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  1. I've used https://www.broadyexpress.com.au/about/ in the past for Adl to Syd. Can't remember the price but it was under $2k for a non-runner.
  2. Just a quick update. The design of the kit is roughly 50% complete. However, I sent my car off to the chassis straighteners about a month ago, and they still haven't been able to get around to measuring and straightening my car yet. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be getting it back as they still have a few other customer cars ahead of mine. The joys of delays ...
  3. I don't think that's how they're meant to be. I would be surprised if Nissan made it like that as it doesn't make any design sense. The rectangle-stamping is already notched to accomodate a washer / bolt, so sitting it at an angle serves no real purpose than to piss of anyone with OCD. A good top view shot from an original car would be great to see @gav240z
  4. Don't feel too down. Just take it one step at a time and in no time you'll only have one rust spot left
  5. Rear quarter panel unpicked! Just needs a few light repairs in the usual sections and its good to go. Super pleased with how rust free this section is! I wish my car was the same Still have the rest to unpick though
  6. Starting to unpick this rear quarter section. Was lucky enough to get this entire cut for $1,300 shipped from Japan in Aus!! Has rust in the usual spots but is free from any major damage. Luckily it includes all of the inner panels as well which I'll need for my build. Any sections I don't need, I'm happy to sell off to anyone in need.
  7. Spindle pin defeated after an angle grinder and a 32-ton press.
  8. NOS 240Z Dash. Current bid is at $5,000 AUD! Things are starting to get serious in Datsun land https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m443849123
  9. Similar to what PB260Z said, you'll be fine with most stands. If you're really worried, the 2,000 lbs / 900 kg ones will suffice. If it helps, I have the Kincrome 907kg one which is not worth buying RRP for, but I purchased it for less than the price of ones at local autoparts stores because I used to work near their outlet centre and was friends with the staff. You can find ones with a similar design for a lot less that will do the same job.
  10. Definitely a project, but to get into a 2 seater Z these days, it is what it is. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/cars-vans-utes/1976-datsun-260z-sports-manual-coupe/1257598901
  11. I personally think the export brace is a nice touch without running into clearance issues. At the moment the Z is only supported by the fender rail. Usually you'd at least have the fender rail and chassis rail, and if clearance permits the firewall as well. If you look at the r35 its got all three
  12. Might be because of the rally rules with respect to body modifications outside of a cage. There are also clearance issues with bits in the engine bay as well hence maybe why they didn't update it perhaps. If you look at the 300zx front tower regions its already a much better design. Would be interesting to see how many Zs have retained their front strut geometry. Quick and dirty method is to use a tape measure and measure the different between the centres of both front struts it should be 913mm for the 240z (might be diff for 260s)
  13. Yeah a chassis in its rudimentary form should at least take on the structure of a ladder to ensure the four corners retain geometry (think of a truck chassis). Then design upward from that for performance and handling, and then reinforce specific areas and spread the load but ensure that it doesn't end up creating a small stress concentration area elsewhere which results in tears/splits. A big downside to the Z is also the front strut tower regions. While its shape provides some strength, it's only supported by the upper fender rail (which is weak - spot welds seem to give way here quite
  14. There seems to so-so interest so far. However, I might as well make the kits, because others may need it at some point. I can just get a set made as people order them. I'm currently in the process of doing the engineering drawings and then I'll get a few quotes from fab shops to see where the costs land. At this stage, the earliest I think I can get everything done is the middle of next month if there are no issues with manufacturing and fitment.
  15. Quick update. I spent a few hours inspecting the Z shell and it's probably going to end up as a 32-pc full kit. I've mocked out which areas I'd like to strengthen and did some calcs + impact considerations. In a rear-end or front-end collision, my goal is the kit should protect the geometry of the front to rear struts and only kink the rails outside of that. This allows the car to be repairable. This is not a replacement kit for a roll-cage though, I am primarily looking to update the 240z chassis and ensure that it can adequately handle more power with spot welds popping off, chassis flexing,
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