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  1. Hello all, I hope you're all well and looking forward to the Christmas break. I just got all my engine bits back from the machine shop and it's time for assembly. Long story short, what was supposed to be a straight forward head change turned into a full rebuild. I'm looking for some advice on what oil pump to use, standard or high volume? The existing oil pump was standard, not sure if the high volume is necessary? Setup is a F54 block, flat top forged pistons (1mm oversize), P90 head and it's turbo charged. Is it worth going the high volume pump for the turbo setup or should I just stick with the standard pump? Thanks in advance. Marc.
  2. Hi Brenden, Sorry for the delayed reply mate, haven't logged in for a while. The rears are RBR and the fronts are RB. The RB with the +20 offset won't fit unless you have coilovers, modified suspension or a spacer. Marc.
  3. Hi Marc,

    I have had read of your post re buying wheels in 2016.

    Im ready to purchase some rims for my 260 2+2, I'm keen on the Rota's and have looked on their website however the RBR's do come in the 17 x 8.5 + 4 but npt in the 17 x 7.5 + 20. I know this post is a few years old but do you think the fronts may have been RB's and the rear RBR?

    Thanks Brenden

  4. That's good to know. I ended up using a starter out of a R32 GTR that I picked up from the wreckers for around $60 a few years ago. Was a straight bolt on and works a treat.
  5. So far, so good. Tailshaft seems to be holding up. I got a couple decent launches but then couldn't load it up enough due to light rain. Hopefully see you guys in the morning.
  6. I'm about to go for a test run to see if this new tailshaft holds up. Fingers crossed.
  7. I've got my new tail shaft in but haven't been able to test drive it yet. I'll try and get it out today if the rain clears up. That sucks mate, hope there's minimal damage and the clean up isn't too bad mate.
  8. I'm keen so long as my new tail shaft holds up; hopefully I find out next week.
  9. I'm using the R200 longnose setup with a standard mount and cross member; the only difference is the polyurethane bushes in the moustache bar. I can't adjust anything in the diff setup without modification. I wonder if my engine mounts are stuffed, I haven't checked them thoroughly so I'll check that next. Nice idea about raising the engine mounts, if mounts are stuffed that could be the reason why it's out of whack... thanks for the advice! I've replaced the original gearbox mount using this https://au.gktech.com/polyurethane-gearbox-mount Hopefully I can get the angle I need by spacing the engine/gearbox. Marc.
  10. So I mounted everything back in and I removed the thick washers from the moustache bar as I replaced the original bushes with polyurethane ones; my diff angle is now 3.5° up, tailshaft and gearbox are still the same. I found a good app that helps with driveline angle and it says the setup is out of tolerance. I think I have to change the gearbox angle to try and get it within tolerance. I'm not sure if anyone has measured their angles? If so, and you're happy to share, please let me know. Last thing I want to do is get a beefier tailshaft a s break it cause my angles are wrong.
  11. I had a chat with Locky and after some discussion, I thought about the diff. The LSD was cooked from the day I got it and after putting clutches in it, it stopped open wheeling. That, along with some stickier tyres, might be causing the issue. When I had the tailshaft redone, the guy said the uni's won't handle more than 300hp, looks like I might need to upgrade the tailshaft. Checking a few more things to see if I can change the angles so the diff/gearbox are parallel.
  12. Thanks for the reply. They're hardy spicer uni's, no grease nipple. The body of the uni isn't breaking, it's shredding the bearings and breaking the bearing caps.
  13. Happy New Year to you all. New Year = New Z problem and I'm hoping someone out there has some wisdom they can share. Sorry for the long post. I'm having an issue with my tailshaft where the rear uni joint keeps breaking. Prior to it breaking the first time, it was in the car for 6 years and never had an issue; the tailshaft was made professionally after I did the s13 gearbox conversion. After it broke the second time, I started looking at the rest of the driveline and noticed my gearbox mount was stuffed. I had another lying around so I replaced it and then used some chain to stop the gearbox from lifting under acceleration. Drove the car easy and there was no vibration and everything seemed fine. Under heavy acceleration, bang, same uni broke. Nursed the car back home and started looking over the whole car. I measured the operating angles between the gearbox and diff and I don't think it's right. Does anyone know what the angles are and what the tolerance is? I've checked online but haven't had much luck yet. My diff is 4° up, tailshaft is 0.5° up and gearbox is 1.5° up. I'm in the process of modifying the gearbox crossmember to suit a S13 polyurethane mount and I'm trying to work out if I need to shift the gearbox to change the angle? I checked the diff mount and it looks fine. The only changes I've done in recent months is coilovers and tyres but that was months ago. I also raised the height of the car slightly to get more ground clearance for a roadworthy so I could get club reg. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Marc.
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