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  1. Hi @gav240z new upgrade looks good but i have noted your Donate Button on the main page needs attention, not sure if it is my computer but needs checking , (btw same logged in or not)
  2. Wow check the height of the roof and front of the nose height between the 2 and then the length compared to the 240Z, the extra length of the new Z works
  3. Agree here's some shots side profile is great
  4. Another teaser is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_LpUFf6j6o&fbclid=IwAR3Vc3ahUN2qsnhAMhFWuTufSh2KD9xbhZNMjl6HNY5J5xDtAXuGRccuvgE
  5. @theremm i have a set of 2" Hs8's (picture below)from at Rover 2000TC on one of my Z's they are virtually identical to the ones above, i have heard the Jag ones can be a little more difficult to set up. the N36 inlet manifold (in the picture above) are apparently the best flowing of the standard manifolds, Unfortunately i didn't get the car dynoed when i first put them on but i did notice a big improvement in the cars power. sorry no data The standard 1" 3/4 Su's on the Z's have and diameter of 44.45 mm the the 2" are 50 mm So basic maths (i did fail maths at school) pi r
  6. Another teaser video just out the write up say prototype out in 2 weeks https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/new-nissan-400z-2021-teased-370z-successor-and-toyota-supra-rival-draws-closer-in-video
  7. Congratulation Gav and Maria on the birth of your new son, How about anyone who hasn't or can make another donation to this great website please do, as a small gift to make sure all of there home lives are as stress free as possible and not to have to worry about the financials of running this website as i am sure they have enough on their plate atm Cheers
  8. Thanks all my mate has found the parts he needs Cheers Dave
  9. Here you go Rod looks like from here
  10. Posting for a mate Looking for a r/h front guard section complete with headlight support and bezel please see photo we don't want to start cutting up a perfectly ok 2+2 for this one piece Please see attached photos
  11. @gav240z I've had a couple of lengthy and very interesting conversations with Len Brennan over the past few days and from all likely hood #888 is not his car , he was also disappointed, as he would really love to see his old race car again. He is a very interesting and cool guy to chat with, and very passionate about Zeds. The next time he is up in Bne we hope to catch up and go over #888 together, but really from what we spoke about and all the photos i sent him of #888 sadly, is not the car, and looking at all the other white with blue interior 71 240Zs that Gavin has listed, none of
  12. I just did a scale comparison between the length of the Narava (a known length) to the Z and if there was no change in the distance between the cars in the video shoot it it looks a if the new Z might be about 4.150 meters long which almost the same as the original 240Z
  13. Nissan has released a teaser of the new Z Looks good
  14. @gav240z I checked #888 this morning and both the front fenders have had mirrors on them in the past and the holes have been welded over. (very well actually)
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