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  1. Thanks Jeff. This was the main consideration in my design, the lack of spring that is seen in the original bar. I’m pretty confident in the restraints of the member for countering the thrust force from the diff under acceleration and braking. Utilising the drop down bolts of the original moustache bar and the bolts of the drop down links using the flat plate means there is absolutely no give in unit, but that’s only giving it the old He-man test. The other thing I though of whilst making it is that the front diff member is just as susceptible to the thrust force from the diff accelerating and braking, if there is no fore and aft movement up front (i.e the SWM mount) then little force should be transferred to the rear cradle. Also the rear control arms will provide further restraint when bolted in joining the front and rear members.? I could run a SpaceGass analysis of it if I get time. But I might just add some gussets and wait till the car is driving to give it a good shake down and go from there. Appreciate the feedback guys Thanks Matt
  2. Thanks Mate. Yup cos race car, car is solely designed for tarmac rally events but will also see the odd track day. If I even finish the bloody thing. Thanks.
  3. Hey Guys Thought id upload some photos of a little side project I’ve been working on while assembling my Z. Had the idea one day to combine the rear drop down suspension cradle and moustache bar after realising how weak the standard items are and not being a real fan of the agricultural looking aftermarket solutions or the design of the standard moustache bar for that matter. I looked to the modern WRX’s which also run the r180’s and decided to use the bush out of the mid 2000’s WRX. had some sleeves machined up to suit and build a jig around the standard items. This is what I came up with in the end. Fully built out of 4130 Chromoly Excuse the Poor photography. Still yet to press the bushes into the sleeves but you get the picture. The idea is to use this along with the SWM front diff member and will put the R180 in the later further back position and should significantly increase the rigidity of the suspension mounting points as well as utilise a better way of mounting the diff over the standard design. let me know what you guys think. Thanks Matt
  4. Bump, still available. Thanks Matt
  5. Thanks for the replies. For anyone else chasing the same part I’ve since discovered that it’s also avaliable from RHDjapans website. Gtz240z I’ve sent you a PM Thanks Matt
  6. Hey guys I’m converting my kameari / harada intake manifold to cable throttle from the old linkage but my manifold didn’t come with the throttle cable pulley. Was just wondering if anyone who stuck with the linkage setup has one sitting around I can buy or if there’s somewhere I can buy one? Can’t seem to find a source online. ive attaches a photo, I’m after the zinc plated pulley that’s pictured on the linkage rod. Thanks Matt
  7. Hey Joesph the shell and the parts remaining off the car are no longer available. Thanks Matt
  8. Hey mate Thanks for that but I’m chasing the later bar not the early straight one. Thanks
  9. Hey guys Chasing a r180 moustache bar to suit the later 240z/260z revised diff position. I’ve got all the other part associated with moving the diff into the later position to straighten the half shafts but still need the moustache bar. Would prefer one in good condition with good bushings if possible. happy to pay for postage Let me know what you’ve got Thanks Matt
  10. Hey guys if I was to cut this shell up for panels just wanting to gauge how much interest there would be in sections? The manual pedal box is also still available if anyone is after one Thanks Matt
  11. Hey guys thought id Update with what’s left. main items left are - Dash - nardi wheel - fuel tank - rear bumper without overriders - heater blower unit - Glass Also if you think you’d be interested in the shell let me know Thanks Matt
  12. Hey guys The manifold I speak of in this ad is no longer available. Mikuni’s definitely are still available though so let me know if your interested thanks Matt
  13. Hey guys these are now SOLD. Thanks Matt
  14. Don’t think I could bring myself to cutting it up. I’d be willing to let just the rolling shell with bare minimum left on it go pretty cheap to someone after a good project. Something around $2500. I’ve got spare panels that would make the shell complete again
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