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  1. Anyone's using the brake kit mentioned in this video?
  2. Was close to it but the sale fell through, may still put it up for sale at some point but not in a rush.
  3. Hi Guys, Certain member on this forum is poking me to sell my Z for a few months now and I'm starting to seriously consider it. It's not an easy move on my part as the car puts a big grin on my face most of the time (other than those few times it decided to snap a throttle cable, shit its clutch slave cylinder or suffocate my better half with fumes were exceptions ) but a change could be a good thing. I'm toying with idea of something more track focused (Lotus Elise, Super 7), something modern (1 Series M) or another classic (budget auto 240z or Alfa series 105). Where I live parking space is a luxury so my red z would need to go to make space for the next car! I bought the car in 2017 from a seller in Newcastle, car has been restored by him and converted to a VL Commodore sourced RB30 in 2011. Rust repairs and paint has been done around the same time. Body condition is very good in my opinion, no visible rust in usual places and very straight with panels nicely lined up. It's not a concourse condition though, few rock chips here and there, a crack in the hatch hinge area. Interior is complete with all gauges working, dashboard without any cracks, centre console had cracks repaired and is out of the car at the moment to be painted. Mechanically car is in good condition as well, maintained by Brian Potts during my ownership. He looked over the conversion and mentioned that it's very clean. There are few quirks such as homemade fan controller but all documented together with invoices for parts, engineering certificate and more. Few slight improvements made of past years are new wheels (Rota 16") with KYB shock inserts, rebuilt drum brakes, upgraded cabin air and wiper motors and plugged up the hatch area to minimise the fumes in cabin. A number of members from this forum and Sydney Datsun Club have seen the car and said only good things after a quick look around. In terms of issues, there are a few minor ones. Getting into first gear from a stop sometimes needs second clutch, lowest point on the under-body is exhaust flange - if you scrape over some speed bumps or steep driveways, bolts can get loose and create an exhaust leak. At parking lot speeds, throttle response can be twitchy. At the moment this is only expression of interest as my mind is not yet made up, but I hope to make a decision rather soon. If you're looking for a reliable classic to have fun on the back-roads with a bit more modern engine send me a PM and let me know your budget! More photos - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ng3uU5DJgWYiB9z47 Cheers, Kuba
  4. Hey Gav, I can grab it from you, may come in handy later on.
  5. Hi Guys, I've got my hands on Hitachi radio from 260z, in good shape but missing transparent lens and a small piece of faceplate surrounding it. If anyone would a spare laying around, maybe a damaged faceplate it would be great. Photo of the same model with lens and plastic surround I'm missing.
  6. Anyone has some info on this 260z: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/woorree/cars-vans-utes/datsun-260z/1218139355 Wondering if it's worth importing into NSW and swapping my red 260z as is very close to what I've originally wanted.
  7. Hi mate, Are you willing to sell engine only?
  8. Hitachi radio 260z? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-pleasant/audio-gps-car-alarms/vintage-car-radio/1217697824
  9. Hi Guys, Looking for a beaten up 260z centre console and a period radio to test an idea. The console can be cracked and I'm really only interested in the part in front, up to the shifter. Before I'll destroy my own wanted to see if anyone has one in bad shape. Cheers, Kuba
  10. I'm interested in rear defogger light and cig lighter
  11. Unfortunately have to move it back down, I'm abroad for work during this weekend.
  12. Thanks for the info everyone, I get that gasoline will degrade over time, but then why are some people recommending to top up instead of draining, something about corrosion in tank/fuel lines or it's just a way to maximize the lifespan of gas?
  13. I'll be heading overseas for a around 3 months and researching how to best prep my 260z for this. Internet advice ranges from do nothing to put heating lamps under the engine I'm thinking about just taking it for a nice long ride, topping up the fuel and over inflating tires a bit. What do you guys usually do?
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