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  1. Update End of July: Paint, Paint, and more paint..... Ok so i'm jumping ahead a little here. I kinda have the next video done, edited and finished, I just hadn't posted it up yet. I did the steering column, front hubs and discs. And that was it.... i was going to move on to rebuilding the rear end, i already shot a lot of footage rebuilding the rear shocks. I repainted the diff at work, i finalized all my rear suspension.... . . Great!.....Until its not..... hmm... i don't actually have anymore jack stands, so i cant pull the rear end off the dolly frame until i get the front on the floor on its wheels, so i can use the front jack stands on the back..... And i cant put the front wheels on until i finish off the front brakes and braided lines... So i took a drive to the paint supplier and bought some candy apple red caliper paint: . The Calipers were painted silver from the manufacturer, so i figured that makes a perfect base coat for a candy red... why not... so that was done and put a few coats of clear over the top too! I took video of doing all this, and i might add and re edit the next video, make it longer, and add fitting calipers, brake lines and getting it on the floor. So yeah, New video coming soon... . And finally, i am the smartest man alive! I had been thinking, i really should get the SWM front diff mount mod done to my car, as my front mount was a little worse for wear. I have everything else in the back end rebuilt and brand new apart from that. I thought about it, but didn't get it when i ordered and picked up all my brake upgrade parts. cause it would be a extra $400 or so. Then when i did inquire about it, was told there would be about a 3 week turn around, and they need my old diff mount. So i go to dads and dig under the house for my rear suspension, pull out the diff mount and what do ya know?..... I got it modified already, must have been when i got my headers, go inside check my recipts, yep, paid for it to be done back in 2015! Guess i had this exact internal argument about it back then too, but just had it done then! Win!! Rudi.
  2. My Zed came with 280zx 6 spoke wheels. All the research i have done says they should be: 14x6 +12 am i reading these marking wrong: In these photo's it looks to be 14x6 -10. So is that a "minus" 10, and the rims are negative offset or is it just a "dash" 10. and they are +10. I have the chance to get a pair of front SSR longchamp's off my friend for dirt cheap. They arn't in the most desirable size. But they are the rims i eventually want to run on the bus. They are 15x7 +11. So if my 280zx rims are +10, no problems, the longchamp's will essentially be 11-12mm wider either side. pretty even. However if the 280zx rims are a negative offset, they will be sunken in 10mm more than they already are, and be about 30mm closer to the shock. I'm running standard 260z strut housings which sit alot lower than a 240z apparently. If that's the case, i might pass on the longchamps and just import a set in the correct size Any clarification gents....
  3. Video update 17- Engine bay brake lines / booster and master cylinder. So in today's episode, i tackle all the lines in the engine bay. Front brake lines, splitter and prop valve, i fit the brake booster and willwood master cylinder too. And i gloss over what products i used to polish everything up. Rudi.
  4. Video Update 16- Front Suspension. I'n this week's video, its all about installing the front end into the car! (edit* I'n? what the hell is that? IN.... its 5:17am leave me alone...) Rudi.
  5. Probably should have worded my last sentence better, but luckily it seems Youhan understood what i was saying anyway. The shop who is mucking him around is the race shop next door to the panel shop. I was not implying the dash doctor was the one giving him grief. Is there no one in Sydney that does dash re-skins? It seems everyone ships em to melbourne. Rudi.
  6. Hey bro dash is looking great! So let me try and understand. The Dash doctor guy said that he didn't need to re-skin the dash? so he would do a quick repair to it and re paint it. But when you got it back it looks like he re skinned it anyway? So what did the repair end up costing? and how much was it to post down there and get back and who did you use for that job? Can't believe that shop is mucking you around so much aye. Rudi.
  7. Video update 15 - Fuel line upgrade, polishing my fingers off! and doing the handbrake! Ok so I've been on a bit of a roll. got the next video ready, some upgraded fuel line, bunch of other stuff, you guys know whats up!
  8. I'm pretty sure when i was trying to google search the product for reviews it bring me here anyway as someone had reviewed it here, might have been you?
  9. NEW VIDEO UPDATE - ROOF HEADLINER AND CORNER TURRET TRIM Ok guys, i finally was able to get the latest video up and finished. today we tackle the corner trimmings and headliner. I also finally got my 3/8th fuel line home, i have to trial fit it, and if its good, take it back and get the AN fittings welded to either end. Rudi.
  10. Update early May I've been pretty busy over the last month, jumping back and forth between different sections of the car. mainly being the under body, the front suspension and the interior roof trim. I have 3 video's nearly finished and ready to go, each between 10-15 minutes long so far, already edited up, with 2 of them held up waiting for final parts to arrive. I have installed the handbrake assembly, and have heaps of footage polishing up the fuel lines, but I've been waiting 4 weeks now, for a subcontractor at work to bend me up a new fuel line. It's a 3/8th line, which will replace the 1/4" tank vent line in the fuel rail bank. and will be capped off for future V8 engine fuel supply needs. My subbie has had it over 1 month, and only just started it last week, and now has issues with not being able to bend the 3/8th line tight enough to match the factory lines, specifically where it loops under the rear chassis rail cross bars at the rear sway bar and mustache bar. I might have to terminate the hard line at the rear sway bar, and go to braided line after that. I'm considering hole sawing my frame rail cross braces and sleeving them, so i can run the braided line straight through it, but i'm not keen in sanding off all my under body stone guard. Second video is doing the roof liner. I have made and fitted one, but am waiting on some vinyl trim to come and some vinyl dye too. Last video is actually finished, and edited up, i got all the front suspension back together and in the car. But i want to post the other video's first, so you don't watch a video of me fitting all the suspension, only for it to be scattered across the floor in a million pieces in the next video. Anyway, video's will be up soon enough, here is the front end fitted: . Rudi.
  11. nice! when did you get the Stagea lol? Is the plan to bring all the cars down to Melbourne?
  12. Mid April Photo Update: Tried to keep busy lately, and got abit done in the garage: took this: And polished it all up until i had no finger prints left. It took me about 5 hours total to do over a weekend, i also painted it with clear engine enamel. Pretty happy with the results: Also tackled the handbrake assembly: And after a wash in the laundry sink, some wire brush action and a lick of paint, came up like new: And pretty much the rest of the front end ready to go on the car. I'm waiting for a brake upgrade to come in at Stuart Willkins, then when i get that, ill chuck all that on. Rudi.
  13. Hey bud!!! I'm really happy that you saw this project through! Hats off to you for fixing all the rust in it. When i went and looked at the car i figured it was only good for the scrap heap. I'm actually really surprised you got her done in the end. I figured when you stopped posting way back... 6 years ago, That you uncovered some terminal problems with the car and just gave up or passed it on. Funnily, enough, in your introduction post, (i just re- read it), and i said i passed on your car to get a "good" 2+2 with no rust.... well... it also took me 7 years to fix all the rust in mine myself, and get her painted. I only had mine finally painted late last year too. I'll be keeping a keen eye on the rest of the build mate! Any more photo's of her painted? And.. oh..... let me rummage through the archives........ i recon i still have some photos of the car when i went to look at it... yep: . . . got heaps more, i think about 30 photo's of it. Man.... this really brightened up my morning seeing this post, really... I'm glad you were able to save her! Rudi.
  14. UPDATE END OF MARCH! - Video 13! New video is edited and done guys! check it out! Rudi.
  15. Update End of March Been Chipping away at the zed slowly but..... I have been preoccupied the last few months going to doctors appointments, and ultrasound appointments, and getting blood tests... Because the wife and i ARE HAVING A BABY!! So to say i have been a little busy is a understatement. We are over the moon, as we had been trying for a little while.... But this has put a heap of stress on me, and my wife, especially with the state of the world the last 3 or 4 weeks. We are both in "essential" industries, so both have to keep working. But i have chronic lung scarring from having Pneumothorax as a premature baby, so i only have about 70% of my lung capacity. I have never made excuses for it, and just got on with my life (clearly) but this Virus has me stressed, and honestly, has really got me depressed the last few weeks. Because if i get it, and it gets into my lungs, I'm gonna have a bad time..... I try all i want to stay safe and keep as isolated as i can, shop when there is minimum traffic and what not, but at work, i have 30 other mechanics around me who aren't really taking it as serious as i am. I feel like alot of my careful planning is in vein. Well that got rather depressing rather fast...... gosh.... But I've tried to stay motivated, and did get started with rebuilding my struts. So i have some new, and semi new KYB excel G struts, some lowered springs, new bump stops and some old but not torn and now nicely cleaned shock boots, throw it all together and here we are! . . So there we go, 1 down, 3 to go... And hopefully more updates to come.... Rudi.
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