebay auction reached ~$65k (not sold obviously) which I think is not far off where it should be.
  6. This x 100 ps. Lovely looking GTR - got any more pics? Next on my shopping list when budget and space allows... (potentially never the way prices are going)
  7. Price drop to $3900. Needs to come out the car in a couple of weeks, so won't be able to test driven after that... ps. Price now very reasonable considering a) Albins have discontinued their CR gearsets and b) they charged $900 per gear when they did sell them last Cheers
  8. For Sale: Built Nissan/Datsun 71b ultra close ratio gearbox with Albins 1-2-3 (standard 4th and 5th) Approx: 1st 2.4 2nd 1.8 3rd 1.4 4th 1:1 5th 0.85 Gearbox has been maintained using high quality oils, has run flawlessly and is approximately 10,000kms old (street kms, never raced). The car is street driven only so I'm going for the 71c conversion instead. Perfect for historic or Group S racers who must stick to factory casings, or someone who wants something more aggressive. Gearbox is still installed and serious buyers will be allowed to test drive the box, at my discretion. Located Adelaide PM or ph 0403527398 $3900 ono
  9. Almost certainly. Footwell mats, key tag, aftermarket radio...
  10. Shameless self promotion: I have a freshly rebuilt 280zx booster (cost $400 just for rebuild) and brand new 7/8 MC (cost ~$130). I was going to use the booster but have decided to stick with the my stock set up (240z). You can have the pair for $450 if you'd like to go that way...
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