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  1. zcar63

    head gaskets

    Hi All Can someone point me in the right direction for head gaskets, engine has been bored and i need an oversize gasket. I would like to use an Australian supplier if possible. Cheers Dave
  2. Hi All I have a pair of rear control arms up for grabs. Please contact me by pm for details.I will donate $50 to the forum and another $100 to Wildlife rescue(WIRES) upon sale. $850 plus post. Cheers Dave
  3. i need a pair of front control arms 240z or 260z Cheers Dave
  4. Hi Gav i would like the doors complete, less the tin worm i have now Cheers Dave
  5. Ha Ha ,can i blame a busy day. 240z 1971.Maybe a pair of front seats with runners as well while your at it. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Gav Put me down for a pair of front doors, do you need a deposit? Cheers Dave
  7. Chris Noble has a honda powered elise using an intgera engine i think,very quick at morgan park.
  8. Hi All Does anyone have a set of valve spring washers for a six cylinder head they want to part with ? the hardened ones that go between the spring and the head. Cheers David
  9. you can borrow mine , i'm on the northside Cheers Dave
  10. Hi All I was wondering if anyone has a set of performance valve spring lying around they don't want .I bought a head with perfromance springs installed .............. The free length of the springs i need is 55mm not the standard 50mm. Cheers David
  11. Hi All i have seen some of these insets sold on the forum recently,can anyone supply insert sizes please.Open length,closed length ,shaft diameter and insert diameter. Thanks David
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