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  1. Hi, One more set left, send me a message with your details. Cheers.
  2. Gav, check your messages. I think the address I have is incorrect. Cheers.
  3. Recently replaced my battery after 10 years and could not find any white body / black top batteries still available. The battery I have been using is a 90D26L as this fits the tray and bracket perfectly without any modifications. I ended installing a Yuasa NS70LX MF that is the same size as 90D26L but all black, had my designer mock up the original N50Z artwork and printed the decals. Looks OK, images attached. I have a couple of overs if anyone wants them, not sure what side the positive terminal should be as I have mine on the right so I can easily disconnect the negative when not
  4. Out of curiosity, has anyone timed the 0-60 for their zed ? I ask as yesterday I had same fun with commodore 6.0 V8 and was only just falling behind as speeds became silly. From a standing start to 100km\h he was not pulling away and I had an advantage to about 60. Based on this, I am assuming that my stroked 2.4 with twins SU's is running low 5's from 0-100. I was impressed. To improve this I am thinking of ITB's but wanted to know what times other people are getting, a 3.1 must be in the 4's ? Cheers.
  5. As a zed owner I am glad to see these kinds of results as the cars have been undervalued for many years. I do feel sorry for the younger guys who will never have the chance to drive a zed, 1600 or 240K coupe through the forest getting air borne over jumps us some of us older members used to do regularly when they worth $1000.00. The higher the value, the further away from 7000rpm we have to drive
  6. I have to say this is one of the best looking zeds I have ever seen. The stance of this car is perfect and the photography is very nice. Talking about photography, is there anyone in Sydney that can take photos like shown in the BAT auction.
  7. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-149/
  8. Quick update. I sent all the relevant information and photos to Enthusiast Motor Insurance and they have agreed to a healthy 6 figure valuation. Very happy about this. Has anyone had to claim through this company and was the process easy or a battle ?
  9. Thanks Gav, haven't heard of this company before now. Shall call them during the week.
  10. I am currently with Shannons and the most they are prepared to offer is $85K, the current problem is that on a global market I would need another $85K to replace what I have. The reason for my post is to see if anyone is using a speciality insurer that allows them to insure for the current market prices. Not that I like to admit but my resto was a 6 figure number and I am glad that my gamble paid off looking at the values for s30's now. I have no plans to ever selling my car but at the same time don't want to lose out if something does happen. The reason you have a zed is t
  11. Happy Easter All. I am wanting to know who is offering real insurance values for 240z's. Gav today has posted another 240 that has sold north of $150K, you need to argue with insurers in Australia to get half this as the agreed value for our cars. There are now quite a number of properly restored zeds in Australia and if these cars were written off or stolen we would be out of pocket tens of thousands to try to replicate the cars we had. This would be almost impossible anyway as I took more than 12 years accumulating NOS parts for my resto that do not exist now. Any assistance w
  12. I found some more Capitol Motors stickers in my drawer following a recent clean up. If anyone wants one let me.
  13. Finally found a new RHD headlight switch and want to covert back to original. I have used an NOS LHD switch and modified the LHD covers to suit RHD. Hard to tell in the attached photo.
  14. Hi All, Does anyone know if you can buy new or repro steering column covers for RHD ? If anyone has a perfect set they are willing to sell I would be open to the idea. My meaning of perfect is like new, no marks, scratches, cracks, discolouration, threaded screw holes. Cheers, Aaron
  15. His showroom looks like what yours will be soon Gavin. Very nice car, am I critical if I say the decal on the door would look 100% better if it was colour matched to the interior ? Best 240 colour combo other than white / black.
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