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  1. Hey guys, For sale is a "hot" Camtech Camshaft. This cam was purchased because I had plans to modify my L26 however instead went with a more mild approach. The cam has been installed in the engine but had only been rotated by hand so has little markings. Camtech RRP for these are $330+ postage. https://camtechcams.com.au/product/nissan-l-series-6-cylinder-ct58-702/nissan-l-series-6-cylinder-ct58-702-regrind Please read the details on Camtech's website. Selling for $200+ postage
  2. Awsome work Jeff. I was only talking to you 6 or so months back and the car wasnt even painted yet...I will try and sort out a time with you to drop round soon. Unfortunately march/ april is chaos for me but maybe after that.
  3. Try driving around in something a little less powerful first mate. We don't need another statistic added because of a vehicle collision.
  4. Hi guys, Looking for a front diff mount either new or in good condition as mine has collapsed. Hoping to find 1 in Aus before I pay for the postage from America. Thanks
  5. blu260z

    Oil Pump Gaskets

    My local Nissan was able to source them from a dealer in the city. $2.95 each so I grabbed a couple spare. Lucky otherwise they were going to make me buy them as a pack of 10.
  6. blu260z

    Oil Pump Gaskets

    Do you happen to know the part number Lurch ?
  7. blu260z

    Oil Pump Gaskets

    Hi guys, I am having trouble finding the internal oil pump gasket in AUS. All my local parts stores stock the oil pump to timing cover gasket but nothing on the internal gasket. I am hesitant on using any kind of sealer and because I am unsure of the original thickness I dont want to buy gasket paper and mess up the tolerances. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction ?
  8. Hey Jeff not sure how you tested how the valves seal but I have been shown a really easy way. If you flip your head over and drop both exhaust and intake valves in then fill the chamber up with water enough to cover the valves. Grab your air compressor nossle and give it a light blast with air through the exhaust or intake port. Try not to cover 2 much of the port with your hands or the nossle as this will force the valve up rather than letting showing where a small leak is past the valve and seat. Youtube has a few good vids of how this is done. Hope this helps
  9. Awesome I will also be putting on all new timing gear. Hopefully it should be back on hole 1.
  10. Thanks Mike. If it is in fact 107.9mm is it worth shimming the 0.4mm (15 thou) to get it back to factory height ?
  11. Hi guys, can anyone tell me the thickness of an E88 head? My head measures 107.5mm and has just had a fresh decking on both sides just trying to see if it will need cam tower shims. Cheers
  12. Scotty I had my head done recently and lucky no welding had to be done. The head got hardness tested, leakdown test, wash, new valves and seats, Welch plugs, a deck on 3 faces all holes re-tapped a few helicoils put in and an upper engine gasket kit all up $1400 I took my builder 2 cylinder heads and 1 needed to be welded in the same spots as Jeff's. My builder said the heat put in can distort the metal and cause more issues so went with the other.
  13. It is a wonderful product.... just dont go anywhere near the dust. Asbestos is fire resident, has very good thermal properties and doesnt rot or rust like timber or steel. Like with everthing we breathe in it has its dangers.
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