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  1. Hey. Have a look at my project thread - not actively advertising mine but would sell for the right deal. Lockdown might make getting it to you interesting - or I could just belike the other Sydney douchebags who break lockdown to go infect Byron ha ha ha
  2. With the carbs not at their prime I decided to take them off, clean them down and use one of the rebuild kits available online. So far have gotten them apart and cleaned the Mani. Light polish with a polishing wheel on the drill. Far from show car but a lot cleaner than it was ! Contemplating how much more time I spend on it before tackling getting the carbs apart. The gaskets between Mani and spacers had turned into cement so just getting the carbs off was a massive job in itself
  3. Given lockdowns etc and that I need the pedal set up I'd prefer something Sydney based if anyone has anything ? The 260z set up was not easily couriered (and being a 260z set up would not have been a straight fit)
  4. Thanks for that - I always forget to check Gumtree!
  5. And beers/pizza on offer for assistance with install ha ha ha
  6. Looking for a 5 speed (not overly worried about which model / gearset) and pedal box, plus all the other odds and ends for a manual conversion on a 72 240 with an L24. Location Hills DIstrict in Sydney but happy to pay for shipping
  7. Hi folks I have fitted up a replacement Speedo cable - all except attaching at the Speedo end. For the life of me I just cannot get the squared off end into the fitting on the gauge. The old one was firm to remove but all came out as far as I can tell. Any tips? Grease on the end? Tried turning tiny amounts in case it was the square not lining but dead on but no luck. Given the problem with the gauge not working was the inner cable had given way I do not want to force it too hard.
  8. I really like it. Taken elements of the entire Z history and packaged them up into something else. Longer and wider than 370z. Hopefully they get the powertrain and handling to be where they need to be as well. It is always going to be tough standing out in a market where there are already so many reasonably priced high performance cars - completely different to when the original Z came out. Only have to look at the Kia Stinger GT as an example of what I'm talking about. Hell even the i30N is a hell of a drive. The unicorn factor of a reasonably priced sports car that is not massively far off the performance of the top European marques is no longer there, which was a massive part of how the Z earned its stripes. And I definitely don't envy the task of designers who have to try and come up with something distinctive without completely ignoring trends etc for fear of designing a Homer that no one wants to buy. Given those factors I'm happy with what Nissan came up with. They're never going to please everyone but I am glad there is clear thought, and a touch of nostalgia, that has gone into this
  9. @CroS13 I should trade it for a Suzuki Vitara.........
  10. I haven't been active on the forums for a while but still too long since I last donated so done now. Thanks as always for the time and effort you put into this site Gav
  11. The car is in the shop at the moment having a few bits and pieces tidied up that I didn't have the time to execute myself. The main reason I wanted to get those items sorted was because I am potentially looking to sell. Not because of the car itself, but with going through a divorce, selling my house and starting from scratch financially (which has gone well so no sympathy please ), moving twice, along with the intricacies of a new relationship when I am co-parenting a gorgeous and wonderful, but very sassy 9 year old, I lost a lot of the passion for the car. I still love Z's, which is why it still says "potentially" selling (I change my mind twice a week), but I think my time and money may be put to better use elsewhere. Hell it's that or put a modern fuel injected drivetrain in it to simplify things.............. If anyone is interested in the car have a read through this thread and drop me a PM
  12. Congratulations to you both. I concur with what everyone else has said, especially the part about parenthood being both the most difficult and both rewarding thing you can do. My one piece of advice and the biggest life lesson I learnt: A kid is important and can dominate your time, energy, heart and mind, but remember to both take time for each other . The best life lesson and example you can set for a child is how a loving and respectful relationship should look
  13. The auto link is directing to the wrong address if anyone clicks on it, but type the address and you get to the right place
  14. Delayed response. I have a set I don't need if you're still looking. Based in Sydney.
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