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  1. Price drop to $3900. Needs to come out the car in a couple of weeks, so won't be able to test driven after that... ps. Price now very reasonable considering a) Albins have discontinued their CR gearsets and b) they charged $900 per gear when they did sell them last Cheers
  2. For Sale: Built Nissan/Datsun 71b ultra close ratio gearbox with Albins 1-2-3 (standard 4th and 5th) Approx: 1st 2.4 2nd 1.8 3rd 1.4 4th 1:1 5th 0.85 Gearbox has been maintained using high quality oils, has run flawlessly and is approximately 10,000kms old (street kms, never raced). The car is street driven only so I'm going for the 71c conversion instead. Perfect for historic or Group S racers who must stick to factory casings, or someone who wants something more aggressive. Gearbox is still installed and serious buyers will be allowed to test drive the box, at my discretion. Located Adelaide PM or ph 0403527398 $3900 ono
  3. Almost certainly. Footwell mats, key tag, aftermarket radio...
  4. Shameless self promotion: I have a freshly rebuilt 280zx booster (cost $400 just for rebuild) and brand new 7/8 MC (cost ~$130). I was going to use the booster but have decided to stick with the my stock set up (240z). You can have the pair for $450 if you'd like to go that way...
  5. cracker

    APEX Engineered

    Which product/s are you looking at?
  6. Will fit all 240z George - some have reported that they don't lower the car very much though. I fitted this type some years ago to an old 240z of mine (73 model) and I thought it rode at about factory height, though I was comparing with saggy old factory springs! Take the above as anecdotal evidence at best
  7. Too many to list but if I contact you directly you'll send me the list?
  8. I recall this one sticking around on ebay for a while maybe 18 months or so ago and sold for somewhere in the $4k range?
  9. To me that makes a rebuild worth it. I was getting 84rwkw from an old L24 with a cam and an exhaust. For a fresh L28 you'll get 110rwkw+ and it'll make a huge difference with a lightened flywheel. You'll love it. There's a certain charm about a bone stock zed, but if it's not the original motor you might as well go for it. I love my L28 with triples (I also love my original zed, but it's a different kind of love :P) For a cheap alternative, make sure your diff ratio is fun enough, and if you have a WR box, go to CR and get your flywheel lightened. Will add 30% fun for not much cash at all.
  10. They are! I think around $700usd plus post for good quality repros.
  11. Get your car dyno'd so you understand how much there is to be gained. That'll give you some perspective for... $150??
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