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  1. Father and Son photo's that tell a bit of a story...the connection being that by coincidence we were both 21 years old when these two respective photo's were taken some 38 years apart. I was pretty chuffed when last year my sister found a long lost (and forgotten!) photo of me and my first Zed taken in late 1981 ('77 2+2 manual). Great days back then - lot's of hair, girls and flared jeans - sadly the hair has gone these days! 1979: My first year out of school, I ventured up to the northwest of WA for a 'Gap Year' working for a mining company...anyways one afternoon shift one of my co-workers rocked up in a lovely Bronze '76 260Z 2 seater...got to go for a few fast rides in this car and needlesss to say as an 18 year old I was very impressed and dreamed of maybe owning one someday... 1980: Commenced an apprenticeship out at Perth Airport. One day not long after I started, one of the Pilots asked if he could park his car in the hangar as he would be away for a few days on a charter flight and did not want to leave his car outside in unsecured parking... so what does this pilot rock up with...none other than an immaculate white 240Z. I at least got the "privilege" of starting it up and shifting it around the hangar to make way for aircraft coming in and out for maintenance . I certainly had the Zed bug by now. 1981: I was determined to buy one and this lovely '77 2+2 manual example came up for sale. From memory I think it had sold new mid 1978 and hence still virtually felt, smelt and drove like a brand new Zed. Being an apprentice I got a "lot of stick" for rolling up in a "red sports car"...however the Zed was being secretly admired unbeknown to me! By the end of that year the Chief Engineer had also bought a White '76 2+2 manual and soon after this one of the other Engineers on my shift bought a 'Bronze '76 260Z manual. On a couple of rare occasions at work we we did manage to have all 3 or 4 Zeds angle parked next to other...good fun for a bit of a stir/laugh back then. Usual familiar story...study, careers, travel, family and time marches on as do changing priorities. The Zed was sold on after a few years...however I never lost my passion for them and always wanted to get back into Zeds again but realistically did not think it would happen...I think a familiar story for a few of us on this forum? 2019: Anways fast forward to the second photo taken back around June 2019 and my son Jeremy had just mastered the art of driving a manual and this was his first solo drive of my second 260 ('77 manual) I had purchased for my 50th (with encouragement from my lovely wife)...anyhows he shares the Zed passion and we now share a lot of driving and great Father and Son bonding as a result! Hopefully he will be the next custodian of this great little car...coincidentally he's also training (Apprenticeship) as an Aircraft Maintenace Engineer. Regards, Rod.
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