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  1. What about a little run before lunch with everyone from the bbq?
  2. I managed to drop in late morning, not a huge turn out probably due to weather but still a good event. Some real high quality cars on display!
  3. Don’t all for sale ads need a price listed?
  4. Can meet near Eastland shopping centre ringwood, or village green in glen waverly.
  5. It’s a maybe for me. Any meet up before driving to it?
  6. Hi Linton, Im interested in the SU manifold and the blue air box. How much are you after for each?
  7. Thanks for posting all the progress Jeff, it must be a big effort doing all the video work as well as the build. Keen to see how it goes on the dyno!
  8. Don’t the leading Holdens always blow up?
  9. Mine is the same as you two as well but I also have a small earth from one of the dizzy retaining bolts across to the coil bracket.
  10. Thanks for the in car vids Roger and the pics Roberto!
  11. Any difference in the pad compounds front to rear?
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