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  1. never been fitted, here's some pics of the covers ( dont come with these trims)
  2. for the ultimate JDM look, really good condition, original factory there were 2 types with different hole offsets, so check that this one is suitable i have a source for the clip kits and the plexiglass, if interested save $s on US conversion and shipping best offer pics in a sec
  3. thanks, i'll give him a call. in the video, the guy gets the whole job done in about an hour, so it looks easy for someone who knows what they re doing
  4. apologies for the bad wording ABSENCE of shims is _definitely_ the root cause for the awful squealing
  5. yes and the fluid has been changes - no sign off metal particles in the oil
  6. Hello all, To start off, I'm not much of a diff guy, so here goes I noticed that I'm starting to get a bit of a clunking noise from the diff on 1. when taking off in reverse 2.on sharp gearchanges what's been done? g.box fully rebuiilt new universals all round new diff mount ( series 1, forward diff, too me ages to find a replacement) no grinding/whining noise from the diff otherwise ( when coasting in neutral) i had a look at this great youtube video and i defintely dont have all the tools so my question is 1. what could it be ? slop in the crown/pinion? worn pin in the centre "spider" 2. is there a good diff guy in melbourne?
  7. a year later and i can confirm that the shims are _definitely_ the root cause for the awful squealing the brakes do chirp once they get a bit of heat, but overall good as gold i'm going with the theory that its do with a slight skew of the pads in the basic design and therefore the vibration harmonics as far as a i can tell, the main differences with the z and modern design is that the new pads tend to be much longer
  8. close, but no cigar. my one has it in the console, in front of the gearstick https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/my-1970-datsun-240z-27139 its an L-shaped bracket that bolts to the tunnel easy enough to copy - if i have an original one
  9. i dont know they sold them i was looking at the one from jdm-car parts, but they only sell the whole assembly and it looks like its a cheap ass version done on a 3d printer
  10. Will anyone in Melb let me take a mold of their ashtray lid? I plan to do it using blutac, so it will not damage your ashtray I've been chasing this bastard part for a year and all I can find is a complete assembly in US for mega $s thanks
  11. what's with the frenzy of 240/260 on gumtree? is every just dumping stock non stop? everything's out - 240 rust wrecks, 2+2 by the dozen. i've never seen so many
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