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  1. Thanks all my mate has found the parts he needs Cheers Dave
  2. Here you go Rod looks like from here
  3. Posting for a mate Looking for a r/h front guard section complete with headlight support and bezel please see photo we don't want to start cutting up a perfectly ok 2+2 for this one piece Please see attached photos
  4. @gav240z I've had a couple of lengthy and very interesting conversations with Len Brennan over the past few days and from all likely hood #888 is not his car , he was also disappointed, as he would really love to see his old race car again. He is a very interesting and cool guy to chat with, and very passionate about Zeds. The next time he is up in Bne we hope to catch up and go over #888 together, but really from what we spoke about and all the photos i sent him of #888 sadly, is not the car, and looking at all the other white with blue interior 71 240Zs that Gavin has listed, none of them are likely candidates.
  5. I just did a scale comparison between the length of the Narava (a known length) to the Z and if there was no change in the distance between the cars in the video shoot it it looks a if the new Z might be about 4.150 meters long which almost the same as the original 240Z
  6. Nissan has released a teaser of the new Z Looks good
  7. @gav240z I checked #888 this morning and both the front fenders have had mirrors on them in the past and the holes have been welded over. (very well actually)
  8. @HS30-H and @gav240zJust checked the car and no compliance plate or even holes for the pop rivets or screws so looking more like a PNG car
  9. Yes i agree Alan as i know the previous owner had quite a bit to do with PNG and his mechanic's brother had a Z brought in from PNG which was turned into a race car so the glove box could even be from that car. i guess i better check the oz compliance plate
  10. I pulled the gearbox out of my race car this morning #521 and the glovebox area has been removed to house the fuses etc so no inscriptions, #183 was completely rebuilt in 1990 and no inscription on that car either, i checked my 72 240Z HS30-11509 and it had this inscription (photos attached) , i checked my 1976 260Z and my friends 2+2 and nothing on either of them. Maybe @HS30-H can make something of it
  11. Thanks Alan and Gav, for your comments i will get some photos of #183 and #521 on the weekend of there inscriptions and add them. Gav pity your White and Blue car doesn't have No1 written on it it, would be interesting to see what the other White and Blue combo cars have inscribed
  12. Thanks Gav for the link to the other pages with the extra photos and his great story, i saw it on the forum a while ago, i guess the front fenders need to come off next to see if they were ever fitted with fender mirrors as it looks like once he started racing the car he fitted Ford XA -XC side mirrors on the doors (good choice) but just had some sort of filler on the fenders. hopefully @HS30-H might have an answer on the glove box i posted it also to the thread on inscriptions.
  13. Here's the inscription from HS30-00888
  14. Here you go Gav, some more shots of #888, i went over the car completely and i could not find any more info on the car, all the receipts in the car were from Qld and it looks like she was on the road until late 09, interesting things both of the covers for the tool boxes in the back are blue , the previous owner before me surname name was Carey, and previous Qld rego was NEW 240, the glove box was empty but i go a shot of the inscription
  15. looks like more info on this https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/nissan-400z-nismo-coming-124108/
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