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  1. I have a L24, running motor but has the E30 head. Located in Adelaide
  2. I've got a generic one. Located in Adelaide
  3. Price dropped to $400. Last price drop before they go and live on my garage shelf
  4. 240z 3 screw SU's with manifold and heat shield. Very good condition Located Adelaide $400
  5. twoforty z

    Wtb warm l28

    I have a L28 from a 280c. Totally stock and can be heard running as its still in a car. Will be removing it soon. Im also in SA
  6. Good condition Hitachi 3 screw SU carbs, move freely, minimal shaft wear. These are factory 240z carbs, fitted on cars from 1972 onwards $200 240z manifold, damaged, can include with for SOLD Happy to post
  7. Interesting that it appears to be the same as the 280z tachs and triggers from the + of the coil and not the - A good option for somebody with an electronic ignition and wanting something different perhaps?
  8. Im not sure. As you can see it has a flange and had an early style mount but shifter seems to be a Diy job. Have priced it accordingly. Inspections welcome, sorry no test drives
  9. 71B gearbox, unknown condition Sold with no bellhouse or mount Happy to post at buyers expense $250 Located Adelaide
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