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  1. Hey guys, sorry if been a bit crap at replying to questions ,been crazy busy . I'm heading to my storage container to take some more pics of some parts for some members . If any one wants to see anything in more detail , good time to ask Badges and bumper rubbers sold pending payment Qtr windows on hold Cheers , Will
  2. Hey Gavin, Pretty sure they are front , been a while since been in storage but think your right! Cheers , Will
  3. Hey All, Cleaning out parts from storage . Most of these parts came off the Green 260Z that I bought off Dave(Rev Zed ) a few years back We have Set of Rota Wheels 17x9.5 Rears and 17x9 Front with Federal RSR 255-40-17 Rears and 235 fronts . As on photo of car These were taken off car before re registered so close to being as new . Some centre caps missing $1100 Set of Topstage flares $130 Rear Spoiler $130 Door Handles $30 Fender indicators $50 quater windows (2 seater) $60 Bumper rubbers $25 Front and rear bumpers Gun metal grey As on photo of car $350 Front chrome bumper $175 240z Steering wheel . No Pad but have stripped metal and lightly sanded . Ready to paint I did one for the 260 and looks like in pic $200 240 K steering wheel Cleaned and re varnished $200 Nardi boss $50 Set of Side mirrors as seen on car $60 Set of Pillar emblems $30 Tailights $50 Pics to follow
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