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  1. out of curiosity do you know roughly how many two seater 280zx's were brought in to aus vs the 2+2? I've personally never seen one
  2. oh sweet! I'll take some measurements and see if i can find something suitable. Thanks for the tip off!
  3. Hi guys! I recently got myself some stella new door cards to replace the skillard ones that came on my car and while i was all giddy about getting them I skipped past the bit about actually securing them to the doors. So I'm looking for either a known local supplier of clips and sockets such as bellow, or if anyone is aware of alternatives from different cars that also do the trick? Keen to hear some insight thanks!
  4. Talking to other members of the community that have ordered these specific ones they seem to be okay
  5. Hi guys I'm currently in talks with the manufacturers of this air dam and was wondering if anyone else would be interested in a group buy? Key points -The price of the unit itself is about $255 Aud -Shipping currently for the whole air dam comes in at about $350 Aud (this figure can go lower for an individual piece but they would cut the air dam in half which i don't want to deal with) -Main aim on the group buy would be to cut down shipping costs per item -I'm based in melbourne and would be receiving them here, always happy to arrange shipping if you are interstate but you may want to calculate if this actually works out cheaper. -it would arrive as per the first picture so holes would need to be drilled and the air dam prepped/painted Ideally I would want an extra 2-4 people but i'm not set on that number either way. manufacturer has confirmed these fit both 240 and 260z i'd be unsure of just how much the shipping savings would be until the order is placed and the items made, however these appear to easily stack inside each other and as such would expect the saving to be relatively large on multiple units. Please leave a reply if this interests you, I'm setting the cut of date to be 2 weeks from now ( 29/05/20) Regarding payment I'd want the item total before making the order and then confirm shipping amount once the items have been made
  6. I know i'm a bit late to the party, but you wouldn't happen to have any of those bumpers still lying around would you?
  7. this might be the solution. It currently sit on where it should but feels like it's an aggressive horn push away from falling off :s
  8. I'll throw up a picture a bit later this week for the brains trust and you guys can let me know what you think.
  9. No reply so far. Still hunting for either option if anyone has either.
  10. Okay awesome! I'll shoot him an email! Thanks for the heads up Gav!
  11. Currently sold out along with the other stores I've been able to find them unfortunately
  12. Hi all! I'm after a decent condition 240z horn pad as per this one pictured below. I currently have one however the inner ring that locks onto the horn plate is completely stuffed (highlighted). If you have one or know how to fix/replace this ring then let me know! thanks!
  13. So! The kit is installed and i can give you all some feedback on how it turned out (followed at some point with pictures) Trans tunnel: perfect to a fault, turns out on left hand drive cars the handbrake is still located on the right hand side of the centre console aaaaaaaand in doing so is located a lot further forward than where it sits on a right hand drive car. This led to the cutout for the handbrake to be a good 30cm too far forward. To get around this I made a template of the hole and cut it out where the handbrake was actually located and then used some excess trim offcuts to fill in the original hole. between the hole being located so far forward and lineing the excess trim up with the surrounding pattern it gets hidden nicely. I applied this trim over sound deadner but even with the extra layer it fit quite well, a few relief cuts required and if you wanted a completely smooth appearance over the tunnel you will need to apply either extra deadner or some other material around the inconsistencies stamped into the metal. luggage raiser: easiest to fit, no cutting required, however make sure to do this last as the side edges and hemmed seam over the centre console will present better than the other pieces. strut tower and wheel arches: start at the back and then work towards the front of the car with these, some small cuts required around the luggage raiser. Found it hard to get these to stay tight as the carboard pieces that sit against the strut towers kept moving slightly. all up they don't look perfect but i'm more or less happy. overall quality: pretty good (8/10) you will need to put in relief cuts and more than likely modify the trans tunnel piece but the materiel itself is really nice and workable. i went for the vinyl option over the genuine leather and couldn't be happier. Looks almost identical to the original 240z trim.
  14. An update from the event organizers regarding the current unfolding events All in all i think its the right response, I'll absolutely be attending the rescheduled event! "It is with great disappointment that Retrospeed have made the difficult decision to postpone the Wilby Park sprints meet scheduled for April 18th due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Although we are a relatively low risk event we wish to do our bit for the health and well-being of all of entrants, spectators, and the community at large. We'll be getting in touch directly with entrants, and want to reassure you all that any entry fees already paid are fully refundable. Alternatively entry fees can be rolled over to the rescheduled event later in the year if you prefer. We have confirmed October 17th as our new date, and will keep you informed of any further developments. "
  15. Damn I didn't even notice when i was there. Hopefully somebody else didn't snag it. Thanks for the heads up i'll shoot him a message.
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