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  1. Thanks for the advice. No idea how this happened, but left it overnight and the brakes are quite firm. Perhaps there was some air trapped further up the line which it was able to bleed by itself.
  2. Hi all, Just bleeding my brakes on my 1978 Datsun 260Z as I needed to disconnect the front calipers to service the struts. Having some issues with a soft pedal (wont brake until foot flat to floor). Just trying to eliminate possible issues - am I right in saying that the reservoir for the front calipers on the BMC is not related to the reservoir for the rear drums?? So if I had a air bubble in the front - it could not migrate to the rear lines? I am re-bleeding the entire system regardless from rear to front but keen to get any ideas where the source of the problem could be.
  3. I do not recommend (as you said) any eBay copies. I purchased one and spent more time and money making it fit. You could try a Kameari fibreglass or carbon fibre version https://www.rhdjapan.com/kameari-carbon-rear-spoiler-s30.html You can also purchase direct from the manufacturer in Japan. I presume this is what you meant by rear lip. Who did you purchase the Xenon front lip from?
  4. The issue here is that I was sold the standard height as they match to George's description. Not the lowered which is why they look different. Never trust Gumtree sellers.
  5. Thank you very much, got it sorted. Cheers.
  6. Just need some help identifying which lowering springs go in the front and which in the rear. I purchased a set of King Springs (lowered) second hand for a 260Z and unfortunately the part numbers had rubbed off. Since then I have powder coated red. There are 3 pictures for comparison. The yellow set are King Springs which I was trying to compare them to (pic found online). The first red set are Tokico (denoted by F for Front and R for Rear) (pic also fpubd online) The second red set with no numbers are mine. Which I cannot identify which go where. You will notice that
  7. 1978 Datsun 280Z 2 seater LHD (NOT 280ZX and NOT 2+2) Same shape as 240Z and 260Z Located in Gosford, NSW 2250 Engine: L28 fuel injected Recently had the head serviced Z-Story 432 Style Vertical Tip Exhaust Transmission: 3 speed auto Body: Open door respray and complete rust repair by Resto Pros in Hanwood, NSW many thousands of dollars spent - reciepts on request 432 Style Spoiler New front and rear bumpers (Aus/Japan style) Electrical: Narva RHD replacement headlights (legality for LHD cars) Radio antenna delete Interior: All complete pane
  8. Lloyds Car Auction at Gosford Car Museum 1975 260Z 2+2 Auto https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?kw=260z&smode=0&lid=1801290&pgn=1&pgs=100 Ended up selling for $30,000 Way too much in my opinion... but anyway.
  9. All good. Once I put the whole door back together I remembered where it goes. So I will have to pull it apart again. It goes between the door glass and the metal bracket along the top metal straight edge.
  10. Hi All, Just need some help identifying where this rubber is located. I have a S30 coupe (2 seater) and currently putting it back together after a respray and I am not sure where these rubber bits go. I seem to have labelled everything except these two parts. I have a feeling that they are part of the doors but not sure where. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. They are approx 80cm long Please see attached photo Many thanks, Lachlan
  11. Rota RB Wheels Matt Black Diameter: 15 inch Width: 7 inch Offset: +10 PCD: 4x114.3 Tyres: Yokohama Avid Ascend 195/65R15 Sale is for 4 wheels and tyres for $1000 ono. Description: These came new with my Datsun 280Z which I imported. I estimate I only put on 500km since purchase. Not the style I am after, so I am looking to sell. Located in Griffith NSW, but I occassionally travel to Melbourne and Wagga. I can organise freight too if needed. Text is preferred via O421862O7O
  12. I agree, but I added them for the sake of completeness. They arent very subtle.
  13. 432 Style Exhaust - Vertical Twin Tip - Brands and Where To Buy Fujitsubo Manifold Back Exhaust System (Manifold also available) Part Num: 750-15411 Manufacturer Website: https://www.fujitsubo.co.jp/prods/detail/000000000000000979/00000000000000002324/00000546 Purchase RHD Japan - https://www.rhdjapan.com/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-muffler-s30-gs30-hs30-hs30h.html White Head Performance - https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-system-datsun-240z-260z-280z-s30/ Nengun - https://www.nengun.com/fujitsubo
  14. Additionally, the photo of the engine bay is someone taking a picture of a photo on a computer screen. Totally agree it looks like a pic from Japan with the kei cars in the background. I love how they fitted two seats in the back of a 2 seater. Scam...
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