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  1. Another Series 1 on BaT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-156/?fbclid=IwAR32idjwe_TI5B8x6tj4f0ty7tP14DOD2EZi0YtpCn9Gddk7bg84HbptIxM
  2. Thanks @Bachie for starting this thread and such a detailed post. I am sure more people will ask for your input and advice in the future on a install, and great timing as driving a S30 without air in summer on a 30+ degree day is just not that much fun.
  3. Just a bump on this event from last year Wow 12 months ago quite a few of us were getting ready for the Festival. Hasn't life changed for all of us in those 12 months Here is also a link to Micks photos of the event https://www.mtrimages.com/f244709590 and the link above is to the video Best of luck for all those heading to Challenge Bathurst this year and i hope you all have a safe and fun trip
  4. Hi Gav Im finding loading pages very choppy and when you try to go back a page it just wont let you and most of the images dont show up (eg early girl bingo)
  5. I know a guy who has one of these in his 260Z apparently is is fantastic https://www.123ignitionshop.com/gb/tune-plus-datsun/199-123tuneplus6rvdatsun-bluetooth.html still looks like a 240Z Distributor but it is $
  6. Hi @gav240z new upgrade looks good but i have noted your Donate Button on the main page needs attention, not sure if it is my computer but needs checking , (btw same logged in or not)
  7. Wow check the height of the roof and front of the nose height between the 2 and then the length compared to the 240Z, the extra length of the new Z works
  8. Agree here's some shots side profile is great
  9. Another teaser is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_LpUFf6j6o&fbclid=IwAR3Vc3ahUN2qsnhAMhFWuTufSh2KD9xbhZNMjl6HNY5J5xDtAXuGRccuvgE
  10. @theremm i have a set of 2" Hs8's (picture below)from at Rover 2000TC on one of my Z's they are virtually identical to the ones above, i have heard the Jag ones can be a little more difficult to set up. the N36 inlet manifold (in the picture above) are apparently the best flowing of the standard manifolds, Unfortunately i didn't get the car dynoed when i first put them on but i did notice a big improvement in the cars power. sorry no data The standard 1" 3/4 Su's on the Z's have and diameter of 44.45 mm the the 2" are 50 mm So basic maths (i did fail maths at school) pi r
  11. Another teaser video just out the write up say prototype out in 2 weeks https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/new-nissan-400z-2021-teased-370z-successor-and-toyota-supra-rival-draws-closer-in-video
  12. Congratulation Gav and Maria on the birth of your new son, How about anyone who hasn't or can make another donation to this great website please do, as a small gift to make sure all of there home lives are as stress free as possible and not to have to worry about the financials of running this website as i am sure they have enough on their plate atm Cheers
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