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  1. Update 17.10.20 - TOUCHDOWN! So my daughter is 1 month old today! What a blur and whirlwind the last month has been. Firstly, I won a pair of long champs off yahoo auctions Japan to go on the rear end, and had them air freighted over. They were at my door in 3 days. They had tyres on them, but shipping would have doubled to send them with rubber, they were new tyres and a good brand, but they were only a 185 wide tyre stretched over a 7.5 inch rim. i would have needed to buy new proper fitting tyres anyway, so i opted to have the tyres stripped off in japan and just ha
  2. Hell yeah brother! good to see more progress! Is the motor in a running condition yet? Rudi.
  3. Video update 21- Scoring new rims! Fitment issues. So i scored some "new rims" for the Zed. But they didn't fit, so this video goes over all the issues i had, and how i fixed them: Rudi.
  4. R.I.P Rudi Condolences to all my Auszcar family.... Rudi might as well be gone for good... well, for a few months at least! Welcome the new addition to the clan!! Wife had to have a Emergency cesarean, very scary, she lost heaps of blood.... But we made it! Baby Alexis, She was born on 17.9.20! 3.8kg! 4 days old now, this is the first time I've been able to turn on my computer! We got home 2 days ago, mum is recovering well but its slow and i have to do 80% of things for her which is hard. I'll tell ya! I'm learning fast! Bub is doing fine. I had... uhh....
  5. Video Update 20 - Rear end Install Ok so you have seen the photo preview now its time for the video!! Getting the rear end rebuilt and installed! Rudi.
  6. make sure i sneak out into the garage when the wife falls asleep on the couch haha! hows your car travelling now? my build will slow down when it comes to the engine side of things as im still not sure which way i wanna go. I've also hit a snag with the rims, because i fit the big front brakes its kinda stuffed me up with rims fouling the caliper. I'm gonna need a slip on spacer and some extended wheel studs for the rims i want....... more to come about that soon! Rudi.
  7. Update end of August 2020 Had a mammoth weekend last week, spent all of Saturday in the garage and half of Sunday too. Had to get'er done, this kid is due any time! Slammed in the Diff, rear shocks, rear suspension, everything. Its pretty much done. The only thing that held me up was when i went to dad's, i pulled out the rear brakes from under the house to find the rear shoes were pretty much cactus and the drums were scored to all buggery. So during the week i got the shoes re-lined and the drums smoothed out in the lathe and we are read to rock. I plan on fitting
  8. looks like i need to quickly buy a suzuki Vitara then!
  9. looking great! interior turned out top notch! Rudi.
  10. Video update 19: Polishing wheels and fitting brake calipers: In today's episode i fit the calipers, and polish and fit the front wheels, and finally get the front end back on the floor: Rudi.
  11. Video update 18: Front hubs/discs and steering: In today's episode i tackle the steering column, the front hubs and wheel bearings and the front discs! I also redid my original 3 videos, and combined them into 1 video, re editing them. I wasn't too happy with my original 3 or 4 videos, I think my editing and pacing was doing a real disservice to my channel and the work i do. I feel people would watch the first one, not really enjoy it, and not bother with the newer videos, even though i think my production quality has gone up, even if just a little.
  12. Update End of July: Paint, Paint, and more paint..... Ok so i'm jumping ahead a little here. I kinda have the next video done, edited and finished, I just hadn't posted it up yet. I did the steering column, front hubs and discs. And that was it.... i was going to move on to rebuilding the rear end, i already shot a lot of footage rebuilding the rear shocks. I repainted the diff at work, i finalized all my rear suspension.... . Great!.....Until its not..... hmm... i don't actually have anymore jack stands, so i cant pull the rear end off the dolly fra
  13. My Zed came with 280zx 6 spoke wheels. All the research i have done says they should be: 14x6 +12 am i reading these marking wrong: In these photo's it looks to be 14x6 -10. So is that a "minus" 10, and the rims are negative offset or is it just a "dash" 10. and they are +10. I have the chance to get a pair of front SSR longchamp's off my friend for dirt cheap. They arn't in the most desirable size. But they are the rims i eventually want to run on the bus. They are 15x7 +11. So if my 280zx rims are +10, no problems, the longchamp's will essentially be 11-12mm w
  14. Video update 17- Engine bay brake lines / booster and master cylinder. So in today's episode, i tackle all the lines in the engine bay. Front brake lines, splitter and prop valve, i fit the brake booster and willwood master cylinder too. And i gloss over what products i used to polish everything up. Rudi.
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