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  1. TopGear Journo drives and reflects on the 240Z at 50 - Current UK TopGear online review on a classic, quote: "A compelling modern classic. Useable and huge fun, but doesn't feel fragile." Celebrating Zed's 50th, fairly complimentary...verdict finishes off: "It's just as appealing now as when it conquered the world 50 years ago. Happy birthday Zed." Gives it Overall Verdict 8/10. Cheers, Rod.
  2. The latest edition of UNIQUECARS (has the Barbados Green SLR5000 on the cover) has a very nice 17 page all clout article covering the 50th anniversary of the Zed. Features two very nicely sorted restored 240Z’s - Silver ‘73 owned by Brad Twyning and Green early ‘70 owned by John Wakeling (Forum members?). Lovely examples in my humble opinion. Really nice photography in my humble opinion and knowledgeable write ups, usual ‘Checklist Stuff” covering: Body & Chasiss. Engine & Transmission. Suspension & Brakes. Interior & Electrics. Also good little side articles with photo’s of Zed bits and pieces. Also 4 pages of ‘ZEDFEST 2019’ Photos. Cheers, Rod.
  3. Good evening Jeff, Sorry to hear of your skiing accident and your subsequent shoulder surgery. I know my shoulder surgery from a few years back was a long road to recovery so I can empathize with you somewhat on that one...and the delay with your Zed. No unfortunately I don't have your contact details anymore Jeff, so if you could send them to me that would be appreciated. Cheers, Rod.
  4. Hi Chris and Jeff - I'm going to be over in Canberra next week from the 28th October to the 10/11th November staying in Nicholls once again. It would be great to catch up with you guys for a chat and to see your fantastic progress on your 240 Jeff. So I was just wondering if you guys or any other Canberra Zedders are possibly free at any stage over that period - be nice to touch base? Regards, Rod.
  5. Sorry about the size of the ad!!! Thought i'd downsized it...
  6. Small Update to this story... Scrounging around further still in an old '80's scrap photo album, I got a big suprise when I found the original ad for my first Zed (the 2+2) that I had cut out and kept, around the time of purchase if i remember... Interestigly I saw 'my' old car several years later parked up on a verge maybe 5kms or less from my old home (the 1st photo) and it looked very sad and in pretty poor/abused condition (putting it mildly!)...When I went to apply for Private Western Australian Number Plates for the second Zed, I thought I'd try for my old 'XPZ 484' number plates if by chance, they had become available - they had not. Don't know if this car survived or not? Dave - in answer to your question: I was with Skywest Airlines (originally Skywest Jet Charter). Back then mainly Turboprops and Business Jets. Long time out of the industry now but still passionate about aviation stuff modern and old. Love the 'Warbird Shows' you guys over in the Eastern States get. Flares - long time gone and being honest, even if I still had them mothballed away and tried to fit into them...ummm I'd have one very squeaky voice!!! I was fortunate the current car had two careful Lady owners (documented) from new for the first 30 odd years. Regards, Rod.
  7. Father and Son photo's that tell a bit of a story...the connection being that by coincidence we were both 21 years old when these two respective photo's were taken some 38 years apart. I was pretty chuffed when last year my sister found a long lost (and forgotten!) photo of me and my first Zed taken in late 1981 ('77 2+2 manual). Great days back then - lot's of hair, girls and flared jeans - sadly the hair has gone these days! 1979: My first year out of school, I ventured up to the northwest of WA for a 'Gap Year' working for a mining company...anyways one afternoon shift one of my co-workers rocked up in a lovely Bronze '76 260Z 2 seater...got to go for a few fast rides in this car and needlesss to say as an 18 year old I was very impressed and dreamed of maybe owning one someday... 1980: Commenced an apprenticeship out at Perth Airport. One day not long after I started, one of the Pilots asked if he could park his car in the hangar as he would be away for a few days on a charter flight and did not want to leave his car outside in unsecured parking... so what does this pilot rock up with...none other than an immaculate white 240Z. I at least got the "privilege" of starting it up and shifting it around the hangar to make way for aircraft coming in and out for maintenance . I certainly had the Zed bug by now. 1981: I was determined to buy one and this lovely '77 2+2 manual example came up for sale. From memory I think it had sold new mid 1978 and hence still virtually felt, smelt and drove like a brand new Zed. Being an apprentice I got a "lot of stick" for rolling up in a "red sports car"...however the Zed was being secretly admired unbeknown to me! By the end of that year the Chief Engineer had also bought a White '76 2+2 manual and soon after this one of the other Engineers on my shift bought a 'Bronze '76 260Z manual. On a couple of rare occasions at work we we did manage to have all 3 or 4 Zeds angle parked next to other...good fun for a bit of a stir/laugh back then. Usual familiar story...study, careers, travel, family and time marches on as do changing priorities. The Zed was sold on after a few years...however I never lost my passion for them and always wanted to get back into Zeds again but realistically did not think it would happen...I think a familiar story for a few of us on this forum? 2019: Anways fast forward to the second photo taken back around June 2019 and my son Jeremy had just mastered the art of driving a manual and this was his first solo drive of my second 260 ('77 manual) I had purchased for my 50th (with encouragement from my lovely wife)...anyhows he shares the Zed passion and we now share a lot of driving and great Father and Son bonding as a result! Hopefully he will be the next custodian of this great little car...coincidentally he's also training (Apprenticeship) as an Aircraft Maintenace Engineer. Regards, Rod.
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