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  1. Hey Kuba, I have wrx seats in mine and I pulled the seat out and disconnected the springs which dropped the seat base foam to the floor and gave me enough room to fit with a helmet. I’m 187cm, I’m don’t know what seats your using but it might work.
  2. I also removed my front spoiler, just for the look.
  3. 1970 240Z in NSW for 15k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/datsun-240z-1970/sse-ad-6632791?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&notification_id=f3d3e961-8306-4018-8ad5-4aa270cf87ae
  4. Looks like an S30 with LJ Torana front end and LC Torana taillights
  5. WOW.....If only I had the Coin. I would park a collection of Zs in there as well
  6. My oil pump failed about 18 months ago due to cavitation and the Engine builder increased the supply with larger intake piping to the pump.
  7. 1970 240Z, No 306, $97,000 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1970-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-6562463?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  8. Spot on Gav. https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/ferrari-f40-monaco-fire-video?fbclid=IwAR1sUrvbV7LaXq3xyPsEWSffWGCBGGeBk1axP-IJgeCndVi7UMa8RiLmtiw
  9. Terry has reduced his 240z to $39,900, added 4 new Bridgestone tyres and is motivated to pass it on to a new custodian.
  10. So today I removed my RLCAs to replace the bushes, started by removing the spindle with my a home made tool ( old seat leg, some thread bar, washes and nuts ) quick and easy. Then to the brackets closer to the diff, came out easy as well, then up on the bench with the unit I notice the larger bushes weren’t rubber bushes at all. Turns out Steven the original builder fitted adjustable bushes 20 years ago and are now worn out, no wonder it sounded like an old red rattler, anyway I fitted the new larger bushes but the smaller items are still in good shape a
  11. My RLCA bushes arrived today from a local Nissan dealer.
  12. A stinking hot L series would be twice the price of that Ferrari engine, with less power. Just ask Les.
  13. Fully restored 1971 240z QLD $69,999 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1971-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-6499688?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  14. Thanks for the info, I didn’t realise there was a difference, my Z is mainly for Road use so I suppose I should go for the rubber style.
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