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  1. Hi guys, Up for sale is a Fujimi 1/24 Scale Nissan PS30Z 432R Failady Z, same as the item pictured here: https://www.amazon.com.au/Fujimi-Scale-Nissan-PS30Z-Fairlady/dp/B0003J4UO0 Location: Fairfield West Price: $40 Contact No: 0431 922 zero-three-five
  2. Hey guys, For sale is a genuine Nissan NOS Datsun Competition Steering Wheel, imported from Japan. Pickup: Fairfield West, NSW Price: $500 Contact No: +61 431 922 zero-three-five
  3. Hey guys, both the chrome headlight covers and seat covers are sold pending payment.
  4. It really depends on how good or bad your eyesight is. If you wear glasses or have poorer eyesight its worth investing in a better helmet as visibility is key to welding. I personally use a 3M Speedglas helmet and absolutely love it. I've used a Lincoln one before that failed to auto-darken when it needed it, so I returned that one.
  5. Hey guys, Alot of interest in the headlight covers at the moment. Sorry Gav, you're currently 5th in line for them.
  6. Hey guys, Up for sale; 1. RH & LH Front Lower Valance Panels Condition: Okay, some rust Price: $60 ea. Contact me via PM More items to come
  7. I definitely have to watch out, on a windy day, the car might just fall apart haha. In all seriousness, the car has been in an accident at some stage, so I'll be sending the car off to a chassis alignment shop in the near future to get the body back into alignment. As advised by others, I've jigged the car up to prevent it from flexing too much at this stage.
  8. Thanks Jeff! You're definitely alot faster than me progress wise though
  9. Hey guys, Sorry for the delay gents, I'm in my final semester at university and it got pretty messy juggling uni, work and life haha. In this episode, I go through the removing the inner wheel well and inner rear quarter sections from the 240z shell. Explanations as to why are included in the video. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7-O6qoz2tg'>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7-O6qoz2tg
  10. I quite like these builds, its pretty much a mental car with a Z body. Whilst it won't feel like a real Z anymore, its definitely going to be pretty awesome
  11. Jeff as Linton said, you won't be able to test for compression via hand cranking it (unless you can turn the engine as fast as a starter motor which is usually a few hundred rpm). The good thing is, the engine is turning over so it should be able to run. I'd hook up the starter and a battery and you should be good to go. The only thing is, you'll have to take it off the engine stand to do so.
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