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  1. That 260z looks an awful lot like one a friend of mine sold in the nineties with very low mileage, still had the original gold on the alloys white interior, very nice car.
  2. Yeah that was really cheap, couldn’t build it for anything remotely close to that figure.
  3. Did anyone happen to seem what this car ended up selling for by chance??
  4. Thanks for your help, it certainly looks nothing like anything else I have, particularly that blanking plate on the left side had me wondering..
  5. This box came out of a 240z , hoping someone can help figure out what it is?
  6. Cracker do you have photos of your Z with the Kobes all fitted up with the tyres fitted?
  7. I don’t recall exactly but think it was in the 2XX there abouts.
  8. That was my first ever Z car I bought back in the early 90s.. The only early Z I have ever seen with different colour interior.
  9. Has anyone received there Kobe copies yet? Very curious about these.
  10. Has anyone purchased a set of replica Kobe's yet? Quite curious on the quality of them.
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