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  1. Targa Great Barrier Reef - siddons have a moment 1:30 mark
  2. Not eBay but looks like repco has top radiator hose for $2 https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/mackay/mackay-radiator-hose-upper/p/A7002122
  3. It has been a long time, almost 3 years to my first post and the car hasn't gone to far since then. We've been renovating of late, not for 3 years and that has shown me how little time i actually have to spend. To recap the past 3 years - the fuel tank was in pretty bad shape internally which i sorted using the tank sealing kit. I took the time to pretty up the outside of it. It took quite a few goes to get it right or to a state that i could live with. It does have rather a large dent which may have happened while it was off the car, possible when attached to the cement mixer. Aft
  4. Glad they are doing a Z. They do end up saying it needs more power, hopefully it’s not another rb build. They do mention it’s a 2 litre 75 model - don’t think so.
  5. In the end, I bought the cheaper kit using the vip code and also got a joggler and punch. Total was over $100 so I could then use joining discount ($20 off over $100) dv20, total of $146. I'll report back on their quality once I've got them The classes are a definite option, I'll have a play first and then decide. Cheers
  6. Not sure if Jeff or Dave have decided, I'll line up pm sent
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll report back once it arrives on quality etc
  8. Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on panel beating kits. I haven't really done panel beating yet but need to start trying and making mistakes. Leaning on the cheaper side but something that is reasonable to start out with. At the moment I quite like the following: resto supplies - $145 + delivery from NZ ebay - $120 TT has the Toledo set for $270 Not sure if relevant but i'll be mainly working on the fuel filler area, like many others before me.
  9. Very interesting topic, just wondering where is the report that calls out the 8 year part? The link doesn't directly call it out. Not doubting I'd just like to read it. I recall seeing a graph on the exponential growth of iPhone sales, electric cars will follow suit as they get cheaper. I'll see if I can find a graph of the current growth and the predictions around it. Being able to pick different engines sounds pretty cool
  10. Mine also arrived today - thanks Gav
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