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  1. Hi I have to remove the tank I battled to remove the 3 screws holding the flange to the floor ( is there an easy way to do this as there is hardly any room) Now the filler neck has to come off ( its very hard) seems that heat gun is way to go. Is the filler distorted (how to return to original shape) and do you go through the same process to replace So what's the process? Start at the top and heat and push through or start at the bottom drop the tank heat hose remove from tank then hear and push hose through. Also the little rubber caps that fit over the connections
  2. NickF


  3. NickF

    Door dilemma

    Excellent Thanks for the explanation and picture with the down guide missing is the door catch compromised ? Thanks agin
  4. NickF


    Hi Seem to have mislaid the car keys, have new blanks 1 key for doors, hatch and fuel filler? key for ignition key for glovebox is this right Thanks
  5. NickF

    Door dilemma

    Hi Just started to strip doors and noticed a few peculiarities 1 The rod that actuates the lock button is different pass side is straight and drivers side has a large bend 2 both doors have 2 threaded holes under the door lock but nothing attached 3 inside bottom of door has a bracket with a clip but nothing attached Any ideas
  6. NickF

    Photo please

    Thanks can finish off now
  7. NickF

    Photo please

    that's great thank you looks to be a bit rough from factory would be good to see restored example Nick
  8. NickF

    Photo please

    If anyone can supply a photo of the dogs leg transition to inner wing it would be really helpful it seems obvious but would like to make sure also how the wheel arch is finished Thanks in anticipation Nick
  9. NickF

    Trim Clips

    Seek and ye shall findRear Finisher Panel Bottom Clips for Datsun 240Z (Restocking soon, how – JDM CAR PARTS.webloc a bit pricey
  10. NickF

    Trim Clips

    If I can't get these (where from?) what else can I use to hold rear finisher panel If anyone has any would be great Thanks Nick
  11. Hi can't see pictures in older threads just a little square with? My computer or the site?? Thanks Nick
  12. wheel arch section fitted and that little pocket that is there for an unknown reason welded in followed by the end of the sill panel. pretty ugly but solid as I had to beat the inner sill to make the dogs leg fit, think I over thought this and could have done it easier by making generic sections In the last photo there is a step between the end of the sill and the little pocket an I'm not sure if I have left something out? (I am in awe of people who tackle these cars that are so much worse than this one) Glad that's over and I don't have to do it again on the other
  13. toyota/ford /holden 7" sealed beam $25-40 should be easy to find or more expensive if go H4
  14. After a few days of hammering ,cutting starting over again finally made the repair sections for the passenger side. Amazing what one can achieve with a selection of steel profiles, hammers and determination Seems to fit ok but some of it is guesswork and requires a bit of fettling to make fit ,especially the compound curves of the inner sill panel Remember the good old days when you repaired the outer panel with fibre glass and ignored what was going on underneath how much easier life was in the 1980's (or maybe the late 70's would they have rusted that fast?)
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