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  1. So, it was pretty bad. The previous owner had patched holes with fiberglass. So I went and cut all the bad parts out. I've now had it sitting like this for a few months, and I'm not sure how I'm going to replace the floor. I have sheet metal and a mig welder but I'm thinking theres gotta be a better way to do this.. any advice here is welcome.
  2. I'm after a Passenger side floor pan. I'm in the Parramatta area.
  3. Hey man, Is the Louvre Plastic or Metal type? Sorry can't see photos
  4. Would $50 do it Peter? + freight to syd
  5. Sorry Guys, No longer for sale. My conscience wont let me.. Model: 1976 260z 2 Seater
  6. Are you able to pm me with a estimated cost of this sort of work Jeff? I too am looking to do the same thing soon.
  7. Has anybody had a reply back from this seller yet?
  8. Try Martin at tune right auto. He's the Z guy in Perth. Either him or his brother Rob might be interested, PM me for their Ph no.'s
  9. I am still having issues with this gauges but have found that i have a short somewhere as my Tail.Park fuse blows as soon as i put it in the little fuse clamps - I believe this will affect the gauge lights. so i guess i have a more serious issue somewhere.. I have had a look at my tail light globes and connections, cleaned them, and then unplugged them to start testing for the short and when i put in a new fuse it blew straight away again. I also had a aftermarket look wired in from the tail light loom, but I've removed that and put the loom back to normal... and yet she still blows. I'm wondering where else should i be checking for shorts in this circuit? I've downloaded a wiring schematic but its for a '74 260 and mine's a '76. Also reading these hurts my head..
  10. I took my Dash out today to have a go at restoring it. Found the wiring has been messed around with, so I'll be making sure I take care of that too.
  11. What side? Is it the whole winder assembly that bolts inside the door?
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