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  1. that would make sense, although it only takes max of 1mm. sounds like i'm off to a welding workshop ...
  2. based on my experience, the conclusion is that the ebay/zcardepot reproduction cylinders for 240 are made from a different alloy to the original and degrade much faster . my ones lasted 3 years and that's parked in a garage https://www.localsearch.com.au/profile/south-coast-brake-resleeving/southport-qld/TUxP charged $70 per wheel cylinder in stainless with the rubber seals
  3. i'm fabricating an A/C bracket and the specs to this welder say up to 12mm plate https://www.edisons.com.au/rossi-155amp-mig-arc-mag-gas-gasless-welder-dc-welding-machine-inverter-tool/?___store=default&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIucDprL-G8AIVQ0NgCh0zdAXpEAQYBCABEgJkcvD_BwE i'm not making much progress on even max setting on penetrating the 10mm plate ( using gasless 0.8 wire) 1.has anyone used of these welders for that purpose? 2. are there any pro welders on the forums in SE Melb that can do the weld? Thank you
  4. ok. the story is that i went to change shoes on my 'aug 71 plated z due a fluid leak ( more on that later). picked up a set from supercheap - bendix BS1339 had a compare to the old ones ( not really old, about 3 years old) and they look different see the phots. you can see the hole for the rattle pin is off by about 2 cm. went to the zcardepot site ( first photo) and sure enough the OEM shows match my old ones. states that it fits 240/260 are the same trawled the net and found these https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-PROTEX-Drum-Brake-Shoes-Rear-For-NISSAN-260Z-S30-2D-L-B-RWD-
  5. also, does anyone know how to plug the brakes lines while i'm getting these replaced? i know you can crimp the hoses with the vise grip, but is there a better way like this? https://www.brakehose.com.au/category_images/fluid-line-stopper-kit/
  6. while i was going thru the rear end looking for the diff clunks, noticed that brake fluid all over the rear wheel cylinder. got a new set from zcardepot about 3 years ago, so pretty cheesed about the quality anyways, i see that a replacement pair will cost me around $150-200 and I'm guessing that they all comes from the same generic factory in china . so, rather then go thru the same process again in 3 years, does anyone know who can resleeve the old ones in SS? thank you
  7. just went thru the whole rear end again and noticed that the right inner uv has a bit of slop. i replaced the whole set with new ones probably 2000 ks ago with ones from zcardepot so i'll replace that first and see if that's what it is
  8. i have a worrying clunking sound coming from my r180. no other probs - whining, leaks, etc can anyone recommend a diff guy and , just in case the diff is a goner, a source for crown/pinion/pin, etc? its a manual diff thanks in advance
  9. who sells the actual bushings and do they all need reaming first?
  10. aircobra

    240 jack

    and the black vynil tool bag, if you have one
  11. aircobra

    240 jack

    the short 40cm one
  12. yes, same ones. i think i just used the generic xmas tree plugs everywhere else they're definitely 240 only item, never seen them anywhere else ( not in 5mm size) are they disposable? suppose once you push thru the rod and lose it, goodbye to the whole clip
  13. you mean this for the strip? https://www.bunnings.com.au/goliath-5m-black-edge-trim_p4230125 looked for 'nissan clip' in vic on gumtree, nothing obvious is this the aftermarket one? https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/champion-champion-xmas-tree-clips---pp63-panel-pack/6462.html PS. is that the original luggage strap bracket? my one is flat
  14. will you sell the 40 cm jack ? what's the clip on cover for? is that for ser1 ?
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