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    After a 5 speed insert, looks like about 50 new inserts were distributer about 4 years ago hopefully someone kept their old one Thanks Nick
  2. I know its been a long time any left ???? Thanks Nick if anyone has an original (look like a lot were changed or lost?) I would be prepared to buy providing they were complete thank you
  3. Might find it better to complete body work before considering mechanicals. Many a build falters in body restoration.
  4. I think you will find that 240z is of the lug centric design ie the wheel is supported by the studs A standard steel wheel has a gap of a few mm round the hub Nick
  5. If you go to the bother of buying one drive it that's the point of a car
  6. Perfect not cheap but has the period look and the right size
  7. a couple more you could try 175 will be ok on 6" rim
  8. Those Dunlops are a reworking of classic 1970's sports tyre
  9. Is this what you were after? This was almost attached not a good fit No idea why PO had fitted Nick
  10. Hi Did you order all that stuff from Nissan Australia Local dealer? Thanks Nick
  11. I think it is a total waste of time and money to try to make a 50 year old car look like has just come out of the factory. There is nothing wrong repairing areas of rust and worn out and damaged components, but work should be done sympathetically but why replace an entire floor pan if you can just cut out the rusty area? The most difficult and satisfying restoration is one where it looks like it hasn't been done
  12. You can try this company in Geelong when I spoke to them some time ago they had just rebuilt a set. 0352480666 Cant vouch for them
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