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  1. Thanks mate. Not so much worried about it, just wanted to go back to how it was from factory.
  2. Hi guys Going to be painting my 73 240z in the original factory 918 orange. Just wondering if anyone is across the primer colour and also if the entire underbody stone guard was also painted in orange? Cheers
  3. Did he test the linear ones or the progressive springs? These are the Koni's https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic20b04/23-1032 Don't mind standard ride height. Don't want squishy ride.
  4. Sure thing, but still a fair way off. Body shell about to be painted, then hoping to get it on wheels, but would be closer to end of year or early next before I get the engine / gearbox etc, and get it running.
  5. After trying to source springs and struts in Aus, ended up buying the Eibach springs and adjustable Koni's and some other bits from the US. Would be keen to hear thoughts on how they perform if anyone here's tried this combo.
  6. Does anyone have a 240z engine crossmember spare? Mine has a few dents which can be fixed, but thought I'd check. Sydney or Melbourne preferred.
  7. Hi all Just came across this brake booster exchange with PEC Australia. https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/pec-australia-oem-power-brake-booster-to-fit-nissan-240z-s30-2d-coupe-rwd-part-jv18r-ata-jv18r-1/ Has anyone dealt with them before? They also sell a few other bits for the 240z, such as, master cylinder, clutch cylinder, mech fuel pump, ball joints, etc. via Dick Smith / Kogan. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Peter. Will check them out.
  9. Hi guys, Any recommendations for media / sand blasting in Sydney? Thanks
  10. Hi guys After a transverse link and mounting braces for a 240Z. Either Sydney or Melbourne. Picture attached. Cheers.
  11. Al_240Zee


    Has anyone ordered from http://bumperautomobile.com/? How's the quality and fit?
  12. Hi all Looking for a set of OEM rear control arms. Ideally in Sydney. Cheers
  13. Japanese import Fairlady Z on Carsales, $80K https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1974-nissan-fairlady-z-s30-manual/SSE-AD-6443133/?Cr=0
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