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  1. Thanks Going to try printing some, the original on car are quite hard but the new ones will have to be flexible and split so can get on pipe
  2. I want to replace these insulators but they must have been fitted prior to the pipes being flared? When I remove the clamps they become distorted and are tricky to retain the correct shape then the old insulators have to be cut off. Any suggestions as how to go about this as I may be over thinking the whole process. Nick
  3. Would like to acknowledge the author of this so hope they don't minds30_Hardware_pictures.pdf Think it was someone on classic z cars
  4. A few bits sorted over last couple of months Rebuilt drivers side hinges, repaired top of screen surround drivers side, cut out rust and repaired both doors Removed a 2.0lt bucket of body filler from doors and removed most of the dents, used a shrinking disc on high spots works pretty well welded up holes that had been left from slide hammer. My welding is pretty ugly but seem to be solid think I might try .06mm easier on thin metal???
  5. Using lead is straight forward make sure area is clean apply tinning paste heat and wipe ,heat metal and lead stick and push in place when covered melt lead and smooth with hard wood paddle then file to shape. You can't really go wrong if you do just heat and it all ends up on the floor. Don't inhale fumes or create dust. Nick
  6. Just wondering about corner balancing would you notice on a road car especially with condition of Australian roads?or is done because of the changes made to the suspension?to ensure set up is correct. Thanks Nick
  7. Wonderful great to see you did all that work yourself must be very proud Nick
  8. Arrived today a tight fit on horn ring Just have to make sure of a good adhesion and fit to horn pad Nick
  9. EK Holden ute painted 1996 daily driver not garaged Chassis Black As for "when would you ever remove and repaint your suspension arms? Answer: Never." Guess you are doing it on 211, Wags and Ryan certainly wants to do it!!!
  10. Use chassis black cheap easy and close to original easy to recoat
  11. Try National Nuts and Bolts Geelong have a great range and I have sourced some long nuts from them. Very helpful Nick
  12. Great I'll take one Will pm address Thanks Nick
  13. Absolutely agree. They adapted to satisfy the American market and were very successful. I wrote in haste regret at leisure
  14. The Japanese domestic market is large in the 70's it must have been in the low 100 million and the USA would have been double that? It would be really interesting to know domestic market sales, you often see American sales figures which appear to be in the tens of thousands and the rest of the world in the low thousands, but Japans????
  15. Should be flicking through The Daily Telegraph a cup of Earl Grey and some toast and marmalade at the very moment
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