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  1. Painting them the wrong colour was a bad choice
  2. I cant now but if he is still stuck tonight I could head that way and have a look. I have access to pretty much every part for a z. Spoken to Robbie, He has someone on the way.
  3. I have a pair. Not that keen on selling but send me a pm with an offer I cant refuse.
  4. I have a pair I replaced with adjustable ones. Located in Ipswich or Oxley. Cant remember if they are at the storage shed or not..
  5. Its definitely got good bones, Once you get the interior done in some black vinyl or leather, Fix up the Ronald McDonald engine bay. Change the wheels and get rid of the chrome rimmed headlight covers, Kamaeri spoiler. You would have a fairly nice car. I would estimate around the 55k to 60k with the current market.
  6. I was very much a non believer until i had first hand experience. I use to work the council maintaining there vehicles. We use to replace the quads used for spraying swamps and foresty every 12 months due to corrosion from constantly being in mud and having corrosive fluids spilt on them when they were filling the tank on the back of them. We installed an electronic rust prevention unit on it and 24 months later they were just worn out, Not rusted in half like all the previous ones. Wouldn't of believed it unless i had seen it.
  7. Or you can buy new ones from the z shop in the states
  8. I bought a eBay one but came from America. It's eagle brand I had them make me a 4 core when the dollar was good. Was sub $400 aud delivered.
  9. I think you will find the "KAMEARI " oil pump is just the Nissan turbo pump.possibly with a spacer on the relief valve to raise the oil pressure slightly.
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