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  1. is that Dave Anderson selling this? it was the blokes from the goldy only sold it to him last year and then he had a 25k bare metal respray done on it....he does nothing cheaply and collects Porsches so it will be done right! its not ed lees.
  2. Hey mate what parts of the suspension kit to you have the whole shabang or just the coil-over sleeves etc?
  3. put me down for the wats if you part out
  4. Fark! why is no one making repros of these at half the price???? It blows my mind someone will part with nearly 4k Aus for a 2 pieces of stainless and persepx......
  5. they are performance lotus wheels i have them on mine also. waiting for a set of 15x8 wats to come up for sale before getting rid of them.
  6. Id be interested but one pair is definitely needing flares correct?
  7. just wondering...does he do door trims also? will give him a call tomorrow
  8. I am now looking for a set of these split lens dual hole 260... Anyone have a set lying around?
  9. Are you still bringing these over? Interested in standard 260z seat covers and standard door covers
  10. I am after a left and right turn signal the one under the front bumpers. lens needs to be in good nick
  11. hmmm I may be interested...... you're not selling all 4?
  12. how come only 2? just curious..... going back to cookie cutters?
  13. not sure if their up for sale but im keen on the three front valance pieces if they are reasonable?
  14. yep she farked ....................
  15. This is more of discussion but has anyone seen this thing in person? This bloke has been trying to sell it for at least 5 years....from memory it started at 35k........ seriously ugly This and the red 260 rb sawp must hold a record for longest carsales listing...... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Datsun-260Z-1976/SSE-AD-2922195/?Cr=2
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