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  1. I appear to have lost one of the round trim pieces that cover the recliner mechanism knob. Anyone have a spare or know if there is a repro available?
  2. RLY240

    HS30 100071

  3. At this stage we will be running the West circuit - this circuit uses the main straight with a shortcut on the International circuit for a 3.4 km lap.
  4. For the first time ever the Nationals are heading to South Australia and the event promises to be a big one. Over four packed days there will be the usual cruises and show events topped off with a track day at The Bend Motorsport Park from April 1st to 4th. Check out the website at www.ndn21.com for all the latest updates and to register interest and join the mailing list. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ndn21sa
  5. Agree, there isn't enough rust in the front half to match the rear..... Chassis number on the firewall doesn't appear to be right either.
  6. 1mm at the wheel rim is a reasonable amount. I run about 1mm toe in at the rear total and about 1mm out at the front per side.
  7. RLY240

    Triple manifold

    Too late sorry, now spoken for.
  8. RLY240

    Triple manifold

    What makes it better suited to LHD?
  9. RLY240

    Triple manifold

    I’ve got this Mikuni manifold that is pretty short if you are interested.
  10. Are the dash / loom different for auto and manual cars such that there would need to be separate items for each? I know the auto has a light for the selector mech and there is a kick down switch and start lockout switches but assumed the dash would still be the same ie be wired for both. Guess not though.
  11. Definitely a factory auto for 1410 but can't vouch for the history of the glovebox. It's in great condition so may well have been swapped over at some point.
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