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  1. I recently missed out on a rust free Z for $55k. I doubt an opportunity like that will present itself again
  2. EJ101

    2 SEATER 280ZX

    referring to "Fairlady Roadster to 280ZX-The Z-Car Story" by Brian Long, The S130 series Fairlady range boasted no fewer than 10 models. 2 litre Z-L, Z-T & Z in both 2 seater and 2+2 and 2.8 litre 280Z-L & 280Z-T
  3. EJ101

    2 SEATER 280ZX

    no idea of how many 2 seaters are in Aus.
  4. My former car up for sale again. Sportclassic sold to someone in Qld a few years ago from what I was told. Now back at Sportclassic. If it was converted back to a road car I'd buy it. http://www.my105.com/22478
  5. even a warmed up N/A L28 goes well. When I rebuilt the L28 in mine 65mm throttle body, coil packs,EMS ECU, Crow Cam, port and polish, extractors and 2.5" system produced 185kw (250bhp), super reliable, never missed a beat, daily driver for 5 years at 16 litres/100km....Lol
  6. the fact it reads Nissan Motor Co (Australia) and as others have said the 2 seater was never imported here. regardless, if the car is or has been registered here, shouldn't have a problem for a 40 year old car. mine din't have any compliance plates
  7. cursing i never knew about this. Love the 2 seater. i had one years ago! Great car. compliance plate is obviously from a local car
  8. problem is there are many people that have some kind of business or another but have no business sense or skill and really shouldn't be in business. As for cheap arse car owners. Unfortunately, most of us don't have unlimited funds to just buy everything and anything we need, so you try and find the cheapest or alternative way to do things. Often that involves asking questions and wasting peoples time..........that's life. But I do have a fond memory of Stewart Wilkins back when he had SSS at Girraween. If you've ever met him, he is a man of few words, not the chatty type. I'd only go there on Saturday mornings but that's when everyone else would go and Stewart would be bombarded by "I wanna put a blahh blahh blahh into my blahh blahh blahh and get 600 hp" I'd be listening to Stewart's responses, which were only ever a few words, as he stood there with his arms folded. Then i'd finally get to the front and the look on his face would be "You better not waste my farking time". Luckily, I only ever went there when I actually needed something.
  9. My only concern would be the locking. How does the magnetic lock work or does it. That's why i'd want to see one in the flesh. I'd get nervous buying stuff like this on ebay.
  10. i agree that rarity makes things special, but give me a quality reproduction any day. The old wheels are so rare, so expensive, usually damaged and probably not road legal i.e magnesium competition wheels. Most of us even if we could find a set would not be able to afford them. Enkei make some classic 70's 80's style wheels that have the benefit of improved materials, design and manufacturing
  11. I had a LJ Torana XU-1which I sold to a bloke back in the early 90's.He found me on facebook recently and has still got the car. The car had the original 13x6 Sprintmaster wheels. Back in 1973 the XU-1 race cars ran 13x8 & 13x9 magnesium sprintmasters. I always wanted a set but they were extremely rare as they were made in small numbers for racing only. This bloke also wanted them and so he went about getting some 13x9 made in Thailand. He hasn't said how much they cost or how many he is getting made, but he has a pair. He didn't get the 13x8 made. They are made by a proper wheel manufacturer in Thailand and are alloy, not magnesium. He managed to get an original wheel which was 3D scanned and modelled. So it is possible. I'm just surprised that with the popularity and value of Zeds that a wheel manufacturer such as Enkei hasn't managed to put the Kobe seiko style wheel in their classic lineup.
  12. i'm in the camp that wants a car that's pretty much done or 90% there. I don't want a full resto job because I know how long it will take and know it will be a money pit and that i'll probably never get it done. I don't have the skill or patience to tackle rust repairs, but mechanical stuff like suspension and brakes I'll have a go at and things like interior, some electrical etc etc. Engine builds and gearbox and diffs I'd leave to the experts. My friends are always at me........"just get one" not realising that I'd need $50-60k. (there are 2 longtermers on carsales that i'd go for if I had the available funds) Most people think $20k will get you a pretty good car. Having pretty much modified every car I've ever owned, some a bit, some a lot, I know tackling a full resto for me is just romantic fantasy!
  13. we are talking about Italy here not Australia. Love for cycling in European countries is strong especially Italy and France. This was just an unfortunate accident. I doubt there was any intent.
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