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  1. Street Festival of Z at Bathurst. Largest display of Zs if seen.
  2. Couple of Zs on a cruise out to Hill End from Mount Panorama today.
  3. My car is 103676 and its delivery date to the original owner was 27/9/73
  4. Terry has dropped the price to $43,000 and can now be contacted by mobile phone 0420 562 859
  5. Yes it does look a lot like E Lee’s one how ever Eds was advertised with a stroker motor full of Kameari parts. The fires have been close around 2ks away so far, at the moment the wind and conditions are good, Tuesday is not looking good for us. We have evacuated back to the Central Coast With my Zed. My house is near the binoculars, the dark area has been on fire
  6. 1973 240z Byron Bay NSW $69,000 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1973-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-6384917?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  7. Saw this on Facebook if anybody is interested.
  8. 1971 model in SA for $35k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1971-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-6301183
  9. No Gav I bought it off John from Melbourne zedls1 abit over 3 years ago. Yeah throttle bodies would be the best but I would consider a top half Plazmaman ffp with say 100mm throttle body ? I’m also not a fan of the cross over intake especially over some very hot extractors.
  10. Well back in July last year my oil pump died which forced me to do a rebuild. After discussions with the original builder of my Zed Mr. Steven Davis, he offered to rebuild my engine for Nil $ yes no labour costs which let me spend a bit more on parts ( 3.2 spool stroker crank ouch ) So to date. Spool 3.2 Stroker Crank, 91mm stroke Rb26 Forged Ross pistons 86.5mm machined down to produce 10.9=1 ratio ARP bolts throughout. New oil pump, water pump, timing belt etc. Redesign of the oil flow from sump to pump New Exedy heavy duty clutch Exsisting, RB25DE VVT Head ported and polished, Tomei pon cams 256 Standard Rb25 exhaust manifold 2.5 inch pipe Had it tuned December last year with average results, power dropped of at around 5200rpm, struggling to breath. Today I pick up my Zed after having some extractors and exhaust fabricated then a retune with my old Kalmaker engine management with an increase of 20%kw and 16% torque. Sounds great and pulls hard from go to a bit over 6000rpm Now I need to choose between rb26 throttle bodies or a ffp with larger throttle body to get the most out of it, oh and maybe another ecu. 161kw and 403nm, Dyno sheet compares New exhaust in red and old in blue. All parts, fabrication and tuning has just nudged into the double figures $.
  11. Here is a YouTube video of the day. Nice white Zed Dave, How come Paul is co-pilot, I don’t remember you being the quite shy type.
  12. I’ll be heading down and camping on site as well as joining in on the car show and hopefully parade lap around Bathurst, there will be activities, drives through out the week from Wed 27th Nov. to Sun 1st Dec. The Qld Z club are organising the festivities. They are working on the final touches that should be finalised by the end of July.
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