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  1. Hi all Really looking forward to getting this project moving and getting all of your input and advice along the way! Names Ryan, I have been a lurker on here for a very many years now. I am the long time owner of a 1971 240z here in Perth. Vin is HS30-001063 I have owned the car for 10 years. When I bought the car it was in rough condition, tried to get it running to enjoy for a while but the previous owner had neglected it too much. So I decided not to waste money or time and wait for a ground up resto. Then it took me 8 years to find a decent space to start the resto (my dads new shed). I started the tear down in late 2018 but then had my son so it went on the back burner for another 1.5 years. Now I am almost finished the tear down and excited to get some real work done. Unfortunately I have another baby due in November! Damn! Lol I have also started a YouTube channel to document the restoration. At the moment they’re pretty boring dismantle videos but I plan to make them better quality and more exciting in the future. Your support would mean the world to me! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZhre0vm7sL2Kl7hUQFVkg About the car: History unknown, bought it from a very energetic guy who pretty much ran it into the ground, was completely neglected and unmaintained. I knew I wanted to do a full restomod however, so this was not an issue for me. Car has a L20 engine and may be an originally automatic gearbox, hence the L20 swap and that the gear lever barely lines up with the hole in the trans tunnel. L20 will be thrown in the bin. Car is green originally and has had a terrible quality respray. Car had a relatively minor front end collsion, bent sugar scoop/front bumper support and some light repairs to radiator support Basically everything on the car needs replacing/restoration, nothing is reusable in a sense I can just rebolt it on the restored car. Plans for the car: Due to the car not having the original engine I see no point in going back to stock original. may as well create the car I want, so many things will not be stock - Color change, unsure as to color just yet but leaning toward original datsun white or a pearl white - L28 stroked - Triple Weber set up but thinking of keeping SU's initially to save some $$$ - BC Coilovers, techno toy tuning 3 point strut brace in front and 3 point strut brace in rear - Initially all suspension components will be restores and reused to save $$$ (however I havent ruled out installing some pretty techno toy tuning/ apex engineering components at a later date) - Brake upgrade to front and disc upgrade to rear. not going big brakes as I dont like big rims on the 240z - Custom interior - I am an upholsterer by trade and am going to be doing the interior myself and upgrading it. Think Alcantara and leather - wheels are undecided but something of the period, watanabes/rotas etc - Fender Mirrors for that classic japanese sports car look - Majority of the chrome will be painted in a satin black, I am not a chrome fan unfortunately.... (I know this will upset many of you)
  2. Dear Z lovers and Brisbane Z friends I am writing today as I need help. My family has fallen on hard times, and we are struggling to make ends meet. I am losing my business and we have two family members who have fallen il. Last year I purchased a 240z from a gentleman up the coast of Queensland. The240z is my dream car, I'll never forget the day my father came home with one the first time, I was in love, I don't think I have ever seen anything more beautiful in my life, and that's counting my wedding day and the birth of my two children. I had all the intension of stripping it down and bring it back to its former glory. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances I will need to sell the car urgently. The frame is in great condition with very little rust and 80% of the parts including the engine and other bits, matching serial numbers on car and the engine. The Z is fully stripped down and currently on a rotisserie. It's in the shop where it was on its way to getting resurrected, after $5000 worth of work my life has changed and I can no longer give $$ towards this project. One man's loss is another's gain. I can’t part out; I simply don’t have the time. I am looking for someone who is willing to do the following. Buy this project off me for cents on the $ Collect the parts from my house where it was stripped. Collect the car from the workshop and return the rotisserie. Carry on from where I left of and send me a picture one day when it’s done. I bought the car for $17,000 with all its paperwork from North coast moto classics, spent countless hours stripping it down and at the workshop I spent $5000 to date for media blasting and other early-stage work. The shop owner says for $3000, he will finish the blasting and 2 coats of poxy Please feel free to reach out, if you a serious please PM me, if you know someone looking to start a project, please let them know. If you are not from Brisbane but willing to arrange all the logistics, I am happy to do what I can. If you want to view the car, it's in north Brisbane, let me know and I can arrange. Send me your offer via pm. Thanks ahead if time to those that are going to help on this matter, this will go a long way to restoring my life. IMG_5239.HEIC IMG_5237.HEIC IMG_5179.HEIC IMG_5182.HEIC IMG_5178.HEIC IMG_5153.HEIC IMG_5175.HEIC IMG_5242.HEIC IMG_5244.HEIC 68689288192__DE646AA8-7E37-44CF-B984-863E5FF796A0.heic IMG_5150.heic IMG_5151.heic
  3. Here is my project journal for the restoration of my 73 Datsun 240z. The car was bought by my dad in 1974. The original owner bought it only to find out that his partner was pregnant with his first child. Needless to say, the 2 seater had to go. My dad was the lucky new owner and bought it with less than 1000miles on the clock. My dad and his 240z were inseparable. So much so, that my brothers and sister more or less grew up in that car. He loved that car from the first time he drove it and he still talks about it. It was his pride and joy and almost became a friend he could journey with and rely on. As time went by though, it got a bit sad as family and life got in the way. It slowly became a bit unreliable and it was stored. However, when I was 16 the car had a very light fix up (to a mechanically drivable state) and a new coat of paint applied to the outside (external only) and it was re-registered. I drove the car for 10 years. I learned to love and rely on the z the same way that my dad did. It became a friend and companion who it just loved having around and going on adventures with. It taught me how to drive...I swear it has a soul. This went on for quite some time until I moved to Canberra and the Canberra winters got the best of it and it was retired into a garage...until now. So after much research and deliberation, I put myself on the waiting list for Classic Auto Fabrications. I wanted Locky Fowler to do this project. I spoke to many people but I just wasn’t convinced that they were right for this job. I had always dreamt of doing the z up and so I wanted the right person with the credibility and the passion to do the job and do the job well. I didn’t want to simply apply makeup to a pig. So here we are, the car is now down with Locky and the restoration has begun. As a side note, so far, Locky has been fantastic. The guy is pedantic and fastidious and he doesn’t miss a trick. I have no regrets about having him at the helm of the project and les Collins racing rebuilding the engine, gearbox and diff. This is one mean team I’ve got on this job. So I hope my pride and joy, that means so much to me and my dad, brings you all joy as you follow this journey with us. i have named the car ‘darby’ in honour of him. I owe him so much. Be safe, thank you, Jon
  4. I've finally graduated out of the bus brigade (refer my other project, which is now a parts car)! I bought this daily driven car off of Datsfreak. Funny enough I bought his brother's 260Z 2+2 ex-daily too. Small world! It's number 629 which I think is reasonably low for a 240? It is pretty stock apart from the mega cool Rota RBs and exhaust. It did have a full resto in the 90's though (thanks Datsfreak for the car history!). I cleaned it up on the weekend and took some photos with the digi SLR... I haven't even owed the car a week and I already have a formal in November to go to. It seems I've become the 'car guy' of the neighbourhood . There is a few maintanence things that need to be attended too like the charging system is on its way out, new ball joints on the steering arms and attention to the steering column combination switch (sticking indicator cost me a $60 fine for 'failing to indicate'!). Plans include: respray in the same red add the ZG flares that I bought for the 2+2 as well as a BRE style spoiler wider wheels to go under the flares (was thinking simmons FR17s) height adjustable coil-overs (Datsfreak threw in some nice eibach springs, just need a sleeving kit) bigger brakes front and rear (Datsfreak threw in a 15/16 MC) finally build that dang L31 I've been collecting parts for! (I have both F54 and N42 blocks now, N42 courteous of Datsfreak) speedhut gauge faces (because I can barely read the stock gauges as is! ) fixed back seats and ADR 4 point harnesses half cage (way down the track!) suspension work, ie harder bushes, swaybars, etc I would like to take this opportunity to thank Datsfreak for all his help! Good luck with the R33. The end use of this car will be mainly Sunday driving and Sunday track driving .
  5. 432 Style Exhaust - Vertical Twin Tip - Brands and Where To Buy Fujitsubo Manifold Back Exhaust System (Manifold also available) Part Num: 750-15411 Manufacturer Website: https://www.fujitsubo.co.jp/prods/detail/000000000000000979/00000000000000002324/00000546 Purchase RHD Japan - https://www.rhdjapan.com/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-muffler-s30-gs30-hs30-hs30h.html White Head Performance - https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-system-datsun-240z-260z-280z-s30/ Nengun - https://www.nengun.com/fujitsubo/legalis-r-exhaust-system Spirit Garage Complete Exhaust Manufacturer Website: http://www.spiritgarage.com/product/138 Purchase Spirit Garage - direct through manufacturer (as above) RHD Japan - https://www.rhdjapan.com/spirit-garage-stainless-dual-muffler-exhaust-manifold-header-set-48mm-240zg-s30-s31.html Z Story Can purchase individual exhaust components separately (ie muffler / manifold / exhaust lines and cat) Direct Purchase From Manufacturer: http://www.datsun-zstory.com/echappements/mufflers-silencers/silencers-jdm-muffler/ Price List (as of 2017): http://www.datsun-zstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/TarifsWORLD.pdf Abarth Able to purchase separate components (ie muffler or manifold back system) Direct Purchase From Manufacturer: http://www.abarth-exhausts.com/datsun/ After some personal research trying to find the style of exhaust I was after, I thought I would share my findings. If anyone knows of other similar styles, please post below.
  6. 240z rust free rolling shell All rust completely removed New chassis rails, strengthen, lengthen and dog legs up towards the rear All new bushes Tunnel widen Rear tyre well cut out and new floor replaced ready for a fuel cell RB26 + gear box out of a R32. i drove the car before it was pulled out. Motor runs well. $25,000- Chee-ky Dunlop: 0422 910 881 (for all serious inquires only) inspections welcome.
  7. Hi Guys, I've been starting to put my own car back together, and found that all 4 assy's I have (or can currently find) are heat damaged, warped or otherwise slightly butchered. So I've done the look around to see what I can buy from US or overseas, and not too much has presented itself, except some repros which are not exactly well priced. Unless someone here is sitting on a NOS item they would gladly part with?? (worth a try). Im just at ends as even some of the nicest cars have wonky, distorted and curved units. I've looked at making them (the covers) by fabricating from aluminium sheet, metal finished and then can either be painted or powdercoated in a either a fine texture black or Grey per the factory tail-light surround/finisher panels (colours discussed in another thread (link HERE). These will screw on to the STD bulb holder/backing. Some points some may ask, -the lenses and cutouts to be covered with clear acrylic. -The metal light diffusers/shades can be just cut into the cover blank, retaining the 'minimalist' light they output anyhow. -The open corners will be welded and metal finished. Will look nice and rounded just like the folds. -the rib plates, (shown in red in last pic) although not required in aluminium can/will be put in, -Last pic with bodgy paint'o'shop, complements to image owners. Gauging interest at this stage, for additional quantities, but I am making these for myself, first and foremost. I'm still yet to proto-type them but will update with taste'bud wetter pics as it progresses. as these items are small, (compared to rails etc) there may be a big batch done, and only partially finished, awaiting final fab & finishing. My reasons for not deleting and trying to obtain something better than a repro plastic one or 3d plastic printed which will have the same issues, or may already be wonky-donkey from new, as I have seen some NOS units looking pre-warped and curved, which leads me to believe they never really fit that well out of the box. Reply in this post with any comments or feedback. cheers Nat0
  8. Hi Gents, I have an early model hatch on my 73 240 (see pics). It appears to be in good condition and I only want to remove it because I want to put a hatch that is true to its age on. Was going to use it but…… I am hoping someone has a hatch (in the reverse situation) that we could work out a trade arrangement with - but will look to sell it if not. Please note that these photos are from a year or so ago and prior to unbolting from car. It is now wrapped up and stored away, however, I will get out and take better photos should someone have interest. My number is 0400495366. Thanks Cliff
  9. Hi guys, got 2 twin su’s for sale first one is a dome top twin su, looks to be 240z but can’t find any markings saying it’s a hitachi. Maybe British? Off a Alpha or Rover? Plus the top looks abit short to be hitachi. Comes on a L6 manifold. Unknown condition. Butterfly and linkages moves freely. I’m after $300, offers welcome. second one is a 260z flat top twin su emissions type. Unknown condition. Butterfly and lingakes move freely. Got all the hoses for it. I’m after $200 for this one, or offers Pictures attaches below pick up south east vic cheers
  10. With the decision to have the engine sorted out and triples fitted the current carb setup is for sale to help fund the project. Car was running with the current setup before being parked 18months ago and currently having trouble starting again. Dirty and could do with a clean but complete along with filters that are missing from picture. Can even come with the super custom heatsheild if desired lol. Totally custom one of a kind. Was thinking $400 but not sure on the whole market for these so happy to talk price up or down lol. Pickup in hornsby area NSW.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post happy for this to be moved. I am about to get started on a fix up of the old girl, has't been run for over 15 years, so today I ZedStart.mp4 took off the rocker cover and was pleasantly surprised how clean it was there even was a small amount of oil on the cam shaft. Using a borescope in each cylinder I couldn't see any corrosion I could even see the hone marks from when it was rebuilt previously. Anyway i poured some new oil over the cam, removed the spark plugs and gave each cylinder a small squirt of oil. spun the engine over by hand, then on the starter with no plugs installed. Re-installed the spark plugs, poured some fuel into each carb. Turned the key an she fired straight up. before i put her in storage i drained the oil and put in fresh oil and new filter, drained the radiator and i think i put a little bit of oil in each cylinder.
  12. Hey Guys Just had a look in this section but I couldn't find anything with people having issues with fitting their spindle pins in. So I have had the rear control arms painted, struts powder coated and the pins brass enamel coted. We tried to fiddle around and slide the pins in a little but they wouldn't go in both the struts or the control arms. Could the coating be the issue or ar they generally difficult to get in. Just worried they wont go in at all on Monday and then we would need to sandblast the pins to see if they fit. Anyone have a issue with theirs Cheers Youhan
  13. 1971 Datsun 240z with CAMS Group Sc Logbook FOR SALE Fast, reliable car developed over many years of racing, very straight, and completely rust free. Ready to race in group s, or would make a great tarmac rally car. Given the condition of the body, it would also make a great restorer (though not nearly as fun!). Selling the old girl will be like taking a piece of my heart out, but I haven’t driven it once since the kids came along, and I want someone else to take over and hopefully get as much fun out of it as I’ve had. Rest assured I’ll be cheering you on from the other side of the fence. Lots of old timesheets, race results, and photos to show that it raced up the front both wet and dry. There’s still a bit of room for improvement if you want to make it even quicker, but I’ll only give those secrets to the buyer! I wouldn’t dare tallying up how much time and money has been invested in this car - it would make my eyes water, but here’s list of a few bits that are in it. Aluminium roll cage Racetech carbon fibre head restraint seat V8 supercar pedal box Custom springs and shocks Race engine with custom cold air box Gearbox has a couple of shortened ratios Custom radiator Heaps of work done on the brakes (this is key for a group s 240z) Plastic glass Brand new windscreen (it had a chip so I’ve replaced it) Brand new battery Short steering arms for quickened steering Much more - too many things to list…. A list of spares as long as your arm including; 3 sets of wheels including 1 set of minilites It has both a straight through exhaust and a muffler which are easily changed Engines (including a rare fresh head ready for porting) Camshafts (including a very wild 76 degree) Brake drums Suspension Doors You name it, I’ve got it…. Come and have a look at it, and we can start it up and scare the neighbours Happy to negotiate a package of car and some or all spares - car is in Cheltenham, VIC Michael - zero four two five, one four one, zero four zero
  14. Hi guys, Im in the process of doing an rb25 swap into my 240z and was wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes modified oil sumps for this swap so I can buy. I noticed a guy named Nat0 was making them but I havent been able to get in contact with him. does anyone have his details so I can contact him or know of anyone else who does these? thanks Jezz
  15. Hey guys. Unsure how I will go with this search but need a complete set of original belts for a 1973 240z including buckles as well. I will be getting the belts reconditioned so if anybody has a set laying around I am keen to grab them and pay postage. Cheers
  16. Need a passenger side front guard... preferably no holes
  17. Hi guys, I have 2 cars that have cloth seats: 1970 240z 1973 240z I'm wondering if these were original or not? The attached pictures show seats for my 1970 &1973 240Z. If these were original equipment is there anyone that does new seat covers in cloth? I've talked to a few people who believe cloth was original. thanks John
  18. Looking for a 240z airbox for my carburetors Will pay for shipping Australia wide Located in 3078 VIC You can contact me via PM or 0401338094
  19. Looking for original 240z carburetors complete set up with fuel rail, air box, manifold etc. Located in VIC, Alphington 3078 but happy to pay postage My number is 0401 338 094 as I may not see a message on the forum
  20. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to trade my 2006 VW Golf 2.0TDI, which is in great nick, for a 240z or 260z 2 seat. Now Im not looking for a pristine car as I understand that is a completely unreasonable trade. What I am looking for is a car that needs some work but can be run for my small trips to uni and around my suburb. I could make some cash adjustments but would like to make a straight trade if possible. I am of course not fussy about what is under the hood as long as it runs ok. This will be an ongoing project for my dad and I to work on together. I was looking to get one 5 or so years ago but just didn't have the assets. Over the last few years Ive watched the price of the car unfortunately grow just as fast if not faster than my assets so I thought I'd chuck up this post to see if anyone was interested and try my luck. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do or is/knows anyone looking for a fuel efficient comfortable car that is relatively swift when it needs to be then I'd love to hear from you. Cheers in advance, Jack P.s: I'd also be super interested in hearing anyones interesting stories about their first rebuilds/restos when they were younger!
  21. FS: Pair of rear quarter windows suit 240Z, 260Z: Excellent condition, stainless trim & glass unmarked. Asking $150 the pair - pick up from Calamvale 4116. Postage interstate extra - they weigh about 3kg. PM me your address & I'll check postage cost. 240Z/260Z rear Quarter Windows $150 Also: 1 x Rear number plate mounting bracket $25 - pick up from Calamvale 4116 or request postage cost to your address. 240Z Rear Number Plate Mounting Bracket $25
  22. Hi all, I am very new to this forum (joined today), and Im seeking advice on a replacement compressor for my 240z with factory delivered aircon. The auto electrician I am using to overhaul the aircon says that the original compressor brand/type can no longer be sourced. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand/type of compressor that could be used as a replacement (noting mounting points would need to be the same). Regards Lance
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