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  1. No worries, I’m currently just waiting for fourseaterdevilz’s insurance claim for his 2+2 to proceed at the moment and he’s interested in buying the whole car as is but if not it might get parted out. I’ll let everyone know what’s happening when he gives me an update though
  2. Ah no stress doesn’t worry me. Bumps it back up into recent activities anyway
  3. Car doesn’t come with a drivetrain. (Engine , gearbox or diff)
  4. I think the chassis is definitely twisted. However I don’t think this means it’s not able to be fixed, I’m no expert but. Here are some photos of when I first got the car and you can see how the front drivers side corner of the roof sits lower than the passengers. The wheels are all fine as well . Drivers door and hatch still closed perfectly though
  5. It’ll only get parted out if it doesn’t sell as a whole for quite a while, not next week or anything. If it does get parted out I doubt I’d cut the shell up for panels. I would just sit it around and fix the shell one day if no one else wanted it. I’ll keep you’s posted though
  6. Let me know if you want anymore photos or have any questions thanks Matt
  7. Yeah gav’s onto it. Would need to go on a jig. Could very well be a bit bent from impact.would need to be inspected. Drivers side door and hatch shut perfect but passenger side got punched back from impact. Reason it doesn’t have the doors or hatch is cause they were fibreglass so I took them for my race car. As well as the kameari stroker, s13 gearbox and R180 LSD. May just end up parting it out if I get no offers but would prefer it gone as a whole. I’m quite open to offers just found it hard to put a price on so I threw a number out there.
  8. You could buy it and use your 2+2 as a donor to fix the front end?
  9. Hey guys not really getting around to doing anything with the project so thought I’d list it and see if there’s any interest in it. Car is a 1975 Fairlady Z imported from Japan back in 2014. Car had been restored over there before coming over. As it sits right now it doesn’t have - Doors - Hatch - drivetrain - Seats car does still have - all suspension / brakes. (Did have rose jointed adjustable castor rod and control arms. - Full wiring - genuine watenabes with potenza re001’s (15x8.5 and 15x9.5) and genuine lug nuts - Full interior, liners, carpets, door cards, ect... - Dash wrapped in Alcantara - autometer rpm gauge - kameari oil pressure, oil temp and water temp gauges - genuine Nardi classic suede - Fujitsubu super ex headers (have slight damage from impact) with Legalis R exhaust - Cusco strut bars - All glass - fuel tank and plumbing with electric Nismo pump It is basically a complete car minus the bits I said were missing. Car has no rust that I can see from inspecting. I have spares of parts missing including panels if interested. Impact Damage is pretty bad on passenger side and would require 2+2 donor for front end. Damage has come through to passenger footwell. There is also dent on passenger rear quarter from impact. Located - Echuca Price - $10000 Negotiable / make an offer let me know if you’ve got any questions Thanks Matt
  10. All measurements are from the back face of the muffler where the pipes weld on to if that makes sense Top pipe - Top = 190mm - Bottom = 167mm bottom pipe - Top = 155mm - Bottom = 132mm Let me know if you’ve got any questions cheers
  11. I can measure it up tonight when I get home If no one helps before then thanks Matt
  12. 240z for sale, Chassis number is #24 supposedly https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/caboolture-south/collectables/datsun-240z/1220292537
  13. Hey guys Up for sale is two genuine Bride EXAS III FRP buckets, these came out of a 1975 Fairlady Z imported from japan. The seats come with authenticity certificates and Vin numbers to prove authenticity. They also come with rails and mounts that suited a 1975 model floorpan but you'll have to do more research to find what other year models the rails fit. Seats and rails are in great condition with no wear from getting in and out of the seat or any rips or tears anywhere and the fabric hasn't faded one bit. FRP shells are also in perfect condition with no scratches or nicks. Dimensions can be found on BRIDE's website if you google the EXAS III. Picture in car is of these exact seats before i pulled them out of my Fairlady Z 2 seater and shows how they fit in the car. Not really interested in sell them separately Im located in Echuca but can deliver to Melbourne area as i frequent there for uni. price is $1750 Thanks Matt - let me know if you have any other questions
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