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  1. Got to Bathurst yesterday after a surprisingly good run , We left Brisbane at 05.30 and got to Gosford at about 16.00 we were lucky to get through the fires as the Pacific Highway was cut of the day before, I had one trailer tyre blow just out side Coffs and the Spare i had lasted an 1 hour before it also blew, (lesson update your spare if you are doing a long trip) lucky we got 2 replacements in Kempsey and the whole saga only slowed us by an hour. Yesterday had a great drive through the Pennant Hills area only taking about 10 mins from the M1 to the M2 Nice Drive up and over the Blue Mts 13 degrees with low cloud and light rain. Got to Bathurst about 11.30 and unloaded the red car and went into town for a counter meal. Safe Trip for all those heading up over the next few days and please check the road conditions and fire closures ZCCQ Club member turned up later in the day with his newly restored 300ZX Z31 which he had had only driven 200kms around town in Brisbane before driving to Bathurst, he said the car was great and had no problems See you in Bathurst
  2. Unfortunately Pit Straight reverts to a public road as of 5.30 pm so no chance. There is only 42 Bolwells in that shot above . i'm trying to fit 100 Z's in a very small area 50 competition Z's and 50 Festival entrants Z's Entries close tomorrow so please don't miss out on it
  3. Hi qikz All Z's are welcome to come out to the Festival of Z and join in, we actually have 3 x 350Z's competing in Group Z on the Saturday and Sunday in the Regularity but the check out for all the festival details to download all the info you need to come out, the more Z's the better.
  4. Well we have a limited space to be able to do this Friday afternoon photo-shoot, i have got special permission to allow 50 non competition cars (which will have to have a special of display car sticker, gathered and lined up at a certain time ) to be allowed to drive into the inner paddock area (this is a strictly controlled area for the week of CB) at a certain time then through one of the garages into pit lane. this will all be controlled but some of the wonderful Z volunteers Then line up in order, we only have the area from pit lane exit to garage 13 to line up the cars, and with about 300mm to 400mm between each car to fit them in about 110 meters long. So Peter if you miss out well... if your entered into the Festival and you done make the 50 then you will be able to view this awesome line up from the Hell Corner Corporate Suites and even walk down around the cars in pit lane if time allows before the Friday night welcoming party
  5. 24 days to go until start of the Festival of Z UPDATE on GROUP Z We now have 51 x Z's competing in Group Z at Challenge Bathurst on the Saturday and Sunday, covering all Z models, including 44 x S30's, 5 of them Series 1 cars It will be an incredible and historic Z sight and sound as these Z's all come around Murray's Corner and onto Pit Straight for the first time on Saturday morning the 30th of November and for each of the 5 other runs over Saturday and Sunday Not only that but the oldest 50 x Z's who enter the Festival of Z will be able to line up opposite these race cars for the Historic Friday afternoon photo shoot in Pit Lane just before the Welcoming Party on the 29th of Nov The Festival of Z If you want to be a part of this once in a lifetime event, you need to enter your Z and yourself into the Festival of Z, by the 11th of November, to have access to the Nissan Hell Corner Corporate Suite for the 4 days of Challenge Bathurst, the Friday Night Welcoming Party and the Saturday night 70's Themed Presentation Dinner, the Friday Russell Street Z Car display be a part of the Show and Shine and all the great country runs around the beautiful Bathurst Region. You only have until the 11th of November to enter and take full advantage of the Festival of Z and all it has to offer. Please download entry forms from https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/18305-nsw-2811-to-0112-challenge-bathurst-event-details/ or https://zcarclubq.org.au/festival-of-z/
  6. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN – “Festival of Z” - Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 240Z - 27th November to 1st December 2019 – Mount Panorama Bathurst - Entries are now open With the release of the Datsun 240 Z in October 1969 ZCar Club Q Inc has created a “Festival of Z” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this iconic sports car, to be held over 5 days at Mt Panorama Bathurst, from the 27th November through to the 1st December. This event will be part of the Challenge Bathurst on Track Motorsport program, and includes a Street Festival in Bathurst City, a Show n Shine program, a number of Heritage Drives, plus the usual “mix” of social programs - including a “70’s Theme” Saturday Night Awards function. As an enthusiast of the Nissan / Datsun Marque you are formally invited to attend these events using the attached “Festival of Z” Registration Form. Please note the following costs of entry: · If you are entered as a “Motorsport Participant” with Dave Robertson in Group Z Regularity Trials – registration to the Festival of Z - is FREE @ No Charge. · If you are registered as an “Official Track Sector Marshall” with Judy O’Conner in Group Z Volunteers – registration to the Festival of Z - is FREE @ No Charge. EVENT REGISTRATION $45.00: For all other participants who want to attend the “Festival of Z” events – registration is a one off fee of $45.00, and once paid you will have entry to all aspects of the program [see the event outline] that will include: · Show n Shine event with judging taking place over a number of days – giving you lots of opportunities to enter your car. · Heritage Drives program with a runs through the mountains & valleys of the Bathurst Region, returning back to Mt Panorama Circuit. · Unlimited access to watch the Motorsport from the comfort of the VIP Corporate Box overlooking Hell Corner where cars will pass on their way up Mountain straight. · Opportunity to attend the Bathurst City “Street Festival” on Friday 29th November from 9am to 3pm, so the people of Bathurst can come and see your car over the lunchtime period in Russell Street · Opportunity to attend the “photo opportunity” along Pit Lane where your car will be alongside the Z Group Motorsport cars - followed by a Friday Night "Welcome Party” to meet all those attending the festival. · Opportunity to attend the Saturday Night “70’s Theme Party & Awards Function” where your car could be a winner! WHAT TO DO NOW: · For all Motorsport Entrants / Officials please return you Festival Registration to allow for administration of participants to the event – including your crew and or family and friends. Remember this allows FREE access to all of the “Festival of Z” program including the social events. It’s important to tell us the number of people who will be coming with you – note children under 12 are FREE. · For all other participants please register using the attached form and pay the $45.00 fee per person. · Attached is the Registration Form in 3 file types: .pdf file to PRINT – then “hand write” your registration with all the details requested, and POST back to us, .pdf file to use the “fill & sign” function of your adobe software, then save it, and email back to us. .xsls file to use a spreadsheet format to type in your details, then save it, and email back to us. FiLL & SEND YOUR COMPLETED REGISTRATION TO: Via Post : The Treasurer, ZCar Club Q Inc, 1 Navillus Parade, Samford Valley Qld 4520 Via EMAIL dave.healy@bigpond.com · Registration CLOSES Monday 11th November. ACCOMMODATION:Charles Sturt University: NB Please see the attached a BUDGET accommodation package from Charles Sturt University – use the attached form to contact them DIRECT to book your requirements AND - PAY THEM direct. Email your completed form to events@csu.edu.au MT Panorama Camp & Caravan Sites: NB You can also book a Camp or Caravan site, again contact Challenge Bathurst via http://www.challengebathurst.com/event-info/campground and mention you are a Festival of Z entrant. If you have any questions or concerns email on paul.a.clemens@bigpond.com or PM me Event Out Line.pdfFestival of Z FLYER.pdfFestival of Z Registration Form Adobe Fill n Sign File.pdfFestival of Z Registration Form PRINT OFF and Hand write details.pdfFestival of Z Registration Form XLSX File.xlsx Budget Accom Booking Form - Festival of Z - Nov 2019 17.09.19.pdf
  7. Hi all here's is another video review from the Nissan Media day https://youtu.be/QAmXRmP-ogY
  8. Thanks for posting ScottyD Yeah thanks she is very original hasn't been on a wet road or had rain fall on she from 19 years I decided to let a few of the guys who's cars weren't going to be used, and we weren't sure if we would a drive around the track, in all the other cars that were there, but fortunately at the lunch break they let us all go out together, the drone shot of us leaving the marshalling area is awesome That's why Paul was in the passenger seat, we were very busy when it all started so it was good to jump out and let some one else have some fun
  9. Just in case anyone forgot just how ugly i was, and btw he didn't have the window wound up https://www.motoring.com.au/nissan-370z-2020-video-review-120158/?fbclid=IwAR0ytEKzApWbkefA4r7kAMzyK4ALSZAzhnT4xrfpauHvhUJiavlnUHtYpEM
  10. I was just there with a couple of Z's, ZCCQ president and another member did all the organising from our side. Nissan Australia did the rest
  11. Here's some video 20190821_110120_Trim first.mp4 20190821_125806.mp4 20190821_125806.mp4 20190821_125806.mp4 20190821_125806.mp4
  12. Hi all just had 2 awesome days at Norwell Motoplex for a media day with Nissan Australia and the release of the 50th Anniversary 370Z and the GTR. The ZCCQ were invited months ago to supply Z cars for the 2 day photo shoot. Tuesday was mostly Motoring Journalists and Wednesday were more web based and forum life style journalists and celebrities. All of the 14 Z's and 1 KPCG10 Skyline meet at the BP at Yatala for a morning coffee then headed down the road to the Motorplex for the park up. The Special 50th Anniversary editions 370Z's 2 x White /red and 2 X Silver /black along with the 50th Anniversary GTR's 2x Blue with white stripes 2 x White with red stripes and 1 x Silver with white stripes turned up later in the morning with the Journalists. From Nissan not only was the CEO of Nissan Australia Stephen Lester there, but also Hiroshi Tamura (Chief Product Specialist - GT-R, and Nismo) along with other Nissan executives all of who were very friendly and interested in the older model Z's and GTR's that were present and all enjoyed driving the cars that were there on offer to drive. On the Tuesday of all the Z's that were asked to attend only 4 Z's were used to take the journalists and Nissan executives around the Motorplex circut and at the lunch break all of the Z's involved were able to do several laps following a media car then allowed several more following a pace car at the allowed 100kmph. I was lucky nought for them to choose my white 72 240Z for the day for the journalists to drive and then used for a late afternoon photo shoot driving around with one of the White/red 50th 370Z's. There should be loads of photos of the day coming out in the next few months and Nissan had a very professional team photographing and filming with drones and land based cameras Wednesday was a similar day but in the morning we were allowed to take either the 370Z or GTR 50th Anniversary cars for a couple of laps. time was limited but at least i got to drive the 370Z which was really fantastic. This time we used one of this forum other members Red Series 1 240Z's for the journalists to drive and for the photo shoots so expect to see some shots of it and the KPCG10 Skyline on social media now All involved were looked after very well by Nissan Australia and the Norwell Motorplex staff a really top 2 days out Day 1 photos below
  13. Yep the ZCCQ is planning something big for the last week of November we are still finalising The Festival of Z to run alongside of Challenge Bathurst. I currently have 48 x Z's competing in Group Z (5 x series 1's) which will compete in the regularity on the Saturday the 30th of November and 1st of December. We are finalising things ATM for a Bathurst Street Festival, Country navigation runs, starting from the Wednesday the 29th of November on. The Friday afternoon pit-lane photo shoot with Group Z and the oldest Z Festival of Z entrants included (should be a great opportunity for some amazing photos) , then a welcoming bbq, in Pitlane with 100+ Z's or in our corporate box above garage 1-4 . Saturday will be the main Z Car show display and judging and a themed party that night again in the corporate box. There are a few people (especially ZCCQ President Paul Clemens) doing a huge amount of work organising the Festival of Z, if your interested in getting the latest updates and entry info please email an EOI to paul.a.clemens@bigpond.com I look after all the competitors from Group Z entered into the Regularity, please if your interested in competing with us and you own a Z please PM me or email me d1770@tpg.com.au I need at least 2 more Z's I hope to see you all at Bathurst in November
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