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  1. I missed out on his 240Z when it was for sale last year. The 260Z is his wife's car and to console me he said it would be for sale soon, but would be asking $75K. I told him a the time it was out of my price range, now it definitely is.
  2. any idea why I wouldn't have permission to see the pic?
  3. he's sticking with Flamingo. sent me the original sales docket only says Red 905 this Z has long since gone to heaven.
  4. thanks for the reply it's to settle and argument. no, he says it was a 1970.
  5. i didn't get any responses in the Bodywork section, thought i'd try here in OZ was 905 Red called Flamingo or MonteCarlo as it is in the U.S? a mate of mine had a series 1 many years ago and he's insistent it was Flamingo and he sent me this
  6. I believe it is getting more and more difficult and expensive to keep the old cars on the road in Japan. So for the average person in Japan can't afford it. don't know if the have any similar schemes to what we have here, club/historic rego?
  7. A friend and I were recently reminiscing about the old days and he said for him its only the series 1 240Z like the one he had many years ago, if he was in a position to get one. Then we talked colours and he said. "It'd have to Flamingo Red like my old one" I said there was no such colour and his would have been 905 Monte Carlo red. Today he sent me this which clearly says 905 Flamingo red as he is insistent that is/was the colour. it's hard to say if it is the same as MonteCarlo red, but i'd say it isn't. So, was 905 red in Australia for the Z Monte Carlo or Flamingo? I
  8. I recently missed out on a rust free Z for $55k. I doubt an opportunity like that will present itself again
  9. referring to "Fairlady Roadster to 280ZX-The Z-Car Story" by Brian Long, The S130 series Fairlady range boasted no fewer than 10 models. 2 litre Z-L, Z-T & Z in both 2 seater and 2+2 and 2.8 litre 280Z-L & 280Z-T
  10. no idea of how many 2 seaters are in Aus.
  11. My former car up for sale again. Sportclassic sold to someone in Qld a few years ago from what I was told. Now back at Sportclassic. If it was converted back to a road car I'd buy it. http://www.my105.com/22478
  12. even a warmed up N/A L28 goes well. When I rebuilt the L28 in mine 65mm throttle body, coil packs,EMS ECU, Crow Cam, port and polish, extractors and 2.5" system produced 185kw (250bhp), super reliable, never missed a beat, daily driver for 5 years at 16 litres/100km....Lol
  13. the fact it reads Nissan Motor Co (Australia) and as others have said the 2 seater was never imported here. regardless, if the car is or has been registered here, shouldn't have a problem for a 40 year old car. mine din't have any compliance plates
  14. cursing i never knew about this. Love the 2 seater. i had one years ago! Great car. compliance plate is obviously from a local car
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