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  1. Thank you I think you said their doors were quite a good fit too Nick
  2. Hi Is that the all muscle parts bonnet? looks like a good fit for a repro Any problem when fitting Appreciate any feed back Nick
  3. If you think that's bad, to change a turbo on Range rover sport you remove the body
  4. $4567 with inflation about $53000 today so not such a bargain Nick
  5. Thats good to hear that they fit well without too much trouble I see that you fitted one of the repro bonnets and that was ok Thanks for the feed back Nick
  6. Anyone fitted Musclecar parts repro doors yet? It would seem their bonnets were not a bad fit so hopefully the doors will be ok Any feed back regarding bonnet and doors appreciated. Nick
  7. I thought standard 240 weighed in at about 1070Kg?
  8. Original had the chrome surrounds, the ones pictured are fairly easy and not too expensive originals expensive if you can find them and reproductions cost around $500
  9. I think Stanley were also fitted and maybe Toshiba
  10. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C934502 MZR - Home $140000 Why would you buy this, looks nice but what is it??? Feel the same about any of the recreations,continuations,fakes,tributes,pastiches.......
  11. Costs about $100 to widen I think 5.5 was widest available Nick
  12. Not much foam in early seats a thin layer attached to vinyl the rest is horse hair. Basically repro seat material is a long way off original Its areas like this where you have to decide wether you compromise your quest for "originality" Nick
  13. This obscure question regarding early JDM cars is best answered by HS30-H
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