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  1. Hey Matthew. Have a look at the first and third photos. You can see the wiring feeding into the frame.
  2. @KatoKid your engine makes an appearance at around the 21min mark.
  3. Hve you asked your friendly Lachlans in the area?
  4. #615 $10k. Just add 100 more and drive away. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/486929861935987
  5. Good read Gav. Thanks for all of the effort you've put in over the years.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. You probably received an email already from the Z Store advising you they are available. The new batch of Koni inserts are exclusively sold through the Z Store. Not sure who told you the rears are not available but any local dealer would not have access to these. This might change in the future but as far as I understand it the Z Store developed these in conjunction with Koni and there is an agreement in place for exclusive distribution. There are workarounds to use alternate Koni inserts if you want to use spacers. I priced both options and buying from the
  7. Copy paste from something I wrote a while ago. Standard S30 springs info varies but for my 1970 factory specs were: Front RH at 386mm free length with a spring rate of 83lb Front LH at 373mm free length with a spring rate of 83lb Rear 381mm free length with a spring rate of 104lb King Springs standard replacements for the 240Z are: Front – KDFS-08 at 295mm free length with a spring rate of 185lb Rear – KDRS-09 at 315mm free length with a spring rate of 175lb King Springs lowering springs (30mm lower): Front – KDFL-08 265mm free
  8. So not long till you've fabricated everything then...
  9. Bloody hoarders. You're making it hard for people to restore their cars. :p
  10. Saw that this morning and immediately thought of you. I didn't want to be the one to share it with you.
  11. Felt great to tick off this milestone. 5 years off the ground!
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