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  1. NickF

    What Hoses needed

    Do I need the lower hose in emission set for the water heating for carbs or can that be blanked off. Thanks
  2. I know this sounds silly but Ive seen small ramekins used Not ceramic Heaps of sizes and strangely don look too bad
  3. NickF

    What Hoses needed

    Thanks for your input a bit confused now one of these for the vacuum hose slide in a coat hanger wire bend to shape and leave wire in? so that goes from booster to manifold 1,2 radiator hoses 6 little reducer under carbs 3,8,9,7 heater hoses 5 vacuum hose 4 valve cover breather 10 vacuum hose 11 bypass so I don't need the vacuum hose and what others Any one got any old wire hose clamps willing to sell??? Thanks again for your help Nick
  4. NickF

    What Hoses needed

    I have to replace all engine bay hoses can get a full set but has emission hoses that I don't need. So which are the hoses for early 240Z Also are the fuel hoses plain rubber? Also asked earlier after pics of decals and where to place. Thank you
  5. Thanks I guess some type of dense foam will be the way to go?, the bar is screwed on at one end and welded the other. have unscrewed but it seems not to want to move should I force it then compress foam or will I distort the bar?
  6. you could always cut it out and put a sunroof in it
  7. The foam? between the bar and the door skin has broken down now there is a void between the two Also the foam that sits on the bracket on the air tube Whats best to use
  8. I have to get one as mine has cracked don't think its possible to repair
  9. Horn ring looks same as original Wondering about bolts the some originals have an indentation in them and some a cross for screw driver do the bonnet hinge bolts have these?
  10. NickF

    Hinge help

    On removing the doors noticed that the springs were missing and that one of the pins was broken this was the same on both doors I assume that pin A should be longer and push in to B The drivers door is subtly different to passenger side the pin is peened over? Also should there be a spacer between A and B? Thanks
  11. NickF

    Lower door hinges

    After hinges for both sides or just the springs Happy with damaged broken or missing bits as long as they have springs Thanks
  12. Is that US tax? I thought all goods to Australia were taxed GST and import duty.
  13. I have . Put a piece of copper behind and weld away works pretty good not sure about welding to rust converter?
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