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  1. Kris - Exactly what I was looking for Cheers mate. Gives me about another 20MM ish more room between driver and Wheel. Cheers again Mick.
  2. Hi Fellas. Looking to see if anyone has any Shorter style boss hub/kit recommendations. Looking at the NRG Option but cannot find an exact measurement I'm looking for on there website. ie - Bottom of wheel nut to actual wheel face. Currently have some generic Autotechnica one that sits around 45mm from Bottom of nut to wheel face. Hoping to gain around 20-25mm of space between seat back and wheel. Cannot move seat further back as rollcage hoop is restricting that. I'm aware I could also go for a straighter wheel option if required. Any info would be a great help. Cheers Mick.
  3. Ah I get ya. We chose to leave that gusset attached and simply drill off the air tube, Impressive to see the job done without those in place to assist with lining up Suppose that's the difference of being a specialised shop with an appropriate jig made up. Very nice work. *Note* I Only required one side to be replaced, Not sure if a full clip would slide in over those gussets or not.
  4. Damn that's a lot of work, Especially with Sandblasting happening afterwards. Looking at those 1/4 panels, Little Scary. My 2 seater was in a similar yet, More isolated accident to the passenger side. Did you find the cowl panel to be bent (with firewall still straight) ? or just removed for blasting? Very much looking forward to the journal on this one. Reminds me of Revzed's old bus. They look great Imo.
  5. HKS Surge tank ** the new product was originally crystal-painted, but the paint has stopped after many years. It looks cool as it is, but I think it's okay to paint it with crystals to make it beautiful. Nismo Solex is attached to the image, but the exhibition is only for the surge tank. Please be careful. ** May just be the tank? still cheap. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n1004080359
  6. Ah Matty, All good brother. Happy just to know its not going to pop back up for sale and make me pull out another dashboard I managed to pick a 260z dash up off another member awhile ago, Repaired and flocked as you suggested Gavin, It's okay, But if the opportunity was there to pick up the original dash I couldn't have resisted. Thanks again fellas for getting back to me, And for the alternative suggestions Gav. -Cheers Mick.
  7. Cheers Gavin, Ideally, That specific dash. If not available. it would be great to get some detailed shots of the stitching(is it black?) so I can get someone to reproduce this finish. Relatively closely. I Just received the auction photos from when it was sold in japan and would somewhat like to keep the interior taste as how it was recreated then.
  8. Hey guys, Long shot I know. I was the one who purchased the shell of the Fairlady Z in this post. Repairs have been going Reasonably well. And I'm wondering if the other person that purchased the dash, Has installed it in there Z or is willing to part with it. - Cheers Mick. - Also apologies if this is not the correct way of trying to relocate the part on the forum. - Mick.
  9. Hi guys. Surplus to my needs. as they will not suit my Later floor style Fairlady Z. 2x Suit both left/right. 240z/Early floor 260z. Prefer to sell together. happy to post with covid and all that. Payed 110 each. Sell the pair for 160 incl delivery aus wide. Located Vic. Near Campbellfield. Cheers Mick.
  10. Probably out Mt Buller way, Cars likes a certain ditch out there.
  11. Hey guys, Chasing a 240/260z passenger side front guard. With headlight backing bucket would be ideal. - Sugar scoop not required. Happy to perform rust repairs if price reflects , Will be cut for flares. In metro Melbourne ideally, with covid crap not looking to travel too far. Cheers Mick.
  12. Thats hilarious that there that far off side to side, I'll take them. PM inc
  13. Would it at all be possible to get photos of the Work's? Regards - Mikey.
  14. Sounds awesome mate, attached 2 photos to show the difference between "satin" and matte black. Which is quite a difference indeed! I'm not sure how it would look but am capable and willing to give you a hand mate. Keen on seeing this come to life! Missed out on ash's race car ! Keep me updated mate - Mikey
  15. I Have an odd Amount of spare wheels around, 280zx mags, 1 damaged lip. 14" Hurricanes 1 or 2 also damaged thanks to a Mechanic. and a 260z stockie, All for free if you want to pick them up, im in Coolaroo vic. I Can add in photos if you like before the weekend,
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