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  1. Hey guys Chasing a r180 moustache bar to suit the later 240z/260z revised diff position. I’ve got all the other part associated with moving the diff into the later position to straighten the half shafts but still need the moustache bar. Would prefer one in good condition with good bushings if possible. happy to pay for postage Let me know what you’ve got Thanks Matt
  2. Hey guys if I was to cut this shell up for panels just wanting to gauge how much interest there would be in sections? The manual pedal box is also still available if anyone is after one Thanks Matt
  3. Hey guys thought id Update with what’s left. main items left are - Dash - nardi wheel - fuel tank - rear bumper without overriders - heater blower unit - Glass Also if you think you’d be interested in the shell let me know Thanks Matt
  4. Hey guys The manifold I speak of in this ad is no longer available. Mikuni’s definitely are still available though so let me know if your interested thanks Matt
  5. Hey guys these are now SOLD. Thanks Matt
  6. Don’t think I could bring myself to cutting it up. I’d be willing to let just the rolling shell with bare minimum left on it go pretty cheap to someone after a good project. Something around $2500. I’ve got spare panels that would make the shell complete again
  7. Hey guys just thought I’d give an update with what’s sold. - exhaust and headers - wheels - Indicator stalks - wiper assembly - complete door cars - interior vinyls - brake booster There might be a couple of little things I’ve forgotten. I’m still getting around to replying to people I’ve just been a bit busy lately. Also if your interested in the shell send me a PM I’m pretty keen to get the space in the garage back. Thanks Matt
  8. Hey guys brought these a year or so ago but ended up buying a complete engine with induction system already so there no longer needed. They came off an l28 and are early type 2 or type q Mikuni’s. believe they were the Mikuni’s offered in the Datsun competition catalogue. Could do with a clean up but are functional and complete. Happy to arrange postage at buyers expense. Comes with a bag of assorted linkage parts. Also have a manifold to suit for an additional price if interested. price = $1800 feel free to PM me with questions thanks Matt
  9. Hey guys. Not finding a use for these anytime soon so price drop to $700. firm on that price. Thanks Matt
  10. Hey mate I have a set of bride seat rails to suit a 75 if you want. Just let me know Thanks Matt
  11. Alright guys, I’ve decided to part this car out as I haven’t had much interest to sell it as a whole and there’s some parts I wouldn’t mind keeping anyway. I keep you’s updated with what isn’t available as it sells. Shoot me a PM if your interested in any parts or want more photos or info. I am keeping the kameari gauges so they are no longer available. thanks Matt
  12. No worries, I’m currently just waiting for fourseaterdevilz’s insurance claim for his 2+2 to proceed at the moment and he’s interested in buying the whole car as is but if not it might get parted out. I’ll let everyone know what’s happening when he gives me an update though
  13. Ah no stress doesn’t worry me. Bumps it back up into recent activities anyway
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