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  1. Where did you take all your stuff to get plated? and how long did it take? Not really going to go back to the place i took my stuff to. I only had a small painting cup worth of parts, and it took them 6 - 8 weeks to do. Rudi.
  2. Help with any Rubber suppliers needed! I'm currently having issues finding a weatherstrip kit for a 2+2. I have been told its not worth it to buy a coupe kit, then source door rubbers, quarter rubbers and rear hatch/glass rubbers separately to make up what is different. I have contacted Rob at the Z factory in Melbourne? - A lot of what would comprise of a full weather seal kit is on back order and not available, with at least 1 month wait. There also, is not a specific Kit available for a 2+2 through him. I have to buy everything individually. I emailed Precision out of America. They Don't offer a 2+2 kit. they do however have quarter window seals and door seals to suit a 2+2. They refused to make up a 2+2 kit for me, even after telling them the 4 seals to remove and replace with 2+2 variants, even with me giving them part numbers from their own products. They also don't ship internationally and said to go through their vendors. One was Jegs and they didn't show any of the parts i needed online, second was All Z (new Zealand) but i cant find any information about them. Z car Depot Show that they have a specific 2+2 kit for a 280z, looks like using precision seals, I have emailed and book faced them with no reply after 1 week so far. I went to rare spares, they claim they no longer sell seal kids as of last year, that their supplier now sells direct to public. Supplier is Rubber seals Australia, in SA. Richard is a very helpful man over the phone, but essentially he is looking to custom make, cut and mitre the door seals, and i need to give him sized and lengths etc etc and substitute original seals for similar ones etc etc. This might be a option, but I'd rather buy a kit pre made to fit. Tomorrow i will try a place called Old auto rubber in penrith, when i go to see my car. Is there no one anywhere where i can buy a actual 2+2 weatherstrip kit from without having to buy everything individually? Anyone got any other places to try? Pulling my Hair out a little. Nah, i welded up all those holes years ago. i might get a vintage air unit to blow air for a demister but that't it i think. Rudi.
  3. yeah it was on his car that's why LOL! he was working on one of his fairlady's, something about historic audit on one of his cars, had to get checked over the next day. Yours is real close now too bud! wont be long! Rudi.
  4. Should have come down yesterday! i spent about 4 hours at the shop yesterday arvo fitting all my door locks and latches and handles etc etc. Got there at about 3pm, i blinked and it was 7pm! i was just working away by myself in the corner of the workshop oblivious to the world. door handle on. I'll need to remove it later and fit new rubbers as mine were shot. but needed to get the doors to close and lock. took me awhile to remember how this all went back together, as i didn't have photo's on me. I polished it all up best i could with metal polish, and i gave it some grease on all the hinges and joints: Drivers door shuts great. passenger, not so much, i might have the latches on the wrong way around, after i got them plated. I wasn't planning on rebuilding all the doors now, honestly, with the whole car, doors and windows are what i hate doing the most. Too many times with too many cars I would replace a window motor or regulator or glass, and i always seem to have a rattle afterwards. I guess i might as well get it done now. Rudi.
  5. Video Update 12 - The car gets paint! I was able to get some footage of the zed being painted, as i left one of my gopro's with the painter. So here is some footage in my latest video update: Rudi.
  6. Went down on Friday and seen her in person. She has a little bit of peel on the rear quarter, the roof is pretty flat. painter isn't really sure if he wants to cut her back either. I have cut back a car before and even i'm not really keen to do it again. pushed out of the booth and in the workshop: . And seeing sunlight for the first time since May last year: Hanging panels will be done on Monday. Once i get the Damage bill out of the way, I'll see what i'm left with from my savings put away for the car and sort out suspension. In my research: KYB Exel G front: 361002 KYB Exel G REAR (2+2): 361003 Fronts are available from wholesale suspension, as they are the same from a 260z or 240z or whatever. Rears are different because its a 2+2 with a longer shock. Wholesale suspension said fronts are $150 each. $300 for the pair. Rears not available. Summit racing in the US have the rears in stock (and fronts), so do the Z store out of California. Z car store want about $150 AU for a PAIR of shocks. Great! half price! However they looked into postage and the cheapest they could come up with was $275 AUD postage with fex ex International Economy. Essentially doubling the price of the parts!!! Not sure how much summit were to charge me, couldn't figure out how to email them. Spoke to Stuart Willkins Racing, he said "nah rears haven't been available for years!" He said he just puts front shocks in the back with a Spacer he can machine up. if i want KYB im looking at $600 for all 4 and if i want Koni Yellows its about $1000. Who has had experience with both or either shocks? how do they feel and are they durable? Car is a Daily cruiser with *cough* maybe a V8 in it later..... Springs i have the equivalent of the King spring lows, but in Lovells. Rudi.
  7. DISCLAMER: I haven't seen the car in person yet, these photo's came from the painter last night at 9pm. Earliest i can go down is Friday. Nah, Only thing i cant do is paint and trimming. I'll be doing the rest myself Over the moon is a understatement. 4 years of me fixing all the rust at home, 1 and a half years at the paint shop... its been a long long time, here i'm hoping it doesn't take another 5 to finish it! (should be able to smash it now) Wife wasn't home, i was by myself and found myself pacing up and down the hallway like mad as i was messaging the photos to a few of my mates! Was that exited i struggled to sleep last night! I'm going to hold you to that buddy. I want to see sack out, caressing the quarter panel! pumped up to see it on Friday in the flesh!! I gave him my go pro too, to film him painting it. So should make for a nice Youtube video update! Hanging panels were getting done today i think! Rudi.
  8. TODAY, WORD'S ARE NOT NEEDED......... . . Rudi.
  9. Video Update #11 - interior painted: just the video update over the last few months. you guys have seen it basically with the photos. Car will be painted end of the week!!!!!!!! Rudi.
  10. Heh! Which one? My garage at my parents place or at my new house LOL? I'm guessing Marcel mentioned that i painted the walls at my new place to match the car yeah? Big work in progress but here we go, i took the car paint sample to Bunnings and matched it to the wall... sorta... hard to do for a metallic paint, just gets it in one type of light and makes that shade the solid wall paint: Rudi.
  11. Update September - First paint on! So After nearly 1 and a half years the car finally has "some" paint on it.... The Interior has been done in Semi gloss black. They are starting to rub the body down for paint. I gave the painter the deadline, the first time i have. I want the car back by the end of the month. He says it should be painted in the next 2 weeks or so....... . I also got Some of stuff plated at the electroplater. Mainly just the door, bonnet and boot latches and strikers for now. They said it would be 2 weeks, it took 2 months. I asked about getting the bumper bars re chromed and fixed and he said there was a 4 month wait at least..... I might try someone else.... Rudi.
  12. Hey i see... my car haha! Progress is looking good on yours bud! hopefully both our cars will be done soon! Rudi.
  13. Update July 2019 - Bodywork finished! the car is in High Fill! Bodywork is now complete on the car. Minus 1 area i want him to redo if we are being honest. I am not 100% happy with the fuel door to fuel filler hole. When i had that panel made for me, i didn't send down my fuel flap to use as a template, so another 260z was used as a template, and the cars and panels and my flap was a little off. It was never a perfect fit. I must have spent a good couple of days tack welding and building up the edges of the fuel door, and tacking and finger sanding the recess for where the door sits. I got it 95% there and gave up, and said, bah! the painter can fix it. really should have just took the time to make it perfect. So it needs a little meat welded on one corner of the fuel flap and shaped to match the hole recess. it also needs a ever so slight bit of smoothing on the top edge. that will be addressed next week. The car has been in high build for 10 days now. The longer the better. In Epoxy after repair work complete: Its hard to see the repairs needed to fuel door in this photo but trust me they are there. This photo was taken 3 weeks ago. And in High Fill Yesterday: My car might actually be done before Yohan's! what the! Rudi.
  14. great update bud! your welding skills sure have come along! Shame that it looks like Star road was closed when you went there. Shoji is a awesome host, he let my wife and i stay there for a few hours, gave us tea, and even drove us to look at a temple before he dropped us off at the station! Luckily it was lightly raining all day and it was quiet as at his workshop, so he was more than happy to hang with us. Any more photos of Daikoku futo? how did you get there? i wanted to go but it seemed you needed to take a taxi, so i didn't end up going, wish i did! Did you check out UpGarage or superautobachs while you were there? superautobachs is only 1 train stop away from megaweb and all that in the bay area. Rudi.
  15. Update June 2019: Bodywork started on the car! Just a bit of a update on the zed. Painter called me and said he started working on my car, and so far has done 2 weeks worth of work to it. The bodywork is pretty much complete now. Here is a photo i took the first few days he had started on it: He has since finished the body work and re painted the car in epoxy. Next he mentioned he would put the car in High fill and it would sit for a month or 2. But he did also mention he is getting stuck back into JDM TOY's car. I did a update video where you can see 80% of the bodywork done. . I also bought another forester because i'm a idiot, and my wife and i finally bought our own home and moved in 2 months ago, i have ALONG road to go, to deck out my new slightly smaller garage! The shed at my family home is still mine, heck, i built it, but there is no room for the zed there anymore, it will have to come to my new home, but i have no tools here, so that needs to be fixed asap! whoops! So yes! finally work has started on my car after 1 year of waiting patiently at the bodyshop! Rudi.
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