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  1. This is good advice. Here in the UK we've seen quite a few of the recently imported lower-end-of-the-market USA cars turning out to have dodgy repairs to historic crash damage, and even cut-and-shuts and switched identities. Not good. Be careful!
  2. I preferred it before they 'restored' it a few years ago. I don't think it needed it. They're only original once...
  3. Possibly set that high to deter Goo.net buyers whilst 'getting it out there' that the can o' worms is available for a quieter person-to-person sale to someone who has all the necessary mechanical parts to put together a PS30-spec car, but needs an identity to pin on it. There are more parts floating around than genuine cars, so the chicken-and-egg problem gets solved by the raising from the dead of previously expired identities. This is what you need to watch out for if you are in the market for one of the rarer models, and in particular the S20-engined cars. You want to see continuous hi
  4. I would say it seems to be a late 1973 and up (probably '74) originally L20-engined car with some earlier parts additions, and the identity from another car pinned on it.
  5. In the antiques trade that is an example of what is - being polite - called "a marriage"...
  6. That's classic water-attack damage, and very difficult - if not impossible - to repair safely. Bad news I know, but best to be honest about it.
  7. Just to add, of all the 'Violet Mags' I've seen, very few of them have any cast-in logos or data. You *might* find a date stamp (usually year and month) which was added to them to indicate the start of their safe life in Works use. Some of the other wheels made by Kobe Seiko for Nissan have markings on them, notably the Nissan 'hamburger' mark on the circuit racing wheels and some extra coding on the front face of the OEM 432 wheels, but the Violets not so much. I might pull a Violet mag out of storage and weigh it, for comparison with yours, but yours look like The Real Thing to me
  8. First thing to say is that this particular type of Magnesium (it is very similar to Elektron) is not really all that volatile. Some people talk about Magnesium wheels as though they are Nitro Glycerine, but the Elektron formula is not pure Mg and is quite robust. It won't spontaneously combust if you just look at it a bit funny... However, you really don't want to abuse them and if you take them back to bare metal they will need some protective coating. The best is Alodising (distinct from Anodising), often spelled 'Alodizing', which is common in the aviation field. They can be painted ov
  9. I'm not taking responsibility for it, LOL. Nicknames are nicknames. They don't necessarily add up. Kobe Seiko's Nissan works circuit race 4-spokes with the external bead locks have long been known as 'Gotti Mags' in Japan, despite having nothing at all to do with Gotti. Once it gets into common use it might as well be set in stone. This also is not a 'Violet':
  10. They are Kobe Seiko Nissan works rally wheels, made from Elektron Magnesium, most commonly known as the 'Violet' mags. They are a very similar casting to the Kobe Seiko-manufactured wheels that Nissan commissioned for the 432, but slightly different (including no raised centre for an emblem, and tapered bolt fixing rather than the parallel sleeve nut style of the OEM 432). The 'Violet' nickname comes from the fact that they were often seen on Nissan's 4-cylinder works rally cars of the same name.
  11. No no no. That one has 'had a life' shall we say, but nothing too bad. The one I'm talking about is PS30-00105. Here it is on display at ZCon a few weeks ago:
  12. And that's not even the worst of it. The more the car was taken apart, the more it revealed. And this was what was being described as "immaculate" by the importer. Much of it was rectified and/or mitigated, but it's still half made out of other cars. Apparently it won a prize at ZCON in the USA a couple of weeks ago....
  13. Thing is, I can understand the relative rarity of nice R34 GT-Rs helping to drive prices up (with what, something like 12,000 or less built and very few having escaped radical modification and abuse?) along with it perhaps being seen as one of the *the* Skyline GT-R high points, but these BaT guys are bidding against each other on cars that seem to keep popping out of the woodwork almost every week. There must be a finite supply of 'early' HLS30Us, but there certainly seem to be plenty of them coming to the BaT auctions and a lot of them appear to be being sold by dealers and flippers. Th
  14. Probably will, but I have to say that this BaT phenomenon of high-selling S30s (and it is almost exclusively HLS30Us) seems to be fuelled by a small coterie of self-styled 'Collectors' who are trying to out-Billy-Big-Balls each other. The same few characters seem to be active on almost every auction of similar cars, and when they've rinised the arse out of that particular scene they will probably move onto the next 'up and coming' marque and model. The guy who bumped the bids up by 85k USD in one shot is the same guy who bought the 918 Orange 432 that was recently put back together and so
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