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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking... Let me know if you have something that needs a Revzed makeover, I'm having withdrawals! Not looking for a rotisserie candidate but something that is close to finished or requires paint and interior. Thanks... as always Lurch has permission to give me as much shit as he likes! Rev
  2. what an awesome opportunity to get some of that needed Zed bodywork done with quality workmanship guaranteed! I've also had firsthand experience of lurch's plethora of Zed knowledge that translates to great manual conversions and many other tips & tricks.Don't let your Zed sit in the garage wishing you could get the time to do your repairs and mods take Lurch up on his limited time offer...if there was a 1300 number, I'd plug that too. Seriously I can personally vouch for the great work that Lurch does. Rev.
  3. well done man keep up the good work!
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