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  1. who sells the actual bushings and do they all need reaming first?
  2. aircobra

    240 jack

    and the black vynil tool bag, if you have one
  3. aircobra

    240 jack

    the short 40cm one
  4. yes, same ones. i think i just used the generic xmas tree plugs everywhere else they're definitely 240 only item, never seen them anywhere else ( not in 5mm size) are they disposable? suppose once you push thru the rod and lose it, goodbye to the whole clip
  5. you mean this for the strip? https://www.bunnings.com.au/goliath-5m-black-edge-trim_p4230125 looked for 'nissan clip' in vic on gumtree, nothing obvious is this the aftermarket one? https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/champion-champion-xmas-tree-clips---pp63-panel-pack/6462.html PS. is that the original luggage strap bracket? my one is flat
  6. will you sell the 40 cm jack ? what's the clip on cover for? is that for ser1 ?
  7. by the way, if any one buys trim from zcardepot, its for the later, longer type console . you can just make out the problem in the left lower part of the 2nd pic
  8. dont know what they're called 1. what part #, size are the plastic rivets that hold the plastic panel around the dome light? left photo 2. looks like there's a special rubber that cover the metal joint behind the seats that goes across the car. has a kinda l shape to it at the top. is there something from clark rubber that will fit?
  9. so sounds the conclusion is that the original jack is the 40 cm short one and i have a jack from another nissan?
  10. or is it for ser 1 , which looks like it has more room here's another phot that shows them in 2 sizes defintely looks short
  11. there's the photo i was talking about so the jack looks half opened and lying on the top
  12. there are a couple of photos of the original sticker fitting instructions for the jack https://jdm-car-parts.com/products/tool-box-decal-for-datsun-240z-2-1971?variant=696697877 it looks like just chucked in there hard to tell if its folded in the picture or not its about 44 long when folded
  13. are they stainless? what's inside? fiberglass /acoustic or perforations?
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