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  1. i'll also be fabricating the custom bracket for the SD508, which seems to be the default compressor for all hot rod builds
  2. ok, lets rev it a bit The space under the dash is extremely tight. I can see why they redesigned it for the 260 series. In summary, you need a non standard size evaporator. I've been through all the catalogues and none will fit so i've been designing in solidworks a customer evaporator box that will squeeze in
  3. Comes with everything you need as far as I know- and some more Original compressor, bracket, condenser, evap, blower , controls, heater core ( that's for free) Supposed to be off a working car, but I cant verify it I dont have a 260, so cant check if its 100% complete, but the man bits seem to be there $500 - I prefer NOT TO SHIP, but can out into boxes
  4. ok, i'm now satisfied that the 260z evap is far too big to fit into the 240z dash space <see my build pages>, so the whole 260 kit will be going up for sale and i'll be doing a custom in-dash job grab it while you can !
  5. there's someone selling Chinese copies for 1.9k shipped to Aus. Good value? Hard to tell how good a copy they're since I dont have the originals ...
  6. the exhaust look cool - what sort of a setup is it?
  7. by the way, the vacuum actuators are for the heater and the main flap
  8. thank you andbir- i bought the whole lot and convinced the guy to ship to Melb See my newly started build thread
  9. Ok, we're off an running. Got myself a complete factory 260 assembly - see phots. I dont need the 260 specific bits, so will be selling these shortly The plan is Get myself Sanden 508 off ebay and see if I can re-use the giganto- bracket. There are a couple of similar idea on the net. If that fails, I'll weld one up from the generic parts that the hot rod places sell See if I fit the evaporator housing in the 240z dash. If not, I'll have to come up with a plan B
  10. and where did the pulley and the fic bolt to? how much are you asking ?
  11. what's the long piece? i recognise the pulley and the hoot is for the fic also i was going to grab a condensor off a civic, but that is the wrong direction - its tall and skinny, whereas the z is short and fat does anyone know if condensors from other makes will phyiscally fit?
  12. right, that's the type of box i will need to fabricate and that's what's shown in the jdm pic. as far as the vacuum question is concerned, from what i can tell from the pics, the whole vacuum circuit is only used to pull up the throttle once the compressor is switched i think thats what ficd is from what i read , you can just nudge up the idle adjuster to 900 and that will be sufficient to not stall the car
  13. actually, thats not right the jap pic will work from centre and side vents
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