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  1. Thanks I’ll check them out. It looks like the system has been converted from the new nozzles and hoses but I’m guessing. I’ll give them a call. Cheers!
  2. Hey folks, Have what appears to be a working compressor and air con system in my 77 260, but have never had it gassed up, oil checked etc. Is this a specialist thing? If so - any tips for who in Sydney? City-ish preferable... or someone who comes to you? Who have you used? Help / hot tips appreciated!
  3. Thanks – roger that. I'll figure out what my pump puts out first. I found another one that is low pressure and has a return but it was about $500 and in the US. Noooope :-/
  4. Would this do what I'm after? https://www.weberperformance.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=59_276_277&products_id=1211 @RLY240 where does your return line come out? My dumb head can't figure out how this isn't essentially a deadhead setup?
  5. @Roady @RLY240 thanks guys! 2 good options. Roady – I was trying to allow the fuel pump to pump its heart out to not over stress it but maybe I'm being overly cautious.So if I just have the non bypass regulator plumped in after the webers, the pressure in the webers should be perfect, and when thay are not sucking fuel it just runs through and back to the tank. Not sure why it's been so hard for me to wrap my head around this! Either way – I'll keep looking for a low pressure regulator with a return and reply to this thread if I find one. Rly - I had not thought of that, I think
  6. Thanks for the reply - yeah I’m wondering if there’s a regulator like that - but operates at that low psi AND also has a return. Perhaps it’s not a thing??
  7. Hi all, I have searched multiple forums and groups and can't find a straight answer. Any help appreciated. I have triple 45s on an l28 (77 260z 2+2) Want to put a fuel regulator with a bypass in the bay to hopefully reduce fuel smell in cabin, remove deadhead setup on the carbs, and stop fuel pump overworking. From what I've read – I need 3-4PSI for Weber 45s. For the life of me, I can find a fuel regulator that has a bypass and also runs under 4psi and is less than $400 and in the US only!! All the Holley ones are 4.5-9psi. Can you actually crank those down to below 4psi? Or is t
  8. Hi mate will send you a PM to see if they are what you're after.
  9. Thanks for your help, David. And also for bearing with me as a lot of this is new to me! Update: As you suggested, I'm trying to figure out which is the fuel return line, and which is the hose from the canister – so I can figure out if they are connected to the wrong bits on the carbon canister. - How do I know which is which? At the moment, the line furthest from the engine is running to the 'From fuel tank' on the canister. (page 69 Haynes) Pic of the three lines as described: http://i.imgur.com/zp7SXcg.jpg The furthest line from the engine is the one connected to the "from fuel t
  10. Dear knowledgable folks! Just want to know if this is an issue for my 260 as I'm a bit of mechanical noob. Tried searching the forums already but not much luck. When I fill the fuel tank to capacity, I've noticed a fuel smell from the car when I'm parked. I assumed this was the return line to the carbs (triple webers) and never thought much of it, just always try not to overfill the car. Today, I filled the car, but then parked it facing down a hill. 2 minutes later I noticed a bit of fuel on the ground, opened the hood and saw fuel leaking from all around the Carbon Canister / emissi
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