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  1. Event photos here https://www.ndn21.com/event-p and links coming soon for the professional sites. Was a great weekend but if you missed it you only have to wait two years and head to QLD for the next one!
  2. Last chance to get your entry in for the MADDAT Motorsport super sprint before entries close tomorrow Friday 12th. Zed not ready? Don’t worry we’ll also accept non Nissan cars from members. Tickets for the Friday Quiz night and Saturday Legends dinner close next week on the 19th. Every entrant paid up by the 19th gets a free event tee shirt, but we will also take entries for the shown and shine and cruise events up to the day (but no free shirt☹️). It’s going to be great, get on it. Ndn21.com/entries
  3. Entries for the 2021 Nationals are now open on the website at ndn21.com/entries Headlined by the MadDat Motorsport Super Sprint on the west circuit at The Bend, we also have a show and shine, cruise day to visit the National Motor Museum at Birdwood, quiz night and a presentation dinner featuring Jim Richards. Get your entries in, borders are opening up and it’s shaping up to be a great event.
  4. Anyone got a local source/supplier for the L28ET turbo oil pump? Roger
  5. Quote: The factory fuel rail has the return built into it. yes this. The factory hard line has a restrictor in the return line. If you don’t use a bypass reg you need to put it before the carbs in the circuit as you have in your diagram Roger
  6. I used to run this reg with the factory fuel rail, reg in line before the carbs, one feed into carb one and the other feed into carb three with all three carbs linked together and the factory Return line back to the tank. seemed to work fine but you might be able to fine a proper bypass reg at that low a pressure but I haven’t seen one.
  7. Something like this? I run one of these on my triples but with no return line. Carter electric pump. HOLLEY RED FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR. 1 TO 4 PSI. GENUINE FITS HOLLEY - HO12-804 | eBay
  8. No probs, it’s the early console I was most interested in.
  9. I’ll take them if you’re happy to post to Adelaide.
  10. Hi Nat0, do you still make the front frame rails for the S30?


  11. I appear to have lost one of the round trim pieces that cover the recliner mechanism knob. Anyone have a spare or know if there is a repro available?
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    HS30 100071

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