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  1. I might be able to find another one in my barn if you ask nicely
  2. I guess the seller is know to you both, or similar? To have insight on the reserve I mean. Interesting re lead use locations - I did not know that - thanks.
  3. Isn't the lead only used at top of C pillar? There are cracks similar at many different spots - unsure how concerning they are. The little shortcuts taken all over the car don't really inspire confidence as to any unseen workmanship that you might like to rely on - but equally none of the obvious annoyances are game changing. It's all about what the buyer can tolerate at the price. It's currently an excellent buy in my opinion, but that might change...
  4. I would think of it like this: Will somebody who currently wants a 1970s sports car with timeless design, simple and effective mechanics, big noises (including some rattles), no creature comforts and something that turns heads and stirs up nostalgia - also be considering the new Nissan Z? My bet is no.
  5. The upcoming Shannons auction will be revealing - there are some nice cars up for grabs that might give an overall vibe of the strength of the market. My 2c - Some of the zeds that have dropped in price are not particularly nice examples from a value standpoint - non-original motors, heaps of non factory mods and hard to find parts missing or race prepped or similar (ie not where the value lies). It's very easy for an owner of a zed who has no appreciation of why cars are worth XXX to expect theirs to be worth the same and attempt a cash grab that was never realistic.
  6. Assuming stock suspension, they'll fit, but they'll stick out your guards and therefore be illegal. 15 x 8 0 offset is commonly accepted as a nice flush fitment, so -14 is 14mm further towards the outside of the car (and probably about 10-12mm outside the guards) so will look silly as well as not being legal.
  7. Did anyone see what this one went for? https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=31775&lid=3530935&pgn=2&pgs=100
  8. Price is more like $10k - perhaps slightly less with the Yen collapsing at the moment. Very cool thing EDIT: First production run is already sold out also.
  9. Spot on Gav. As you say, the murky waters of what is tasteful... all a matter of subjectivity and one can never know who or how many people will actually like what you like. Originality is reasonably well documented and easy to prove, and nobody's opinion can change it. Hang around long enough and get to know the market and it's not hard to build a close to oem spec, period modified car that would go off at auction (if that is indeed your desired outcome).
  10. I disagree completely. Sales evidence suggests that originality will always trump resto-mod regardless of make or model. But I also don't think that this should rule your decision making when deciding on a direction for your build. As all before you have done, you should do with your car whatever you like...
  11. There haven't been any sales of zeds with M3 motors so it's a guessing game what it's "worth". Originality is proven to be worth the most to high end buyers. Oem/jdm style is growing in popularity and value because younger buyers are increasingly well resourced. Anything else is anyone's guess.
  12. I have heard from Nissan sales team that they are expecting $78-80k per car. Manual gearbox will be a $3500 option...
  13. I normally would love a celebratory beer but I can't afford one now that parts prices to maintain my zed are through the roof
  14. I wonder how many buyers have been influenced to buy after reading the seller's (either genuine or bullshit) sob story... And that car will be very lucky to fetch over $25k, IMO. Every report ever about the 280zx either rubbished them compared to the older 260z (soft, floaty steering and suspension, heavy, slow), or was too polite. I just don't understand the increase in value, apart from perhaps speculators assuming they'll follow early zed values.
  15. Maybe the market has topped and everyone is selling before the crash?!?!
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