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  1. Sorry for the late to response to everyone who PMd, P90, L28 and the 280zx shell have been sold.
  2. I have a L28 (plus auto gearbox if you want it) in unknown condition in a 280 that is going to the scrappers, car has 191,xxx kms on dash. Distributor is missing and thermostat housing is corroded. Will take $200 for the motor plus gearbox and even the whole car if you want to take it. (lots of rust). L28 turbo exhaust manifolds, i have 2 of these, 250 each. P90 Cylinder head, got it off ebay years ago, cam gear has a bit of rotational play, i think its not the right bolt holding it on? 250 Parts are in stafford, Brisbane Also have a 280ZX bare shell, wind screen cowl is ruste
  3. I think it was dan280zx or dan280zxt, but i couldnt remember the email account it was linked to so i just started a new account. Yeah that was me at lakeside in the burgundy 280, only had the one 2 seater but it currently has at least 2 cars worth of rust in it lol. Im going to focus on getting it back on the road/track but its got LONG way to go. Yeah that was my yard lol. Dunno if i would call it a car collection yet though, some are in pretty rough shape.
  4. Hello everybody, I was on this forum many years ago, i had a bunch of 280ZXs including a 2 seater which i used to take to lakeside. Ive just recently gotten back out to lakeside in a non turbo 2+2 automatic (its the only one running at the moment) for a couple of sprint days and a half day at mt cotton on skid controls wet track, and ive remembered how much fun it is. I still have 6 280ZXs, (depending on what you consider a car) and a ton of parts, most of which i will probably never use so i will be selling heaps of stuff ive been hoarding over the years. Hoping to get the 2 seater back out
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