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  1. So! The kit is installed and i can give you all some feedback on how it turned out (followed at some point with pictures) Trans tunnel: perfect to a fault, turns out on left hand drive cars the handbrake is still located on the right hand side of the centre console aaaaaaaand in doing so is located a lot further forward than where it sits on a right hand drive car. This led to the cutout for the handbrake to be a good 30cm too far forward. To get around this I made a template of the hole and cut it out where the handbrake was actually located and then used some excess trim offcuts to fill in the original hole. between the hole being located so far forward and lineing the excess trim up with the surrounding pattern it gets hidden nicely. I applied this trim over sound deadner but even with the extra layer it fit quite well, a few relief cuts required and if you wanted a completely smooth appearance over the tunnel you will need to apply either extra deadner or some other material around the inconsistencies stamped into the metal. luggage raiser: easiest to fit, no cutting required, however make sure to do this last as the side edges and hemmed seam over the centre console will present better than the other pieces. strut tower and wheel arches: start at the back and then work towards the front of the car with these, some small cuts required around the luggage raiser. Found it hard to get these to stay tight as the carboard pieces that sit against the strut towers kept moving slightly. all up they don't look perfect but i'm more or less happy. overall quality: pretty good (8/10) you will need to put in relief cuts and more than likely modify the trans tunnel piece but the materiel itself is really nice and workable. i went for the vinyl option over the genuine leather and couldn't be happier. Looks almost identical to the original 240z trim.
  2. An update from the event organizers regarding the current unfolding events All in all i think its the right response, I'll absolutely be attending the rescheduled event! "It is with great disappointment that Retrospeed have made the difficult decision to postpone the Wilby Park sprints meet scheduled for April 18th due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Although we are a relatively low risk event we wish to do our bit for the health and well-being of all of entrants, spectators, and the community at large. We'll be getting in touch directly with entrants, and want to reassure you all that any entry fees already paid are fully refundable. Alternatively entry fees can be rolled over to the rescheduled event later in the year if you prefer. We have confirmed October 17th as our new date, and will keep you informed of any further developments. "
  3. Damn I didn't even notice when i was there. Hopefully somebody else didn't snag it. Thanks for the heads up i'll shoot him a message.
  4. Heya! I'm currently hunting a pair of windscreen washer nozzles and if possible a pump to go along with them. They look like this and they hide away in-between the vents of the cowl that sits in the middle of the windscreen and the engine bay. Happy with second hand, PM me what you have and how much you are chasing! Thanks
  5. Both of you do it! Current zed tally is up to 3
  6. ---Passenger side floorpan--- So, obviously this was one I knew about before I bought the car.... or at least I thought I did. The reason this was cut out was because the previous owner had found a few rust holes in the passenger floorpan that had been coated over with fiberglass by the owner before him. So he removed what he could find and cut it out to a square ish shape, with the intention of applying a floorpan insert similar to this The only problem being, this is a late model (end of 76) 260z, which means that the floorpan has a slight bulge to accommodate a cat aaaaand the chassis rails are deeper. Funnily enough this also means that the both of us at different times could find a nobody in Australia that had these patches readily available so options were fairly limited. I have zero welding knowledge and while I do really want to learn, I didn't think that starting on a chassis rail was a great idea, so I got in touch with Rob from the Z factory in seaford who offered to come over and have a look at the car. What we found wasn't fun One bit --- Floorpan 2: fiberglass boogaloo --- This image is just for illustrative purposes and not actually my car, but the gist of it is that because it was covered by the seats on both sides when I bought the car, both I and the inspector missed this section of the floorpan, on both sides ….. fun And this is actually what my drivers side one looked like after I took off the seat for a peak So with the shitest possible outcome confirmed we decided to pull the trigger on completely replacing both the driver and passenger side floor pans and rails, from the top of the footwell back to just before the luggage raiser. In hindsight it was absolutely the correct call. --- Floorpan 3: damage and repair --- Lets kick things off with the damage I had no idea the rails were that bad until they came off,but Rob had a decent enough hunch that with rusted floorpans comes rusted rails... he turned out to be pretty bang on. It looked like at one point they had already rusted away, and rather than cutting it all out a previous owner had simply coated the rail with an new section. You can kind of see in the first image of the rail on the left, all in all not a lot of fun And this is how the S30 looked with all of that cut out, properly flintstoned. I'm going to continue with the conclusion in the next post, I've just run out of time at the moment Stay tuned!
  7. Well here I am Honestly thought I had my head around what this car would take to get on the road when I bought it but lo and behold it just keeps throwing gremlins rust and more than enough fibreglass at me. So I thought I'd document the leaps and bounds over all these hurdles (and the hole that's burning away in my pocket) for everyone and bring you all along on the journey. So without further ado I present to you the way I broke to my partner that I wanted a second baby Not the human kind and not the first 260z kind either. Elegant and tastefully done I know, but I knew I'd gotten away with it when she asked if this one actually drives and I said yes.... although I whispered the part about it having a massive hole in the floor. A late model 76 260z with a previously cream interior and sporting an RB30E conversion (all of these things give me problems later) my eventual aim is to take advantage of the EFI Rb30 and tune this into my daily driver, before maybe getting a bit more adventurous and throwing in either an RB30ET or a 25/30DET down the line! So! To kick the thread off I'm going to show off the car in the condition I bought it and try to highlight the many problems I didn't yet know I had, before detailing what and how I overcame them in each subsequent post as I wildly rush this build along in time to be ready for the Retrospeed Wilby park sprints in April. Enjoy!
  8. Radio sorted! A bit rough but the price was right, a fun little project to touch up!
  9. I Have considered it, but from what I've found of actual install photos it appears that ALL the details on the facia are stuck on. I wouldn't mind if it was just the screen sticker and the vol/tune but it's also the white outline around the top and middle of the unit. I'd consider them as an option if I had an original facia to put over the top but otherwise I think it's just missing a bit too much character.
  10. Hi guys, I'm hunting a 260z radio as per the picture below. I'll be using it just for looks, not for its function and as such I don't mind if it doesn't work, however it will need to look the part. Please feel free to PM me with photos and asking price, I'm not super interested in spending over $400 hence the preference for a non working but good looking example. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, Registrations have now opened for the retrospeed wilby park sprints! This is an Awesome event and a pretty cheap day on the track, would be great to see a few other Zeds out there! Quickfire info Where: Wilby motorsports Park, Wilby Victoria (2:50 hours from Melbourne cbd) When: 17th - 19th of April (Racing on Saturday the 18th) Cost: racing entry for driver and car inc weekend camping - $160, Additional driver/passenger $15, just camping $10 If you don't hold the appropriate Cams license they have AASA day licenses available for $25 that you can purchase at the event Entry requirements for cars as per below, the quick rundown is that engine swaps and most flares should be okay, widebody kits are a no okay provided it's not over the top/rocket bunny esque. Generally you want the car to be giving off as much of a pre-78 aesthetic as possible. Sup regs: http://www.retrospeed.com.au/images/Documents/Retrospeed-Wilby-Supplementary-Regulations-2020 V1.pdf Entry form: http://www.retrospeed.com.au/images/Documents/Retrospeed-Wilby-Entry-Form-2020.pdf Links http://www.retrospeed.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/events/407701973114637/581740502377449/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity&notif_id=1581024648811715 Info as per below. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Set amongst bushland just south of Yarrawonga, Wilby Park Raceway offers freshly laid asphalt and the perfect rural setting for a celebration of retro motorsport. The Retrospeed event will be strictly period-style cars only, manufactured before 1978 (full criteria on the entries page). All modern vehicles will remain parked in a separate areas, not mixed with entrants’ or spectators’ period cars, to preserve the feeling of truly stepping back in time when trackside. The Saturday (April 18th) track sprints will be one car at a time and passengers will be welcomed, with camping at the track both Friday and Saturday nights. Ideal for cars and drivers of all levels - you won't need a race prepared car or an existing race license. Bring your pride and joy to join us on what promises to be a highlight of the 2020 motoring calendar. Vehicle Eligibility Retrospeed Wilby Park Sprints is a strictly period styled event and to that end the following criteria apply to all cars which are to enter the paddock for racing or spectating. Cars which do not meet these criteria will need to be parked in a separate area. All vehicles: ● Must be of a model that was in production before 1st May 1978 (models which are a continuation of a vehicle released before this date with minimal visual updates will also be acceptable, eg. UC Torana, XC Falcon, "Impact Bumper" Porsche 911) ● Modern replicas of eligible vehicles will also be considered by application ● Must be period appropriate appearance wise to 1978 or earlier including: - Period appropriate wheel styles - Wheels may only be 1” larger in diameter than the largest wheel originally fitted to the body style with the following exceptions: ▪ Cars which were fitted with 13” or smaller wheels from factory can increase wheel diameter by up to 2” ▪ Vehicles with larger wheels will be considered by application (with photos) if the appearance is deemed in keeping with the event ● Period appropriate body modifications (flares, rear spoilers, front splitters, etc.) ● No billet wheels or accessories ● No gauges external to the cabin (unless offered as a factory fitted option, eg. Pontiac Firebird hood mounted tachometer) ● No superchargers or air filters that pass through the bonnet (unless factory fitted) o No IFS on fenderless hot rods ● Engine swaps with post-1978 engines are permitted, but must be well concealed (eg. Hot Rods with a visible engine must have a pre-'78 engine) ● Any intercoolers must be concealed behind a grille/bumper o Any stickers or livery must be of a period appropriate style If you have a car you are unsure about, or which pushes the boundaries of these requirements please send us an email to info@retrospeed.com.au with details of the vehicle and supporting photographs, and we will promptly confirm its suitability for you. Entry Fees Racing Entry - Driver and Car - $160 – This includes the entry for a vehicle to race, camping Friday and Saturday nights for the driver Additional Driver/Passenger - $15 – For entry to the track on Saturday, requires a valid race license or day license (available on the day) Camping - $10 - Camping Friday and/or Saturday night Children under 16 are free to enter and camp but must purchase a Passenger / Second Driver Pass if they will be on track, and possess an appropriate license. Saturday night roast dinner - $27 (Note: this must be pre ordered via the entry form, prior to the event) Catering will be available throughout the event at additional cost.
  12. @Mike260 Was that because you ordered the earlier 240z-260z kit off them?
  13. Correctomundo! Also there are some (pretty minute) differences around the trans tunnel as well. I ordered a 280z pattern and then got him to flip it. @GregTas Yep those are the guys! I found a few of their products installed on the American forums with some good feedback to match. The seat covers especially look hella sick. @CBR Jeff @nat0_240_chevZ I had to order from the US because as mentioned above the late model 260z's are different to the earlier 260z's and 240z's, I may have a guy in Melbourne who has them in stock but i'll have to check. If he does i'm happy to pass on his details and if not i'll fill you in on this US supplier once I can confirm he is indeed the tits. Edit: unfortunately he does not, as mentioned above Interior innovations is where I ordered from and have been dealing with Khalid (https://interior-innovations.com/product-category/datsun-240z260z280z/) maybe a group buy is on the table?
  14. Update for anyone interested. Found a U.S. supplier who has been honestly awesome to deal with and his reputation on the American forums seems to back his quality. He appears to be the one making the kit rather than just on-selling it and as such his price is cheaper than other suppliers and most importantly he's more than happy to flip the design for a right hand drive car. So far so good but I'll do a proper write up in the appropriate sub-forum here with install and overall recommendation when it arrives and I can get it in.
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