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  1. Thanks. So looking for a 260z specific then really. Narrows it down a bit lol
  2. Thankyou for that. So 240z doors fit then ? Helps when looking for parts, still so much to learn about these cars.
  3. Believe its the later style.
  4. Just removed the auto from my 260z as will be going manual. Worked and shifted fine last time i drove it. Pickup hornsby area. Make an offer.
  5. And the engine and slush box are out. Now to clean up and remove as much from the engine bay as possible and get a refresh on the engine.
  6. Standard rust along the bottom but also some bad rust throughout the area where the door hinges are. Repairable but if i can start with a better frame then thats my prefered route.
  7. Looking for a good condition drivers door for my 260z 2 seater. March 1976 model. Preferably sydney area unless your willing to ship. Thanks.
  8. Ok that's a great starting point thanks
  9. Looking at my options for suspension on my 260z and wanted to hear people's thoughts after looking through some of the many forum posts. The car will be road driven mainly with perhaps the occasional track day once a year or so. The car is getting built to a modified factory performance so no crazy engine transplants etc. I want the car to sit nice and low. Most likely be running 15s max 16s and want the springs to be captive. Looking forward to hearing people's suggestions. Thanks for your time and input. As always this forum is a great wealth of information.
  10. So wheres the best place to purchase these strut tops. Needing my suspension on my 260 2 seater sorted.
  11. So im in the market for springs and shocks for my 260 What was the verdict on these? Do they suit lowered aplications? Cheers.
  12. Just the bottom part of the rad support but with significant rust. Same with battery tray area. Will prob see what the panel guys say and what they are willing to do.
  13. Thinking i should probably look into replacing the suspension whilst the front is apart. Not looking at coilovers but some decent shocks and low springs.
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