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  1. Time for some Megasquirt ECU mods! I had configured the MS1 V3 board for ignition only. Some additional work and mods are needed to make it fully armed and operational for EFI. In the process I broke a leg off one of the current resisting devices for the injector banks I will have to buy new ones from DIYautotune as they are hard to get with the hole to mount on the heatsink. Thats really all that is left to complete on the ECU. In summary I've added: second WBO2 sensor input second Nissan optical trigger input fan relay control 2 wire IAC control shifted the launch control input 5V tach output There isn't many standard configurable pins left in the DB37 harness now.....
  2. Porting can fix any flow problem though there is heaps of wall thickness in any SU manifold to work with to improve flow path particularly at cyl 1/2 and 5/6 divisions.
  3. I think mine is an E46. Only match ported supports 201.6rwhp.
  4. So, stock 4 screw round tops can support at least 201.6rwhp. There may be some debate over how the dyno calculates hp but there is a decent increase from the last dyno in hp and torque from essentially a tune to the fuel and ignition. Tune is super rich which could be fixed with different needles like TF but I wanted to get a run in in case QLD requires a lock down to manage the pandemic. I’m super chuffed. When I set out to home build the L28 stroker motor all I wanted as 200RWHP with triple Webers. I think I said that years ago in this build log in fact! To think I could achieve that with the standard carbs is amazing! I’ve attached the 2017 dyno sheet and the 2020 sheet. I can now get back to the ITB EFI swap knowing that it is likely to only make more power!
  5. Use the promo code AUSZCAR for a discount on shirts. Any profit left will be donated to the site. Same designs are at Redbubble which are AU based. https://www.redbubble.com/people/BuiltOnPurpose/
  6. @gav240z haha! I can at least confirm an increase from 170rwhp....
  7. Dyno day! Round tops are back on. Its off to visit the same dynometer I ran back in 2017 for a complete comparison. The car made 170rwhp then. I hope the fixed exhaust, programmable ignition and tuned carbs will make an increase. If I go backwards I will be a sad panda. Results TBA....
  8. I think Whitley Tune have something in development that will work with the strut tower regarding filtration. Running a shorter intake would be out of sync with the intake air harmonics for my engine specs. Probably wouldn’t have a sweet spot. If I have to drive around without filters I will haha
  9. **Gav, I wasn't sure where to post. Please shift if necessary** Hi all. A side hustle of mine is some super dorky T shirt designs in particular the "is my cardio" theme. Designs cover 240Z through to 370Z and a bunch of other models. To help support the site I will donate 50% of profits from any shirt sales. For transparency that is $2.00 USD per shirt sold as a donation and currently no sales I think influenced by the pandemic. From memory shirts ship from US. If this is problematic I could put them up on Redbubble which is AU if people feel more comfortable with this. Links below to the shirts if your interested. Examples attached. https://teespring.com/driving-240z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-260z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-280z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-280zx-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-300zx-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-350z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-370z-cardio-wht
  10. I hope you are all well considering the state of things. Time to see if the ITB setup will fit! Whitley Tune has sent me a 3D printed runner, ITB and trumpet of cylinder 6 to test in the engine. Cylinder 6 was identified as the critical runner in a RHD drive car and it turned out to be. I use the stock battery and I’ll either relocate the battery or change to a smaller more efficient battery. There is about 10mm between the bottom lip of the trumpet and the battery. That’ll affect the performance of cylinder 6. I’m not sure that I will be able dyno the twin SU setup without holding up the EFI build with everything going on. We will have to see. Link to Whitley Tune’s information doc: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5bad6feacfdca44aacb6ee99/5e76ba431ede366a96b6d8ae_WT Sports Injection.pdf
  11. Hey all. Not a lot has progressed on the 240Z. Only a bit more refinement with the ignition map on the Megasquirt really. I’m almost happy enough to hit the same dyno to see if my tweaks pay off. I have had the suggestion of swapping out the SB needles to TF needles which I am contemplating but I want more logged data to inform my choice. With the time away from working on the car it has given me time to think. I’ve decided to convert to EFI. I’m excited to be working with Whitley Tune as a guinea pig for a future ‘Sports Injection’ kit for the L6. I’ve got a 3D printed test runner, throttle body and trumpet to clearance in the car. End to end it’s 410mm based on a third harmonic of approximately 5500 rpm. It is suitable for a second harmonic of approximately 7700rpm but I doubt building a head for that is in my capability but I might swap cam and work a head to be as efficient as possible for the third harmonic. Throttle bodies are Ø50mm straight bore butterfly. Have a look at the video below to get a feel for the runners, they’re a lot bigger in real life. The Megasquirt MS1 is pretty underpowered and can manage two banks of batch fire injectors at best. I will wire a bank of injectors corresponding with the banks of primary runners from my Zstory exhaust manifold using dual WBO2 to run closed loop target AFR maps. Ignition will remain as the 12-1 trigger disc L20ET distributor with MSD 6AL. I may change to COP at a later stage as an experiment but for now, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I am at a cross road for fuel supply. I have a Bosch 050 I had planned to use in conjunction with a surge tank and existing Holley Red as a lift pump. I have seen a few in tank EFI pump options. Has anyone used an aftermarket in tank pump? I’m interested in any experiences. The tank will come out for rehabilitation anyway.
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