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  1. Thanks for posting all the progress Jeff, it must be a big effort doing all the video work as well as the build. Keen to see how it goes on the dyno!
  2. Don’t the leading Holdens always blow up?
  3. Mine is the same as you two as well but I also have a small earth from one of the dizzy retaining bolts across to the coil bracket.
  4. Thanks for the in car vids Roger and the pics Roberto!
  5. Any difference in the pad compounds front to rear?
  6. Love it Jeff. Geez the dash came up a treat and that color really makes the chrome/stainless pop
  7. Actually you got me thinking, both master and slave going at same time is a bit strange. Rookie error Yeah Roger from what I remember 1.28 was pretty good, especially for a first time at the track. Sounds like a very well run day!
  8. Should’ve been the same fluid, I was wondering if it’s because it sits stationary for 51 weeks of the year.
  9. Yep it was sh@t luck, flushed all the hydraulics a few weeks ago and was set, then it let go without warning. Couldn’t get the flex hose out of the master so no 2019 nationals at all for me. Did anyone race from here and how was it? We were blessed with good weather!
  10. Looks like it was a good turnout and great weather as well!
  11. Made it one street away this morning before both clutch master and slave cylinders failed. Got it home with no clutch. Hopefully will get it fixed before track day tomorrow.
  12. Anyone meeting up before driving down to the show n shine?
  13. Freddy at Topstage composites does a few carbon goodies
  14. Thanks guys, does side wall profile change the pressure gains?
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