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  1. what's with the frenzy of 240/260 on gumtree? is every just dumping stock non stop? everything's out - 240 rust wrecks, 2+2 by the dozen. i've never seen so many
  2. well the fiche shows a plastic one and NO tab and 2 part numbers 21475-E4100 21475-E4102 this https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/57183-unicorn-alert-240z-fan-shroud/ guy reckons 4102 is the metal version, so 4100 shows in jdmjunkies must be the plastic one. it would make sense they would be standard with a.c cars to me
  3. i have to ask - have you been collecting all these steering wheels for 50 years?
  4. thanks h30-h. are the guy who was planning to make some jdm headlight cover copies?
  5. i've nothing at all i've seen one with just a small curved tab at the top http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/engine-240z-260z/radiator . shows 2 types . the option l26 presumably is for the larger l26 radiator. but the basic radiator does not show the tab https://www.jdmjunkies.ch/wordpress/2018-12-03/240z-radiator-surrounding-panel-shroud/. this looks a bit different? there's been a guy advertising on gumtree for , i'd say, 2 years looking for a metal shroud so what's with all that?
  6. hats off to all those who helped me. the root cause was not any of the items that i though eg the felt, the rollers drilling the short sashes out a little made all the difference because i was able to tilt it and all is apples no more gap i'm curious about the h30-h's manual - my one does not have this picture
  7. do you know where to get new perspex cover for the JDM headlight covers?

  8. and the forward position diff. i believe the part # is 55415-E4102
  9. would love to rechrome them , but i dont have any to rechrome. i've got all plastic ones, but they dont fit as i think they came from a 260
  10. thanks for that . dont know how i missed it
  11. yes plenty of black plastics cups, but can't find any of the metal ones
  12. i think that's what they're called. goes around the door pull. has a plastic and a metal bit with screw
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