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  1. The auto link is directing to the wrong address if anyone clicks on it, but type the address and you get to the right place
  2. andyk_79

    Standard 260 wheels

    Delayed response. I have a set I don't need if you're still looking. Based in Sydney.
  3. Seriously can't believe the gall of these people. What they are doing is fraud - plain and simple and therefore a criminal act
  4. They're not really much different to the standard twin filament globes, and they definitely fit as I have them in my car
  5. Love stories like this. Pretty amazing. There's some of my old cars I wish I could track down but I don't have the VINs or anything to go searching
  6. My right rear suspension knocks whenever there is a bump or similar. Interestingly it is also the only corner of the car where my tyres scrub around corners (when turning a hard left). The knock has been there since I got the car on the road and I haven't thought too much about it but thought it might be time to address it. Suspensions is standard struts, King Spring Lows and Koni reds. I am thinking that maybe the shock in that corner I inadvertantly twisted and softened the setting (think for memory the reds had 4 stages of adjustment ?), or that the shock needs replacing altogether. I know I should have the inner guards rolled with the 15 x 8 +0 wheels I have now to reduce the scrubbing risk, but want to fix the knock first so that at least it is not scrubbing at medium speeds. Am I thinking along the right lines or is a knocking noise indicative of something completely different ?
  7. Something that won't interest those who are obsessed with originality, but might help those that own a 72 like me and are sick of having to tell roadworthy inspectors that it was complianced before the ADRs changed to the requirement that front indicators had to be amber. These LED globes are white when park lights are on, and flash amber for indicators. Work well on my car. Only downside is that because they are a very white LED they make my headlights look very yellow (time to switch to LED replacement H4s as well ha ha ha) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1157-5630-20SMD-White-Amber-Dual-Color-LED-Bulb-Switchback-DRL-Turn-Signal-Light/302233920591
  8. Pretty compelling offer to a shaky hands mechanical numpty like me, considering they source the car and panels, do all the bodywork etc as well as the extensive mechanical work. Import costs and engineering for rego in Australia though would have to add something like $30k to the already high price I am guessing. I ended up having to outsource 90% of the work on my car so I know what it costs and my car is far from perfect!
  9. Thankfully I'm not going to court, but agreed a similar arrangement with my ex!
  10. Hi all I know there are a few Sydney Z club members on here but I forget user names to PM ! A friend of mine is co-ordinating a community event in April at Fairfield or Guildford with Rotary and is looking for a registered, insured car club to do a car display. Hoping the Z club might be interested. There will potentially be the opportunity to display at other events too. Hoping someone here can help with introductions rather than me cold contacting
  11. Let the picture do the talking. What have fellow z owners with Rota wheels done about centre caps with the depth of the dustcaps on the front? I've looked through the interwebs but couldn't find much. It doesn't look terrible without them but would still prefer something on there
  12. So an update - not anything project exciting just an update . I finally bought some Rota RBs that I have been eyeing off for ages, wanting my car to look similar to this beast: http://rxspeed.com/thelab/1972-datsun-240z-stroker. They arrived in July but I've still not fitted them to the car, because the money for tyres became money for repairs. The car has been off the road since August after an idiot moment pulling out onto a busy road after some rain. Over-corrected on the inevitable oversteer and mounted the gutter, smashing my front bar in the process. Call it a mix of thinking I was young and infallible again, and a lot going on in my head with the marriage break up I've been going through. 2018 was a big year for me! Thankful it was only the fibreglass that was wrecked. After leaving it a few weeks to get over how annoyed with myself I was (and waiting for the replacement front bar to arrive), I decided to put the car up on ramps and attempt to save myself some money and remove the old bar and fit the new one, with the plan being to keep it in the white gelcoat just to get rego renewed and worry about getting it painted at a later date. Queue idiot moment number 2, when I decided to put the car on ramps without someone spotting for me.......... I overshot the ramps.......... And did some damage to one of the fenders in the process. With the paint damaged etc this was now beyond my skills (my skills are not even limited - they are zero). I got the car back down on the ground and shut the garage door again for a couple of months, not being able to face my broken baby with everything else I had going on. Finally dropped the car off with the replacement front bar to a panel beaters in late November, with the quote for repairs being more reasonable than I imagined it would be. The problem came though when the panel beater phoned to let me know the supplier had stuffed the moulding for the front bar ad there was simply not enough FG to attach it to the car. You get what you pay for I guess, as I stuck with the same eBay cheap FG front bar design I had already. I love the way it looks on the car so I am not unhappy in that sense but it does create issues in terms of fitment and in this case quality. The eBay supplier was very good to me though - they paid for a courier to pick up my old, broken bar so that they could use it to correct the mount points in their mould. The only sucky bit was that it delayed the fix as we had to wait for a new bar to be made. The replacement arrived too close to christmas and so I am finally expecting the car to be finished this week. Once the rego is renewed I am finally going to get tyres and put the new shoes on the car to get it closer to my dream look. Also now considering (after saying I wouldn't for so long) getting a manual conversion done. Maybe a cam and triples at the same time. I have been pretty disheartened and contemplated selling the car a few times, but keep coming back to the fact that this was my dream car, that I waited 20 years from first love to actually purchasing and I would be gutted to sell it...... Now I just want it back and to get behind the steering wheel and drive till the fumes, stiff suspension and exhaust drone give me a massive headache, then sleep it off and wake up wanting to do the same again
  13. andyk_79

    Heat shield

    Very delayed response - if you are looking for a factory one I'm pretty sure I still have mine in the garage
  14. Bumping this up. I should have my car back this week after a long hiatus (even longer story). I need to blow the cobwebs out !
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