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  1. i ll grab the overriders when the lockdown is finished but
  2. ive got a good 240z one, unpatched
  3. I've got an STL file - so I had it made for $10 posted . I actually wanted in ABS ( which is what I think the original was), but he couldn't do it. Also the corners on the original were a bit more rounded
  4. its the one at the TOP of the picture
  5. After a monumental failure to locate an original ashtray lid, i decided to have one 3d printed . it came out OK mainly because the original lid has a bit of a texture at the top However, I cant work how it goes on. The base has pins cast into it, whereas the lid just has holes inside the mounting legs. Obviously it does not fit see photo are the holes in the lid supposed to be slots so they can be pushed onto the posts? There's also meant to be tiny coli spring the holds it shut. Does anyone have one I can copy or at least a photo?
  6. if anyone has these i believe the jack is the same as datto 1200 and has a rectangular base
  7. my plate says complianced 9/71 #01132. so that makes sense as an ausie delivered car?
  8. never been fitted, here's some pics of the covers ( dont come with these trims)
  9. for the ultimate JDM look, really good condition, original factory there were 2 types with different hole offsets, so check that this one is suitable i have a source for the clip kits and the plexiglass, if interested save $s on US conversion and shipping best offer pics in a sec
  10. thanks, i'll give him a call. in the video, the guy gets the whole job done in about an hour, so it looks easy for someone who knows what they re doing
  11. apologies for the bad wording ABSENCE of shims is _definitely_ the root cause for the awful squealing
  12. yes and the fluid has been changes - no sign off metal particles in the oil
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