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  1. Yes, the 680G is officially For Sale. After 2 years building it, I unfortunately need to move it on to keep plowing ahead with the Alfarrari and 911 builds. In this video I do the final few touches to finish it off.
  2. Awesome! Time for a trip to Bunnings I think. Thanks for that.
  3. I did use some white grease on the sliders and I spent a fair bit of time trying to adjust the alignment. The window is still not tracking straight, so I think it needs somefurther attention. Bunnings option? What option is that. Please tell
  4. Still not happy with the windows. They wind up and down slightly better, but they are still not right.
  5. This is my 3rd attempt at repairing my dash and hopefully the last. This time I have a go at flocking.
  6. It was a long build, but my Datsun 240z affectionately know as the 680g is done. Here is the whole build from start to finish.
  7. Thanks mate. It is actually working ok now. It does read low, but it reads, so I can still see what is going on.
  8. The issue I find, is I give it a few pumps, but it coughs and misses on at least 2 cylinders and gets worse. If I then pull the plugs and give them a quick clean it is Ok, but it will still generally have a miss, so I have to hold some revs into it to get it to clear it's throat and then it's fine.
  9. The I thought one was a 260 door, but I think I worked out it wasn't (can't remember exactly now), but the bailey channel is complete toast, and I know as soon as I changed it on my 911, it made a huge difference, so I at least hope that is the bulk of it I might have had a bit of a baffle in the exhaust just to make sure it was quiet enough for rego, that I may have only taken out today. So if that was the case, the tune may have been affected by that
  10. The 680g is finally registered and in this episode I get to take it out on the road. Spoiler, it sounds awesome!
  11. I finally have my meeting with the engineer to see if he is happy to sign off on all of my modifications. Fingers crossed.
  12. Now the car is running I just have a few bits and pieces to sort out before I can get it registered.
  13. I finally sort out the running issues and no surprises it was my fault. We then tune it up on the dyno and get that final figure.
  14. In this episode I delve a bit deeper into the tuning issues on the 680G.
  15. Many of you have been asking me what is happening and I finally have an update for you, and some info on where I am planning to go in the future.
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