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  1. Too many to list but if I contact you directly you'll send me the list?
  2. I recall this one sticking around on ebay for a while maybe 18 months or so ago and sold for somewhere in the $4k range?
  3. To me that makes a rebuild worth it. I was getting 84rwkw from an old L24 with a cam and an exhaust. For a fresh L28 you'll get 110rwkw+ and it'll make a huge difference with a lightened flywheel. You'll love it. There's a certain charm about a bone stock zed, but if it's not the original motor you might as well go for it. I love my L28 with triples (I also love my original zed, but it's a different kind of love :P) For a cheap alternative, make sure your diff ratio is fun enough, and if you have a WR box, go to CR and get your flywheel lightened. Will add 30% fun for not much cash at all.
  4. They are! I think around $700usd plus post for good quality repros.
  5. Get your car dyno'd so you understand how much there is to be gained. That'll give you some perspective for... $150??
  6. Is that a Z432 on display? Any more pictures of it?
  7. Yep, definitely the same car. Has changed hands without much advertising in SA both times. Had the same owner for many years (barn stored, inland) south of Adelaide, before selling in about 2016 to another local, who on sold it after a year or so of ownership (for genuine reasons). I didn't know where it went until seeing the ad. Worst case has been in a coastal location for ~2 years.
  8. This is the third owner this car has had in 4 years. I recall it looking very tidy when on show at a Datsun meet about 3 years ago.
  9. Calipers confirmed sold. Other items still available (bump!)
  10. Absolute bargain for factory correct carbs (and the pick of the lot performance wise!)
  11. Will be interesting to see the auction result - can't see a heavily modified (but stock running gear) LHD example achieving anywhere near that asking price...
  12. For Sale: Set of 5 Rota RB-R 16x8 (+10 offset) - I believe they are called hyper black (more like a gunmetal though) with polished lip. Near immaculate condition (the only tiny blemish shown in photo below) 4 x Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 225/50r16 with approx 60% tread 1 x Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 225/50r16 brand new (the spare) $1250 ono postage/courier at buyers cost Pics shown are as fitted to my 240z (with coilover suspension) - doubt these will fit a stock suspension setup on a 240z without the use of spacers. Ps. Wheels retail for $275 each, tyres around $225 each ($2500 total new)
  13. hilux calipers sold pending pmt other items still avail
  14. Also new in packaging, aftermarket 15/16 master cylinder $100 + post
  15. 240z/260z brake booster + Nabco 7/8 master cylinder (from 260z, includes proportioning valves as pictured) $150 ono Hilux s12+8 reconditioned & painted calipers (byo brake pads, rebuild receipt below) $250 ono pickup/delivery in Adelaide CBD on weekdays or can post at buyer's cost. pm or 0403527398 Cheers
  16. BUMP still a bunch of stuff kicking around if people need any of the above.
  17. MSA type complete vinyl kit for sale. Brand new in box. Opened to inspect only - came with another purchase and not required. This kit here: https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic08a02a (retails for $340aud plus post/$390 posted approx) Located Adelaide $300 plus post
  18. I received mine on Friday. They look great. I'm not an expert on wheel manufacturing but the quality seems very high also. By some stroke of luck, they clear my brakes, so at this stage it's unlikely I'll sell them (sorry Gav!). I'll unpack properly and get some better pics when I have some time.
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